Delicious cucumber salad

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Scrap Mathematics

Even such a magical world as scrapbooking, an online store can present in numbers. We got the following statistics:

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How does a scrapbooking shop work?

Goods are ordered from manufacturers - this excludes intermediary surcharges. Unfortunately, our work is tied to the exchange rate, but we regularly adjust prices. When the rate decreases, you can notice how the price tags also change.

To get more for the same money, turn your attention to Ukrainian scrapbooking products. You can buy them much cheaper than American ones, because all calculations are in hryvnia.

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DIY cucumber toy

Choosing cucumbers for planting outdoors is not easy. There are varieties and hybrids, among them there are plants pollinated by bees and do not need pollination (parthenocarpics), with long and short lashes and even bush, with one stem or many-branched. Therefore, the choice of cucumbers today is a matter that requires a careful approach. You need to decide what is important for you - a super harvest or delicious cucumbers for your family with minimal hassle. The goal will depend on which cucumbers are best planted in each case.

Dealing with pollination

Cucumbers are of two types - bee-pollinated and parthenocarpic. With the first, everything is clear already from their name - to obtain a harvest, pollinating insects must fly up to flowering plants and transfer pollen from male flowers to female ones. As a result, fruits with full-fledged seeds are formed, from which it turns out to grow the next generation of plants. Bee-pollinated cucumbers can be both varieties and hybrids. The seeds of bee-pollinated varieties carry all the properties of the mother plant, and they can be easily extracted from the fruits, saved on their own and sown then next year. The seeds of bee-pollinated hybrids are not suitable for obtaining their own "home" seeds - hybrids do not transfer properties to daughter seeds, i.e. the plants grown from them will differ from the mother bush, and, most likely, for the worse.

The situation is more interesting with parthenocarpic cucumbers. Many gardeners mistakenly call them "self-pollinated". This popular name is fundamentally wrong - parthenocarpics do not need any pollination at all, they are programmed to bear fruit without fertilization.

Parthenocarpic cucumbers bear fruit, but the seeds are either absent or underdeveloped. In any case, nothing will work out of them. An important thing follows from this - patenocarpics do not propagate by seeds in principle, all cucumbers of this type are hybrids, the result of the successful work of breeders. There are no parthenocarpic cucumber varieties.

As a result, the following options are available for growing (in the open field - including):

1) Bee-pollinated cucumber varieties 2) Bee-pollinated hybrids 3) Parthenocarpic hybrids

Among them, we will choose further what we need.

Looking at regionalization

When choosing cucumbers, specialists should pay attention to varieties and hybrids of domestic selection, they are bred taking into account our conditions and have complex disease resistance. Foreign samples with us do not always meet expectations, sometimes they turn out to be later than stated. When buying cucumber seeds for growing in the open field (especially for varieties), it is important to consider which region of the country they are intended for. Southern varieties are not very suitable for the Non-Black Earth Region, but cucumbers for colder regions - the North-West, the Urals, Siberia - will delight with the harvest even in cold and rainy summers.

Choosing ripening dates

In terms of ripening, cucumbers are divided into early ones, in which 40-50 days pass from the emergence of mass shoots to fruiting, mid-ripening, ready in 51-60 days, and late, which need more than 60 days. In the middle lane, late varieties for open ground are not suitable, you need to choose early and mid-season cucumbers, in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, you should limit yourself only to early ones.

Deciding: varieties or hybrids

Do-it-yourself cucumber toy Laskavo please go to the

As a rule, the fence serves only as a protective function, so that passers-by do not poke their curious nose into someone else's yard.

Today we have collected 18 creative ideas for decorating a summer cottage fence, which you can try to implement this spring.

The fence will now become the envy of all neighbors.


A fence decorated with birdhouses.

Bright homemade birdhouses are a great, budget-friendly way to decorate a simple wooden fence.


A fence decorated with saw cuts.

If you have emergency trees on your property, cut them and use the saw cuts to decorate a simple wooden fence.

Little details

Everything gets boring sooner or later. Especially if you see it every day. No, we are, of course, not talking about precious spouses.

But the shower curtain is easy. If the time has come to update the "interior" of the bathroom, but the hand does not rise to throw out the still good curtain, then it is not necessary.

It will still come in handy in the house and in the country. And at first glance you wouldn't think how useful a thing is!

The shower curtain should be changed at least once every few months. A humid bathroom environment is not the best storage environment. But this does not mean at all that the vinyl or nylon curtain will not be useful for something else and should go to the landfill. Due to the density and moisture resistance of the material, as well as ease of washing, the shower curtain can be used for other useful purposes. For example:

Protect floors in your home during renovation

Shower curtain during renovation.

Have you decided to paint the walls or re-glue the wallpaper? Great idea. But so that you don't have to chase the parquet flooring, be sure to cover the floors. A vinyl curtain is perfect for this purpose: a large coverage area and easy to clean.

Make a curtain for a children's play

A shower curtain as a decoration for a children's party.

Matinees do happen, so why not do it professionally? For example, to make young talents feel like real artists. And what theater is without a curtain? Even if made of a shower curtain.

Sew covers for storing clothes and swimwear

Covers for clothes from shower curtains.

With such covers, the moth will definitely not get to its favorite sweater, and a swimsuit and swimming trunks can be thrown into a backpack right after the beach and not be afraid of wet spots.

Great quick salad and very simple and easy to make. Cooking such a yummy is very simple, and the author of the culinary YouTube channel Oksana Pashko will help us.

Yummy Salad

Salad "Vkusnyashka" will suit everyone in no other way. It turns out to be very tasty and can be prepared both for a holiday and on a regular day. Getting ready is not at all difficult. I highly recommend this recipe for cucumber salad, especially since all the products are available.


All ingredients are available at any store.

Delicious cucumber salad - ingredients

* Calories based on raw foods

Video recipe

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a step-by-step video recipe for making a salad from Oksana Pashko. Also on the culinary YouTube channel "Cooking with Oksana Pashko", there are other delicious salad recipes.

Important! The video may differ from the text version of the recipe!

Cooking steps

This recipe is going to be a bomb and you will be drooling.

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