From your garden beds to your dining table

Good afternoon, my reader. Tomatoes can hardly be called an unpretentious culture - in the process of development, they often need the help of various minerals. The lack of the latter leads to yellowing of the leaves, wilting of flowers and slowing down of the growth of bushes, so the plants must be fed regularly. The hassle is worth it - well-groomed tomato shoots will delight you with an abundant harvest of juicy and sweet fruits. We will tell you how to take care of culture at all stages of development.

How to feed tomatoes after transplanting into open ground

Within a couple of weeks after transplanting into open ground, all the forces of the seedlings go to form the root system and take root in a new place. At the end of this process, the tomatoes are ready for further growth and need the help of fertilizers.

During the period of active growth, tomatoes will benefit from phosphorus and nitrogen. Phosphorus fertilization causes the growth of the root system of the plant, increases the resistance of the bushes to the vagaries of the environment - sharp drops in temperature, drought.

The second of the mentioned substances stimulates the growth of the aerial part of the shoots - the bushes fed with nitrogen quickly build up the green mass.

How to feed tomatoes during flowering

The purpose of the next feeding is to stimulate bud set. In the future, in the place of each blossoming flower, a juicy fruit is formed, the taste of which you can enjoy after harvesting, so you need to take care that the flowering of the plant is abundant and long-lasting.

Tomatoes should be fed with potassium during flowering. As a fertilizer, you can use a solution of potassium sulfate (1 teaspoon), superphosphate (1 tablespoon), chicken manure (0.5 liters). The listed components in the indicated quantities must be mixed in a bucket of water, about a liter of the resulting composition should be added under one bush.

Boron will also be useful for young tomatoes. To prepare a nutritional formula, dissolve 1 gram of boric acid in a liter of water. Use the resulting product to spray the bushes.

During this period, the shoots may suffer from a lack of calcium. Outwardly, this manifests itself in wilting of flowers, yellowing of leaves and the appearance of black spots on their surface - witnesses of the defeat of the plant by apical rot. To compensate for the lack of an element, it is necessary to treat the tomato leaves with a solution of calcium nitrate. To prepare the product, 10 grams of nitrate should be dissolved in 10 liters of liquid.

The means described above are used to feed the plant and during the formation of ovaries. It should be mentioned that at this time tomatoes no longer experience an urgent need for nitrogen assistance, so it is not necessary to add it to the soil.

What products to use during tomato fruiting

The compositions used during this period protect plants from attack by pests, increase the resistance of bushes to disease. Other goals pursued by gardeners when applying dressings are to improve the palatability of the fruits and increase their volume, as well as to increase the rate of ripening of tomatoes.

From your garden beds to your dining table

The first operation on any construction site begins with the installation of a fence. It can be four pegs at the corners of the allocated area, or it can be a real wall. And strangers can see where they should not enter without an invitation, and the owner knows what he can legally use. Facade mesh is made of polyethylene thread with knotted weaving. This design provides good protection against bursting at break points. It is very popular with summer residents for creating fences. Today, in our review, we will get acquainted with different options for facade mesh for a fence in the country, so that your relaxation corner is even more comfortable.

Characteristics and features by species

Fences can be classified according to their planned durability: primary, temporary, final.

The primary is placed in the first days of the appearance of the newly-made owner on his site. It is more of a virtual hedge than a physical one. Planning of the territory begins, the delivery of building materials, their storage, digging of the first beds and flower beds. The landlord and his neighbors are beginning to get used to the boundaries of their own and other people's property.

Usually, in the second year of owning a plot, the owner has a need and an opportunity to put a more solid fence around the plot. He naively thinks that this will be a temporary option, and only then he will do everything at the highest level. Often these plans remain unfulfilled. True, the posts for the fence, although it is temporary, are set solid - concrete or metal. But there are not enough hands or funds for a solid fence. This is where the grid comes in. It can be plastic or metal - it all depends on the budget.

A solid eternal fence is erected by the owner who has the means for it, who has something to protect.

The mesh fence can be classified according to its functional characteristics, taking into account its purpose.

Decorative options

There are many types of facade mesh on the market that can be used for decorative purposes. When using it, the fence not only protects, but also pleases the eye with color, shape or pattern. Meshes differ in color, thread thickness, cell shape.

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