DIY phone organizer

DIY phone organizer

How to sew the hanging organizer with your own hands

Order in thoughts, work and things is a normal and necessary character trait of a modern person in the current difficult conditions of life in society. And therefore, many strive to ensure that things are in the proper order and in their places. Clothes should hang in the wardrobe, and shoes should be on the shelf. This also applies to other, smaller things: cosmetics, stationery and others. Especially for their storage, an accessory called an organizer was invented. It is noteworthy that making it from fabric or other, denser material will not be difficult even for novice craftswomen. This article will show you how to sew a DIY hanging organizer and what the main types of storage containers are.

What is an organizer and why is it needed

An organizer is a special stand with compartments (box, drawer), which, as you might guess from the name, is intended for storing small things (cosmetics, stationery, etc.). It helps not only to put things in a pile, but to correctly distribute them according to their purpose, colors. Organizers have become very popular lately due to their widespread use in the West. Today, a wide variety of models are produced for pens and pencils, tools, underwear.

The organizer itself is a container with cells for convenient storage and optimization of free space. It can be flat and small, or it can be large and roomy. If you plan to buy, you should find out about it features or make such a chest yourself. The hand-made organizer looks stylish and fits into the overall interior of the room.

Main types of organizers

There are several main types of organizers:

  • wall-mounted (boards or other shelves);
  • table-top (stands with compartments);
  • "drawer" type (dividers inside regular drawers).

The organizer market offers a huge number of models made of wood, plastic, acrylic or even metal. Not all of them may suit a particular person, as his shelves may be too narrow and his table may be small. If you make the fixtures yourself, you won't have to guess with the sizes.

Important! It is also noteworthy that these interior items can be made from almost any material at hand.

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What I used: wooden sticks, foam board, glue gun, acrylic paint (dark brown, beige).

I printed miniatures on a 3D printer (anycubic photon s).

If you have any questions, please write.

I will try to answer all questions related to terain or 3D printing.

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