Degu squirrel toys

Degu Squirrel Toys

So, after choosing a cell, you need to think over the interior of the home for your pets. What does a degu need to have a good time, play and rest?

Degu house or hideout

Despite its sociability, degus, like any other rodent, need shelter where they can rest, sleep, or simply hide from external stimuli for a while. The ideal size of a house for one or two degus is 12 x 20 x 15 cm. There are multi-storey buildings of various configurations. The best material is coniferous wood (pine, spruce), because of the bitter taste (it is safe for the health of the rodent) degus will not gnaw them so actively. In addition, any ceramic unpainted and unlacquered vessel (vase, pot) with a chipped (unsharp) side or a neck of an appropriate size, which will be the entrance, can serve as a shelter. Pet shops can also find various closed "nests" woven from hay - the degus, of course, will very quickly ruffle or "rebuild" such a shelter (the animals have their own design concepts), but they will get a lot of pleasure. Various hollow driftwood, tree trunks with drilled entrances and exits are also sold. These maze-like hideouts will be very popular with degus.

Degu Drinker

Despite the fact that the degu is a steppe rodent and consumes a minimum of liquid, fresh drinking water should always be available for it. Pouring water into a bowl is not the best option, as the water gets dirty quickly and can be overturned by the animal at any time, even if it is fixed on the cage grid or on the glass of the terrarium. The best option is a variety of drinking bowls: the animal very quickly gets used to drinking from the drinking bowl, even if it was not accustomed to it in childhood. As mentioned above, the main thing is that the bowl of the drinker is out of reach of the degus. In the cage, the drinking bowl is attached very simply - from the outside, through the grate, and, as a rule, the animal cannot gnaw through the body - except perhaps to scratch it. You need to purchase a degus cage so that the drinking bowl is similarly attached from the outside, or you need to drill a hole for the fastening yourself. In addition, special drinkers with glass mounts are sold (the drinker must be placed at such a height that the degu, stretching out on its hind legs, can only reach the iron tip of the drinker without damaging the body).

Degu Feeders

For degus, it is best to pick up metal feeders - one feeder for the main feed and another, larger one, for additional feed (vegetables cut into slices, bread). The size of the feeder depends on the amount of degus. If you want to start a flock of degus, you can purchase several feeders and distribute them in different corners of the cage. These (metal) feeders are usually sold with rack mounts, but aquarium / terrarium counterparts can also be found. In addition, you can purchase a special (of course, metal) bowl where whole vegetables, leaves, hay are placed. Deg likes to get food out of such a bowl very much. For hay, you can purchase or make a special hayloft from metal wire, which can become not only an additional feeder, but also a favorite resting place for degus.

Sand Bath

Since degus need to take sand baths on a regular basis (ideally every other day), you will need to purchase a sand bath. The "baths" with a removable roof for chinchillas sold in pet stores are excellent. Made of wood, such a "bath" can be constantly in the cage, or you can put it there every other day, for several hours (in this case, the sand does not get dirty longer, and the "bathhouse" does not gnaw longer). You can “bathe” the degus in the sand in a regular basin while walking around the apartment, but in this case, the sand can “splash” all over the room.

Degu Wheel

Degu, like many rodents, love to spin the wheel. If the degus are to be kept in a cage, a grill-mounted wheel can be purchased to save space; if in a terrarium, special wheels installed on a pallet are suitable. The main thing in a degu wheel is that there are no gaps between the "steps", that is, the treadmill in the wheel must be solid, which is necessary for the safety of the degu's tail. Otherwise, the tail can get caught in the connectors between the "rungs" and break. The size of a degu wheel is at least 20 cm in diameter. Material - metal or plexiglass.

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