Cervical osteochondrosis

Welcome to the Doctor-Zhelch channel and its author and leading professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician Viktor Vladilenovich Kartavenko. And today we will talk about osteochondrosis. In our clinic for restorative medicine, we use our own author's approach both for the diagnosis of osteochondrosis and for its treatment.

But today we will talk about how at home you can relieve the discomfort caused by cervical osteochondrosis.

What is unpleasant sensations. It can be neck lumbago. This is a feeling of heaviness in the neck. These are sensations of the so-called parasthesia, that is, impaired sensitivity or hypoesthesia, that is, reduced sensitivity in the neck, both left and right, in the shoulder joint, in the area of ​​the thumb, index finger, palmar surface.

And therefore, in order to get rid of this at home, you just need to have such an ordinary pencil. We work with you on the so-called cervical spine, which we have in the area of ​​the thumb. From the palmar fold to the upper articular fold, we call this distance the cervical space and therefore all the above-mentioned unpleasant sensations are very easy to stop with the use of such a pencil.

What are you doing to them? As our old ancestors made fire, in exactly the same way you should rub the projection of the cervical spine with such a pencil until a steady heat appears. This can be done in as little as one minute, as in 2 minutes, as in 3 minutes until a steady heat appears.

In this way, at home without the use of chemicals, you are very good you can stop the condition of cervical osteochondrosis, alleviate this condition. Who of you very often drives, who spends very hard hours in traffic jams when the forearm and palmar surface are strained, irritation will primarily concern the cervical region.

And the muscle tension itself will provoke the spread and development of osteochondrosis. Therefore, even in conditions of a car and long traffic jams, you can use this same technique.

In the next video we will tell you how at home we can continue the treatment and relieve you of cervical osteochondrosis. With you was the author and permanent presenter of the Doctor-Zhelch channel, academician Kartavenko, All the best.

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