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We continue our heading "Gallop by Breed" and talk about the Giant Schnauzer today

The largest schnauzer comes from the Bavarian peasant and butcher dogs. The word Schnauz means "bearded muzzle." These dogs were sometimes called the Russian Mordash (Russenschnauzer), the Bearded Man (Barenschnauzer), the Munich Bearded Man (Munchner Schnauzer) and even the Beer Bearded Man (Bierschnauzer) - because such large shaggy dogs were often guardians in breweries.

Instead of a long story, I want to cite only two statements of famous dog handlers about the Giant Schnauzer

“It was a lucky coincidence that among the first rizen breeders there were no fanatics of beauty alone. They knew how to appreciate and receive also excellent working qualities - alertness, malice, loyalty, distrust of strangers and a well-developed instinct. It was also fortunate that in the beginning the breadth of the tribal base was very small, so that the limited combinations, which are always dangerous due to the addition of unwanted inclinations, were quickly and well compensated thanks to the strong old lines ”(Dr. Erich Harms of Malkhin).

“All the first breeders, along with beauty, put the idea of ​​performance so high that it became possible to recognize Giant Schnauzers as a service breed of dogs. The authoritative influence of people for whom the concept of "Giant Schnauzer is a useful dog" is a matter of life, this is a guarantee that the Giant Schnauzer is on the right path, which people who do not know the difference between a dog and a sheep cannot endanger! From generation to generation, our rizenes will become even more steadfast, stronger in character, even more manageable than they are now ”(Werner Jung).

Well, now let's take a look at our hero from the point of view of an ordinary dog-lover, thinking whether to get involved with this handsome man, or choose another breed.

Let's start with the pros

1. The Giant Schnauzer, especially properly trimmed and well groomed, is a very stylish and beautiful dog. Any movement is easy for him, he perceives the world with lively interest, positive and confidence. Yes, Risen really believes that he is always welcome everywhere. Therefore, without embarrassment, he freely enters any room, and in general it is a rather impudent dog))) With his family, a properly educated dog is affectionate and good-natured, very sociable and communicative.

2. This is one of the most popular working breeds. The Giant Schnauzer is an excellent athlete, security guard, police officer. He is unpretentious, hardy and mobile, and is also an excellent learner. Risens grow up slowly and remain cheerful and mobile until old age.

3. The Giant Schnauzer has an extremely developed intellect, he is independent and intelligent. To understand your dog, you need to be attentive to it. Otherwise, the pet's initiative will be perceived as unpredictability. Giant Schnauzers are incredibly intelligent and quick-witted dogs, infinitely loyal to their owner. They have a very developed sense of self-esteem that goes well with a sense of ownership. They are extremely attentive and affectionate with their own and are often distrustful of strangers. They are very fond of protecting the property of the owner.

4. Possessing an unusually strong nervous system and very flexible behavior, rizen easily adapts to life in a variety of conditions and to any environment. He is quite happy with life in a city apartment, but he feels much better in the open air, where he happily guards the courtyard and garden. The Giant Schnauzer can live in an aviary: its hard wool reliably protects it from any vagaries of the weather. However, in all cases, it is necessary to comply with two requirements: maintaining a sufficiently strenuous physical activity and constant, as long as possible communication with the dog.

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