But I don't vaccinate my dog. "

This was another example of how the right dogs often find "their" owners.

Once an article came out on my channel Look who you look like! Your dog. We can say that this story is an excellent illustration of the thoughts expressed there.

What beautiful dogs you have!

When I was 13-14 years old, I had a Caucasian Shepherd Dog Tocha. Tochi had a brother, Jerry, whom we gave to my classmate Vika (by the way, this is a story about him). Often Vika and I took our dogs after school and walked around the city for several hours.

On one such day, passing by the market, we met a very colorful lady. I tried to find a similar photo on the Internet. She was 70 years old, but she looked well-groomed and active, although not skinny. The tall red hairstyle, the tasteful clothes - yes, it was a pleasure to look at.

- Oh, girls, what beautiful dogs you have! And what is this breed? - Stopped us madam.

- These are Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. - We were surprised with Vika. Okay, if we had something smaller and prettier on our leashes, but here ...

The lady, not at all embarrassed by the size of our woolen friends, began to inquire in detail about the nature of our dogs, how we keep them, and where can we get such a puppy, and so on.

And then she shared a heartbreaking story

- I lived with a poodle, 15 years in perfect harmony, I loved him very much. - Her voice no longer trembled, but it was clear that the emotions were fresh. - He died three months ago. This is how my mourning will end, I want to get a dog again. And I really liked yours.

The dog accidentally found himself a new mistress

Hello everyone, dear readers and subscribers! Thank you for stopping by Samantha and me for the light!

Today I want to talk about a rather burning topic, as well as find out your opinion too. The topic of vaccinations for humans has been widely discussed, especially recently. There are "anti-vaccine" people and supporters of vaccinations, and these two categories of citizens cannot agree in any way.

This is my opinion. Whether or not to be vaccinated is a personal decision of everyone. You get vaccinated - please, if you get sick - stay at home, get medical treatment, and that's it!

But my position on dogs is completely different

I always vaccinate all my pets, and not only against rabies. We don’t need leptospirosis, enteritis and other nasty things, so every year my animals receive an ukolchik, and before that, an anthelmintic.

And somehow I always thought that this is a normal position, which is shared by if not all dog lovers, then certainly the majority. Until I came across the opposite opinion.

Vaccinations kill innate immunity

Yes, I actually came across such an article on the Internet two years ago. One woman argued that if dogs weren't vaccinated for four or five generations, they would regain their natural immunity and become immune to plague, rabies, etc.

Something I hardly believe in it. If only because chanterelles in the forest had not been vaccinated for hundreds of generations, but it was from them that the epidemic of rabies rushed through the cities.

And once, when I was little, my dad found a two-month-old puppy on the street and brought it home

The puppy was a mongrel of mongrels, it is unlikely that his ancestors ever knew what vaccinations are. As we did not know then that puppies need to be vaccinated. Arthur died a couple of months later from enteritis. Two days of vomiting and bloody diarrhea - and there is no dog.

An example of how the right dogs often find

Hello everyone, dear readers! Today I would like to ask your opinion on the following topic.

If you are registered on social networks, and even more so if you have a dog, then you are familiar with advertisements for dog and cat shelters. Or maybe you are subscribed to their accounts and provide all possible assistance.

One day I heard a girl ask the curator of the shelter:

- Don't you think it's better to help people than dogs?

To which I received a reasonable answer:

- We deal with the problems of dogs so that you have the opportunity to deal with people.

It's hard to argue with that. Well, now let's move on to controversial issues.

"This is an endless black hole, one big need!" - a friend who regularly donates to orphanages once shared with me, and after a couple of years she was tired of this topic

Indeed, you need to be prepared for a situation when, no matter how much you give, there will always be little, and even more is needed. This need cannot be met, and this loan will never be closed. Why do you think?

No one needs victims

A dog is not a person. No matter how hard you try to humanize an animal, it is still an animal. And it is not always necessary to heal him at all costs, putting his life on the altar of serving our smaller brothers.

I was 10 years old when they took the puppy (1 month old). Well, since I wanted to, then I should take care of it.

I walked with her 3 times a day and did not sleep. She missed her very much and "cried" for her mother for 2 weeks. I even wanted to bring her back, I really wanted to sleep. Then the club prompted to take a rag from the breeders on which the smell of mom and puppy to calm down. And so it happened.

So when you take the dog away from mom, always take a thing or rag that smells like mom.

When my teeth started to change, I almost went crazy when the dog sneezed and teeth flew out.

It turns out that their teeth also change.

And then the dog started bleeding. I went to the vet, he explained that it was heat, and that's okay.

I am writing this post for your reference, as some people, even in adulthood, do not know what to do in any situation with a puppy.

when I got my first dog, he didn’t need my mother, he was delighted that no one kicked him today and even fed him and he yelled not out of longing, but from the fact that the food in the bowl suddenly ran out ... So he ate-ate, and take the food and run out. Tragedy, what if they don’t give it any more? Well, and that he is well fed now, experience says that now, this is not forever. And experience also told him that they just don’t stretch out a hand and need to bite it, and from the heart, they’ll beat him up anyway, so at least there’s something to do with it. And it took him a long time to teach that the food in the bowl appears by the clock, that an outstretched hand is not a gesture of aggression and that it is very pleasant when they scratch your belly, especially when this belly is full. Comment on what to expect if you take a puppy from the street or from a shelter.

When I was 12 I wanted a Newf. do you know what that meant in the 80s? You join DOSAAF and take a course in dog breeders. You pass the exams. Queuing up for a puppy. When the puppy is given all the vaccinations, you go to the general course of training and exhibitions. If the judge gives the dog "good" - it is a ferret. Not allowed for breeding work. Only "och chorus" and "ex." But eating meat - dogs in the USSR were more important than people. But at the same time, at the age of 14 you already know what menstruation is and how to give birth

For a seven-year-old, illiteracy is forgivable

Shall we teach each other? Oh well.

Find a mistake in your words ..

and the style of presentation at the elementary school level.

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