Bowel cleansing

Surely, at least once in your life, you were in a situation when your intestines were literally torn apart by the gases accumulated in it. And at this time you are either on public transport, or on the presidium of a very responsible meeting, or maybe even at that moment you were surrounded by your subordinates. And your thoughts at this moment, to be honest, were occupied with only one thing: how to manage to reach the cherished place and not spoil your reputation.

It was our ancestors - the glorious Russians, in contrast to the nemchura and other Western evil spirits, who were distinguished by a high culture of preserving the "face" in these cases too. With the most common objects, up to the handle of a spoon, they easily influenced the "cherished body parts", first of all, on the hands "in order to avoid indignation of the intestines and in the name of the belly of protection." Our ancestors owned such a culture 1200 years before the opening of the Moscow Metro.

And we, our dear subscribers, decided to share with you these ancient, primordially our simple and fast-acting ways to save our own reputation. In order for you to be able to use this method, we shot a short video:

Take a look at it and write to us in the comments if everything is clear to you. Do you need additional clarification, do you have any questions.

And for those who asked questions about the dates of arrival at our health programs in the sanatorium "Belaya Rus": restoration of body functions: Recovery and cleansing of the body and weight loss: Cleansing

we publish these dates: from 8 to 14 April. The group is practically formed. There are 2 free places left. From April 29 to May 12. For 1 week and 2 weeks. The group is being formed. From June 24 to July 7. For 1 week and 2 weeks. The group is being formed.

Dear our subscribers. If you are seriously thinking about rest and treatment, then take care of it in advance. Sanatorium "Belaya Rus" (4 stars) is an extremely popular place. In August and September, although the most expensive vacation, for today all the seats have already been booked. A small number of places remained in May and June. Take the time to take care of yourself.

Yes, and the most interesting, in our opinion. We are the authors of Dr. Kartvenko's School of Safe Health decided to include a new method of influence in our arsenal of methods for restoring body functions: reflexotherapy through the iris of the eyes and using color-pulse and sound therapy. The method is safe, clinically tested, thoroughly studied, and quite comfortable. The exposure takes only 10-15 minutes. The effect is noticeable immediately after the first procedure. We invite all our clients and subscribers to use this therapy completely free of charge at the exhibition "Modern Medicine", which will be held at the Exhibition and Convention Center "VertolExpo" from 2 to 4 April. And in the same place, at our stand, we will conduct an iridoscanning campaign for only 500 rubles.

Come, take advantage of the latest in restorative medicine and diagnostics. Only, be sure to call and sign up in advance, so as not to waste precious time. Tel. 7 (863) 2-704-702.

With respect to you and your health, the authors of Dr. Kartavenko's School of Safe Health Tatiana and Viktor Kartavenko

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Creating a unique alpine slide on your site

Legend has it that the young sovereign of the Egyptian Kingdom, Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1400-1392 BC) was angry at the slow pace of the construction of his tomb and demanded that those responsible be punished severely. The obsequious nobles pointed out to the sovereign the priest Ilma Ax - the head of this project.

"I am ready to die, lord, and you can accelerate this construction, but your tomb will collapse after you leave."

Pharaoh respected this priest very much and therefore did not rush to his decision to execute. “Why do you think so, slave?” He asked Ilmu Ax. “Because the people who came here are only fit for plantation work. They will not fit into stonecutters. They have weak lungs, and they will soon die of stone dust. " Pharaoh was extremely surprised: "But how did you know about this?" The priest said briefly: “It is written on their irises. And if you will allow me, from this day on I will personally select the people I need who are suitable for such work. "

Ilm Ax is credited with the glory of the first iridologist. He left behind two huge papyri, which describe not only the iridology method itself, but also the rules according to which, using the data of the iris of a person's eye, one should “allocate workers for the needs of the state as they are physically fit and foresee the development of further inclinations”.

The iridoscanning method, that is, the method of obtaining information about the state of human health is based on one of the most ancient methods of assessing the physical capabilities of a person. As a scientific direction iridology (from the Greek iris - iris, iris of the eye) fully developed only in the second half of the twentieth century. But to use the basic principles of iridology - iridology, mankind has already begun about eight - nine thousand years ago. This is evidenced by images of the iris of the eye and its connections with the body, found on rock carvings in the temples of Asia Minor. It is known from other sources that it was by the marks on the iris of the eyes that the pirates of the Mediterranean “sorted” their captives for future sales: some as shepherds, some as stone cutters, some as gladiators ...

Nowadays, iridoscanning is one of the most affordable, comfortable and safe methods for examining the body.

  • within 20-30 minutes to deal with the main problem areas in the body,
  • to assess the functional state of 24 organs,
  • to determine the deficit of the most important microelements,
  • to find out the possibility of finding a parasitic infection in the body.

And we make all this available for wide use on the Internet. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to cover distances in order to deal with issues related to your health.

This project has already been prepared by us, thoroughly tested and has already provided assistance to many of our clients. From March 29, this method will be available to you, our dear subscribers.

Well, those who visit Rostov-on-Don at the Don-Plaza congress hotel on March 21-23 at the Healthcare of the South of Russia exhibition will be able to undergo express-mode iridoscanning right at the stand "School of Safe Health Dr. Kartavenko"

And here is the feedback from our clients about this method.

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