How to make a hamster

Plasterboard finishing of surfaces at a significant height, for example, ceilings, is rather difficult. Plasterboard sheets have a considerable weight and size, it is extremely inconvenient and tedious to hold them even together for a long time. Professionals have long found a solution to this problem using purchased lifting mechanisms. But what if you don't want to spend money on them? With some skills, it is quite possible to make a drywall lift with your own hands.

Lift functions

The main purpose of the plasterboard lift is to deliver and hold a drywall sheet at the required height during installation. This allows not only to greatly facilitate the work, but also makes it possible to carry out the installation of drywall alone.

Naturally, craftsmen quickly adapted the lift to perform other related tasks:

  • By attaching the laser level to the plasterboard lift, you can better mark out and avoid mistakes. The level is fixed with clamps, and then rises to the required height. Such a device provides ideal marking of the ceiling and corners of the room.
  • It is indispensable when assembling a frame for drywall from profiles in hard-to-reach places. The device allows you to fix the profiles during their attachment.
  • The lift will greatly facilitate the installation of not only drywall, but also any massive suspended equipment: air conditioners, chandeliers or air ducts.


According to the area of ​​use, GKL-lifts can be:

They differ in the location of the plane of the table on which the drywall is mounted.

The most practical is a universal lift, the working surface of which can change the level of inclination.

The industry offers many types of these devices, but they are not cheap. Usually they are purchased by construction teams specializing in the installation of plasterboard structures. But they often prefer to make lifts themselves.

Ready-made manual drywall lifters

If you don't have the ability or desire to make the device yourself, you can buy it. In terms of price-quality ratio, craftsmen prefer the "Premos" brand elevator for installation of drywall.

In terms of its structure, it does not differ much from an ordinary rack and pinion car jack, but it is precisely this simplicity that ensures the reliability of its mechanisms. Coupled with a fairly affordable price, this allowed him to occupy a fairly solid niche in the lift market.

Lift for gypsum board: ready-made solutions and do-it-yourself (drawings)

How to make DIY hamster toys

Hamster toys are essential items. The health of these restless, fussy animals is inextricably linked with physical activity. In order for a little pet to spend his leisure time with the benefit of "soul and body", it is worth making sure that the hamster has a sufficient number of interesting toys. A variety of sports and entertainment devices are available in pet stores. But if their price does not fit into the owner's budget, so as not to leave the animal without joy and a reason for training, you can make useful toys for the hamster with your own hands.

Hamster Toys

Wildlife hamsters are constantly on the move. They are forced to seek food for themselves, run away and hide from enemies. For domestic animals there is no need for this - there is food, there are no encroachments of predators. But living in safety and prosperity does not relieve hamsters of the need for activity. In order for the pet not to "swell with fat" and remain vigorous and healthy, it is necessary to provide him with the right leisure time. The best option is active games. Special devices are called to help in their organization.

Animal toys should be food-seeking and movement-oriented. These tasks can be either combined in one multifunctional device, or distributed among different devices - monofunctional.

The first includes devices that contain a "hard-to-find" treat. To get to the tasty prize, the hamster will have to try - run, rummage, climb, etc. These are any structures where you can hide a treat for a furry champion. Even stairs are included in this category, as the prize can be placed on the top rung.

Other toys that do not have a place to hide treats are exclusively sports simulators - running wheels, etc. Of course, multifunctional toys can be used only as exercise equipment. But it is important to remember that the animal must have an incentive to practice. And there is no better incentive for a hamster than the enticing aroma of a treat.

Homemade Hamster Toys

Interesting toys for the animal are easy to create on your own from various materials at hand. Besides safety, there are no requirements - complete freedom of creativity.

Delicious "walnut" staircase

Drywall lift: purpose and types. Ready-made drywall lifts. Self-made lift.

Hamster toys: selection and making

For small rodents, which are often kept at home, toys are a must. They are needed for the active lifestyle of hamsters in artificial conditions. If the pet does not move enough, its health will deteriorate significantly. Hamster toys can not only be purchased at a specialized store, but also made by yourself. We will analyze what crafts you can do with your own hands from scrap materials.


In natural conditions, rodents are constantly moving. Thus, they protect themselves from predators and seek food for themselves. Hamsters living in confinements must also constantly move to maintain their physical shape. An active lifestyle is also essential for pets to be in a good mood.

The animal must have several toys. The cost of some of them can be high, in this case, you can collect available materials and please your pet with interesting crafts. The number of toys can be any, the main thing is that there is enough free space in the cage. It is best to make several different items.


All toys that are chosen for domestic rodents are aimed at two tasks:

  • finding a treat;
  • encouraging movement and activity.

In some products, these two goals can be successfully combined. It should be noted that the treat for the hamster is safely hidden. To get to a delicious treat, you need to go through a labyrinth or cope with a tricky design. The smell of food is an additional incentive to go through the maze or perform other actions.

Other items that do not hide food are considered exercise equipment. The most common toy of this type is the running wheel.

What should it be?

The main requirement for crafts is safety for a rodent. Be sure to inspect the finished product for sharp parts and other elements that could harm your pet. It is strictly forbidden to use toxic materials. These include varnishes, paints and other similar compounds. When assembling some structures, you may need glue. Opt for quality formulations that can be used indoors and in homes with small children and pets.

If you decide to make a ladder, labyrinth or other similar instruction, accurately calculate its size and shape. The animal should be comfortable while playing.

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