Money can take revenge

About me. Writer? Provocateur!

Yes, I'm a provocateur! My books provoke the brain and make people think! My books open the eyes of the reader and give him the opportunity to look at himself from a slightly different side than the one that the reader had before. Do you want to find answers hidden from most people to the questions that life asks us? It will be easier this way.

My life is coming to an end. I will try to make my own small contribution so that you do not have to repeat the same mistakes. . Probably, it will be useful for you.

After reading my works, I am sure you will be able to look at your life a little differently and, perhaps, you will find answers to questions to which you may not have an answer yet.

Someday, maybe you will thank me for this.

Soon (it may not be very fast soon. I'm writing hard) my new work “Overcoming. Risen from the ashes. "

Here I will try to answer the most important questions in human life. At least the answers found to them helped me survive and help me live.

Most importantly, working on the trilogy brought me back to life. And it was not in vain that I defined the topic - Drug addiction can be defeated and remain human!

Dear readers! My works do not open immediately. Please, if you really want to find a rational grain when reading my works, systematize the reading process. Despite the seeming simplicity of perception of the judgments I have outlined, everything is not so simple. It will be more convenient to read in order.

Sometimes I will add small remarks.

“…………… Drugs. That's all I have left. This is my last love. This is a flying bird, this is gone pain and defeated fear. I laugh at the impotence of reason to prevent me from finishing him, weak and sick. In vain he cries for help, it is not, and will not be. No one cares about someone who has long been forgotten.

City, thousands of eyes meet every day. I see eyes like shards of a mirror reflecting emptiness. Fear and despair crumbled like broken glass in those eyes. I hide my eyes, but alas, this is impossible. I want to run away, but where will I run from myself. Night? Day? Year? How long have I been lying drunk from my impotence in the dark and dirty dead end of the inflamed mind. It seems like an eternity to me, but is it eternity. I, as before, am in a hurry somewhere. I, as before, am running somewhere. I, as before, waking up, again see that I was late again, and around - Emptiness.

I'm tired of daylight and can't bring myself to sleep for hours when pain tears my time to shreds of nightmares. My mind is still trying to live. He appears as a ghostly feature, then disappears somewhere in the smoke of smoldering consciousness. Night, endless night. Unlimited envy, greed and a vicious desire to grab a piece fatter. An ingratiating lie and a desire to live at any cost. It's all me. I can pretend and dissolve. I can adapt to live in any society, I have become one of you. I live next to you. But I am not a man, I am a beast. A beast that hunts for the satisfaction of its insatiable desires on you, swarming like a gray mass in the vanity of being. The money that melted my soul became my deity. I admire him and am always ready to serve him. Money is my God, my universal god. Money is irreplaceable for me, it will never become superfluous. Money is an opportunity to deceive the society in which you live, these are changing masks that serve as my face. Money is an opportunity to turn into a person, and already in the image of any of you devour your deity, which has become products, goods and other indicators of a prosperous existence that you need so much. Money is an opportunity to pretend to be kind, strong and confident. Money is power and an opportunity to demonstrate your superiority over those you despise. The constant need to search for an opportunity to satisfy the need for money in order to get the opportunity to satisfy the same need is absurd, but it has been elevated to the law (money - commodity - money) and has become the norm of life. Our life. …………………. "………….