Exercises for flat feet for a child 5 years old

Exercising from flat feet for children consists of 10–20 simple exercises, depending on the age of the patient. You can do gymnastics under the guidance of specialists in a medical office or at home. Any parent can master the knowledge of the therapy and prevention of flat feet, even without medical education. It is enough to print pictures describing the exercises, remember the sequence of actions, or attend one or two exercise therapy lessons with a trainer. But before that, be sure to read our article in a couple of minutes.

A little about the disease

The foot is fully formed by the age of 16-18. The correct sole has two notches: longitudinal and transverse, then a person can lean on three points of the foot when walking.

If the sole is flat, then it cannot play the role of a shock absorber, the load will be distributed between the hip joint, the spine. This is the main danger of flat feet.

A person with a similar defect has a wrong posture, bent bones, sore legs at the slightest activity. In the future, uncorrected flat feet provokes arthrosis, arthritis, intervertebral hernias, painful corns form on the feet. Therefore, it is so important to eliminate the orthopedic defect before the body is fully ripe. It is easy to restore the natural functions of the foot with the help of conservative methods of therapy - exercise therapy and gymnastics.

Little tricks! If a child after 7 years of age categorically refuses to visit a massage therapist, does not agree to do exercise therapy at home or in a therapeutic group, invite the caprice to look at a photo of legs with untreated flat feet, tell us in detail what the consequences are.

Stress is often a more effective educator than promises and persuasion.

Warm up

Exercising from flat feet in children necessarily begins with warm-up exercises. This is necessary to warm up the body, relieve muscle tone, and prepare the muscles for full-fledged work. The warm-up includes standard tasks: bends, waving arms and legs, turns of the head, torso, and others. The main warm-up exercise is walking. Children should move in a circle, following the instructions of the teacher or parent:

  • On toes - 1-2 minutes. Hands should be kept on the belt, the head should not be lowered to the chest.
  • On toes, count and raise your knees high - 1-2 minutes. Don't make the rhythm too fast: one - pause - two - pause - three - pause and so on. You can speed up the pace of the task in the last 10-15 seconds.
  • Alternately on toes and heels - 2-3 minutes. Alternate the position of your feet in 8-15 steps.
  • On the inside of the foot - 1 minute.
  • On the outside of the foot - 1-2 minutes.

Spend the warm-up fun, playfully, turn on marching music, cheer up the "athletes". After an 8-10-minute warm-up, you can proceed to the main part of exercise therapy.

Note! Exercises for flat feet in children should be done barefoot. This is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of treatment. If the floor is cold, thin socks can be worn, but it is better to do without them and schedule activities in a warm room.

Exercises for correcting flat feet in children vary in complexity.

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