House heating 240 sq.

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I use a brick oven with warm water floors to heat my 240 square meter house on 2 floors. Although a gas pipe runs along the perimeter of my site and you can connect without problems, but only when I have the money to connect and for a gas boiler.

As long as I don't live in my house all year round, wood heating saves me

Heating with wood is certainly not the most comfortable, but very economical, especially if you have a large amount of firewood in your delivery, if you live next to a forest belt or a forest where there is a lot of dead wood and you can always get hold of firewood.

In order to maintain an optimal comfortable temperature in the house down to -15 degrees below zero, I have to heat the stove twice a day. To maintain a comfortable temperature at night, you have to use electric heaters.

With a normally warmed-up house, that is, with warm floors and a normally burned stove, to maintain a comfortable temperature at night, 3 kW heaters are enough for me, provided that it is at least -15 degrees outside. If the outside temperature drops below, then the stove must be heated to the maximum, so that at night there is enough heat both from it and from electric heaters.

Cost Item for Heating My Home

Electric heaters come into operation properly from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. As a result, it turns out, 12 hours of 3 kW = 36 kW, multiply by 4.5 rubles, we get 162 rubles, in order not to get up at night and not heat the stove. If you don't use the oven in general, 5 kW of power is hardly enough for heating, provided that it is -10 outside. And it turns out If you do not heat the stove at all, but use only 5 kW heaters, then a pretty tidy sum comes out - 540 rubles per day. If the temperature drops below, then I don't even know how many kilowatts are needed to heat my house and how much such heating will pour out.

Electric heaters with efficiency higher than%

And whoever says anything there, about the fact that it is possible to heat a house with 3 kW or about super efficient electric heaters that almost do not consume electricity, all this is a myth. Even though the house will be well insulated, it will be made of good quality materials, still significant heat loss occurs through the windows and through the doors. If, of course, your house has small windows, as in old village houses, then there may be less heat loss, of course, but hardly anyone now uses such windows.

There are also myths or wiring about efficient electric heaters made using nanotechnology, made of quartz sand from some unique materials mined on the lunar surface and which have prohibitive efficiency and which with a power of 0.6 kW can warm up room up to 50 square meters, all this is a divorce. Whatever the heater, from what materials it was not made, physics cannot be fooled. 1 kW of electricity can only produce 1 kW of heat and you cannot argue with that. The only thing that can be affected by heat dissipation is the efficiency of the structure.

If the heaters have a well thought-out design and have good convection, then they are able to pass a large amount of air through themselves, thereby heating the room more efficiently. If the heater has poor convection, it will heat the room locally. Where it is located will be warm or even hot, and in the other part of the room it will be quite cool.

My electric heaters

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