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Katya herself says: “I don’t like to be pitied. I am laughing all the time at the trauma that limited my movement. " Black humor is an opportunity to forget about a wheelchair. It's like he's not there. She has long been accustomed to moving around on wheels. Now she is asked to joke about it. Humor from the series "Life on Wheels" is in demand. Katya has 250 thousand subscribers in TikTok. Her videos have been featured nearly 4 million times. In the future, she plans to make money on short videos.

At the edge of the abyss

Katya remembers well how the cervical vertebra cracked. In an instant, life turned upside down. The doctors immediately said: there is no chance to get up. With such injuries, people are disabled for life. But she was just in a hurry to wash the car. At lunchtime, together with a friend, we rushed to the sink ... for distillation. She braked sharply, caught the side of the road and flew into a ditch. The car rolled over several times.

- I woke up only when the hood was put under my neck, I screamed in pain. They took me out of the car and laid me on the grass. I remember waking up, coming to my senses. And I shout to my young man: “Zaya, take the music out of the car, it is very expensive. I'm worried about her. " And I cut it off. At that time, I had good acoustics. I didn't care what happened to me. I remember we were still driving in the ambulance past the cemetery. We have a railway there. When they jumped on it, the doctors said that the girl was leaving, she had to go faster. This is the last thing I remember. And then I was in a coma for a week.

Katya got into an accident a few days before her birthday. When I woke up in intensive care, all my thoughts were about how to dance on crutches. I thought she would not have a long rest and would get back on her feet. She celebrated her 21st birthday in the ward. The whole body below the chest was not working. Hands and feet did not move. When they were transferred to the ward for her birthday, friends came to her. With balls, toys and flowers.

- I remember that the entire ceiling was in balloons. Doctors came in, everyone said: "How beautiful you are." Everyone liked it very much. Only now, from a past life before the accident, people no longer remained nearby. The guy left after two months. I was transferred to a hospital in Vladimir. He did not visit me, did not come from Kovrov. When the tracheostomy was removed, I started talking. Before that, for two months I could, at best, say something in a whisper. I phoned him, and he asks me: “Well, are you already walking? Are you at least sitting? " I say "No". He told me that I just didn't want to get well, that I was just lying around, that I was lazy. After that we parted. And then all the friends began to leave. They didn't have time for me.

Katya never cries

But even when a loved one left, Katya says, she did not cry. She seems to have forgotten how to do it at all. In the hospital, she admits, she hid her tears from her mother. It was a shame to feel sorry for myself in front of a loved one. When there was no strength, she simply turned away and fell asleep. So she learned to restrain her emotions. Now she generally says that she is grateful to the accident for a new life. If not for the wheelchair, she would work in a store and live with a man who can let her down at a difficult moment.

- I think so now that if it happened, this is some kind of chance for me. Because the trauma changed my life dramatically. If I used to deal with cars, repaired them and was a kid girl, now I am more involved in the Internet. I'm recording a video. Participated in a beauty contest for wheelchair users. In 2017, she became at such an all-Russian show "Miss Attractiveness". The hype was all over the Vladimir region. Before that, girls from our region did not go to such shows. It was on it that I accepted myself as I am, in the chair. I saw how others live, I showed myself. The understanding came that you can live. That I have not withdrawn, I have not lost myself.

Today Katya speaks so simply about her new life. In a wheelchair, the girl had to learn everything from scratch. In addition to the legs, the arms partially did not work. Fine motor skills were impaired. When the girl was in Kovrov with her mother, she did nothing around the house. Now the whole farm is on it. It's a matter of habit. But at first, elementary things were given with great difficulty.

- My hands are still not fully functional. Three fingers do not work on the right hand. The left arm has not fully recovered either. But I am the kind of person that I have completely adapted. I am such a person. If something doesn't work out for me, I will try to do it through snot, tears. The house is on a woman, and I have to do everything myself. At first I lived with my mother for three years, she did not give me anything to do. And then I freaked out and went to Crimea to live in the city of Saki, a city of wheelchair users. I told my mother: “I have learned to change, I can dress somehow too. I'll find something to eat. I went. " I come and understand that it is expensive to eat in a cafe. I bought potatoes. And I peeled three potatoes for two hours. It was a test. But I did it. It was such a joy for me. And now you can still compete with me about cooking. I have my own youtube channel on this topic. Post their recipes.

I got what I wanted

Today, even the pictures do not remind of Katya's past life. Several years ago I deleted all the photos. On her feet she is now only in a dream. Time after time she dreams of getting out of a wheelchair. But only nearby are not those friends who did not have time for her, but a spouse who is ready to carry in her arms. We met him in the Crimea. The guy put out his strong shoulder. She so dreamed of being a fragile girl that fate gave her such a chance.

My boyfriend is not afraid that I will leave

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