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Anime Art

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The network asks to ban The Rising of the Shield Hero

"Tate no yuusha no Nariagari" brought the series + personally to the author of the light novel a flurry of criticism and hate from disgruntled women and especially sensitive viewers.

As it turned out, many were offended by the very idea that a woman could even falsely accuse a man of rape (as happened with the main character of the Shield). It got to the point that the author was accused of misogyny (hatred of women), citing the fact that she not only despises them, but also instills this feeling on the fans. Other, no less gifted speakers went to the other extreme, openly assuming that the author (and she, by the way, a woman) herself had a similar experience and decided to project it onto the plot of the Shield and the characters there.

Following the plot, without hesitation, they attributed the sexual objectification of women and the reason for this was Raphtalia, who was transformed by gaining strength. After all, "the girl is not much more than 10, and her external data is all 20+." The fact that the main character of the Shield uses girls as combat slaves, forcing them to fight instead of himself, was not ignored either. It doesn't matter how he treats them or what his circumstances are. Women were reduced to slaves, and this immediately became the reason for calls to boycott the author and her entire fandom.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Adaptation

Good day, dear fellow hobbies.

There was a desire to try myself in writing articles on topics of interest to me.

What do you need to install the application on a PC or laptop?

Get acquainted with the system requirements of the programs and your PC.

Install the android environment emulator on your computer or laptop.

You can download Gacha Club on your computer for free through the emulator from our website and install it on Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8. / Windows 10 / Vista / Windows XP according to the instructions described in the review.

Create your own characters

Do you want to shoot interesting videos, but you won't go to TikTok and Like, because you don't want to "shine" in front of the lens, and it's not easy to find accommodating friends? Then it's time to install Gacha Club on your PC. In this application, the heroes of your scenes will be animated characters. And they are not particularly bashful.

In order to create a video, you only need a formalized idea. No drawing or animation skills required. All characters have already been drawn. You just need to start the creation process and start creating. Feel like a super cool director of your own story. You can download Gacha Club on your computer from our website using the links below, we will tell you how to install the game in this review.

The Gacha Club consists of the studio itself, where ready-made characters are edited and new ones are created (there are many templates, there is where to unfold), as well as comics and videos are created. In addition, you can participate in competitions and play mini-games. Both fun and rewarding. Various bonuses are awarded for victories.

It doesn't matter if you've played a Gacha game before or if you're the first to hear about this kind of entertainment. You will definitely find what to do here. And mastering the game does not drive you into a stupor.

The main principle of the Gacha Club is freedom. You can do whatever you want. At your service is a small world of your own, which will live according to your laws. The framework here is limited only by your imagination. Interested? Download Gacha Club on your PC now!

Come up with characters, work out their stories, settle in different worlds, both familiar and invented by you. Here you can also get acquainted with other people's stories. For authors, this is an incentive to work on themselves. And for the audience - another reminder that everything is possible in this wonderful world. Sometimes the ideas are really cool.

Don't stop at one or two heroes. Create new ones, think over their biography, characters, relationships. Create stories about the characters' past, present, and future. Choose for yourself, it will be a short sketch in which you will have to enter as much information as possible in a minimum of words, or a story for many issues, each of which will slightly open the curtain of the biographies of the heroes.

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