Famous nameless: how to ruin the life of anonymous

What do anonymous social networks have in common with yard terriers and how to deal with them, argues Sputnik columnist Alexei Lomia.

My personal plot is enclosed, from my point of view, with a reliable fence. But suddenly in the most unexpected places - on the paths in the garden, near the house - traces of the animal's vital activity began to appear. I was unpleasantly surprised. I myself did not dare to have a dog or a cat, or some other living creature. Most likely because I do not have such experience and, perhaps, I am even afraid of responsibility. After all, any pet is your pet, like a family member, and this must be treated with full dedication, with love. Not ready yet, but someday I will come to this.

The Elusive Dastard

And what kind of creature began to designate its presence in such an unpleasant way, we could only guess. What I did exactly was that after each such incident, I found loopholes through which the uninvited guest made his way to me, and reliably blocked them. But one day I caught this elusive dirty trick red-handed. It turned out to be a small, scary, nondescript dog. There is such a breed in the world, they call it a yard terrier. And they are, more often than not, very nice and friendly. This one, not only looking disgusting, barked at me and growled menacingly. I confess I had to spank her and scare her. With her tail between her legs, she ran away and did not appear again. Maybe I really drew conclusions, or maybe I have reliably closed all the gaps in the defense.

And we have witnessed such battles more than once. And the first violin in this has always been played by anonymous authors. It's simple - the user, hiding behind a fictitious profile, as it were, relieves himself of responsibility for any word and action, which in turn generates a feeling of impunity. Without any ethical restrictions and fear of being called to account for their rhetoric, such characters express the point of view necessary for certain forces. And they do it very obtrusively, impudently, obscene, energetic, not disdaining anything in achieving the desired effect.

In all fairness, it should be noted that among them there are quite interesting interlocutors who most often do not go beyond what is permissible in discussions. You can even talk to such people, I don't even block such people. But there are others. And, unfortunately, there are more of them. They get into various groups on social networks, or create them themselves and, in the full sense of the word, rage passionately, savoring all sorts of dirty details. They try to appear wherever they can insert their "truth" instead of a lively dispute and dialogue, they are simply rude and become personal. In order to attract attention and raise a wave of hatred, they throw incredible facts and fables at their opponents. The main thing is shocking and "strong roasting".

Don't argue and block

That seems to be my credo - to distance yourself from politics and not climb the barricades, but I noted for myself that I became the object of close attention from some anonymous authors. On a topic or not at all, they suddenly remember me, begin to pull out some events from my biography and sometimes very approximately to reality, apparently, to make it believable. They are trying to insult, humiliate, pry me. One such faceless creature, hiding behind a woman's name most often, does not miss an opportunity in the comments to throw mud at me, to point out some of my misdeeds. For me, as the son of creative people, it is not difficult to establish this person: no matter how long you change your nicknames, names and photographs, style and manner remain, and I see them. It's like handwriting, like prints.

Be taller

I'm fine. I lived my life in such a way that if someone doubts something and has questions, I'm not so unattainable, come and discuss. But the problem is much bigger. This is a new reality, a new culture or lack of culture, if you like, communication. To perceive this as the norm or to ignore it is unacceptable, it must be eradicated. The whole world piles on, begin to instill in oneself and the children the habit of information hygiene, to learn to distinguish between lies and truth and to make it a rule not to communicate with anonymous people. Block them, of course. Do not expose or denounce, this will only fertilize the soil for the slander they are spreading. And when they are left in the net one on one with their own kind, they gnaw through each other like rats in a trap.

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