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Everything turns out to be much simpler and more accessible. If there are components, the dish is cooked for 10-15 minutes, and the main device is a frying pan in which we will cook our cookies ... But first of all we need to prepare a springboard for a future attack, find a suitable baking sheet and cover it with oiled parchment.

Now in our recipe there will be several new for you, or maybe not, names of products with which, as far as I know, you cook little, but as they say, it's better late than completely ... So, we need buy in the nearest super ...

This is how I think questions will arise, what is, for example, SILANE (in Hebrew) Silane - or syrup from dates Date syrup is produced in Israel, consisting of 100% dates. Dark in appearance, sweet and date in taste. Like any other syrup, it can be added to sweet dishes (for example, baked goods), drinks, cereals, Desserts, pancakes, ice cream can be poured with syrup, muffins or cake cakes can be coated with date syrup.

Another new word is tahini, tahina or tahina (also known as sesame paste). A thick paste made from ground sesame seeds, widespread in the Middle East. In Arabic cuisine, Thina is used very often. It is added to salads, dips, various sauces, fillings for oven-baked dishes. In Arab countries, Tkhina can be bought at any store. But, if someone does not have such an opportunity, then it is easy to prepare it at home. Lightly dry the sesame seeds in the oven so that the color does not change, cool. Put the seeds in a blender with a metal knife, add a little oil, process until a paste is obtained, about 5 minutes, turning off the blender from time to time and stirring the mixture. If necessary, add butter until a soft paste is obtained; it should be as thick as condensed milk. The color of the finished Tahini is like a coffee with milk. The yield is about 3 glasses. Store in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator (for purchased banks have a shelf life of 8 months). Before preparing tahini, taste sesame seeds (sim-sim) so that the seeds do not taste bitter, otherwise Tkhina will taste bitter.

And finally, Puffed Rice, known to everyone from childhood, is specially processed (exploded) grains of rice. Ready to eat. They are also used in the confectionery industry. And, of course, the sesame seeds themselves and, whatever is boring, just sunflower seeds (optional).

We figured out the components, now let's figure out the quantity - what and how much. On a baking sheet of about 40x30 cm, we need: 250 grams of sesame seeds 200 grams of simple peeled sunflower seeds 200 grams of date syrup (in principle, you can replace it with simple honey, but the taste will change slightly) 200 grams of tahini and about a little more than half a pack of puffed rice (in a package of 375 grams) Well, you can start the process itself. Pour the seeds into a cold frying pan, since they take longer to fry, they will be the first. Fried a little and add sesame seeds.

At this stage, even if it is not long, you cannot relax, since sesame seeds can burn very quickly and all work is in the furnace, you must constantly stir Fry until light brown.

Turn off the heat and, without ceasing to stir, add the date syrup

Now pour tahina in the same container.

Now everything is mixed up

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