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A couple of days ago, in the evening, I was returning home from the top five. The mood is at zero, sadness, melancholy, sadness. I went to a traffic light in front of a large highway and, to my joy, at that moment a green man appeared, inviting me to cross to the other side.

I walk and see a nine-year-old boy running on the right, overtaking everyone: there is a backpack on his back, an ice-cold in his right hand. Suddenly a child's voice is heard: "Byeaaa!" I turn around - there is one more boy left behind, standing, looking at the trail of the fleeing one.

The guy looks around, also says goodbye and continues to run, crosses the road, and the escort shouts:


I couldn't resist and burst out. It became so warm in my soul! The bright moments of my childhood, crazy actions and scolding parents as retribution immediately flashed through my head like a kaleidoscope :)

The bright moments of my childhood, crazy actions and scolding parents as retribution immediately flashed through my head like a kaleidoscope :)

I would say so: my whole life flew by before my eyes)

Which magazines from our childhood won't survive the year?

The Soviet Union relied on schoolchildren. The distribution of popular science publications was supported, which, in turn, liked the Soviet youth so much that it was a matter of honor to have a subscription to at least one of these magazines. However, not everyone managed to survive the dashing 90s. Next, I'll tell you about those who were lucky enough to survive and adapt to the tastes of the modern generation.

Born in 1933, this monthly has cleverly adapted itself to the spirit of the era. Thanks to the variety of materials (industry news, educational articles, fantastic ideas of the "bright distance"), he immediately won the inquisitive "minds" of children and many adults. Now on their website it is said: legends do not die, however, since October 2020, there is no activity.

It was a real Legend of a Soviet schoolchild. There were sections devoted to creativity, history, scientific achievements, headings with answers to questions and, of course, fascinating stories were published. Founded in 1956, the magazine was interesting to almost everyone. You might not like 90% of the material, but you must have read for the sake of a particular section. Now from it there is a nondescript site that you want to unsee, and an online reader with numbers for 2020. Two issues are missing, is this really the end?

He began to introduce children to nature in 1928. Probably, it is difficult for yourself to appear as a Soviet person who has not even met the cover. Much was interesting here, but not everything. For example, if you were already in high school, you might have noted how questions or stories about a wildlife reserve are repeated.

However, rarely did anyone continue to read "UT", having already their own schoolchildren. The magazine is being published now, and that's great. Thanks to the live site, you can find out how hard they got through 2020. Only thanks to the support and subscriptions of parents, they released 12 issues. I would like the same in 2021.

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