Batman the cat: how to live after a stroke

We will get a new Harley Queen skin along with a new Batman Fortnite skin.

Today, February 26, Epic Games announced the Batman Fortnite Zero Point partnership with DC. Fortnite Zero Point is a six-magazine miniseries that will be released in print and digital on April 20. The press releases will feature bonus codes that will allow players to unlock the in-game Fortnight cosmetics.

The first releases of Fortnite x DC Zero Point will provide players with a brand new Rebirth Harley Quinn Fortnite skin. Before anyone thinks, this is not a variant of the current Harley Queen skin, this is a completely new skin available exclusively through this collaboration.

Harley Quinn Fortnight Reborn (Skin)

We already know what the Rebirth Harley Quinn Fortnite skin will look like as this is the first skin to be available in the first edition. This is what the updated girl looks like:

Batman Zero Fortnite Armored Skin

Those of you who have collected all six prints will receive the Armored Batman Zero Fortnite skin. You will need to use all six codes that you can use for each comic. There is no image of what the skin will look like, but we will probably see it a few weeks before it can be redeemed.

At each stage, players receive bonus digital codes. We know that the first issue will provide players with a Harley Quinn skin, but we don't know of any other DC-style Fortnite items that will be available alongside other released magazines.

Batman / Fortnite Zero Point Comic

Comic comes out April 20, 2021 and will be paid. His plot will be built around Batman, who has lost his memory and does not understand who he is. In the future, he will meet iconic Fortnight characters such as Rogue Raider, Karas, Bandolier and others.

Fortnight Comic Price

Each episode will reportedly cost customers $ 4.99. t. for all 6 episodes, those who wish will pay around $ 30, and in rubles it is 2200.

We will get a new Harley Queen skin along with a new Armored Batman Skin in Fortnite. We'll get the new Harley Queen skin along with the new Batman Fortnite skin. Epic Games announced today, February 26th, that Batman Fortnite Zero Point is partnering with DC. Fortnite Zero Point is a six-magazine miniseries that will be released in print and digital on April 20. In press releases, bonus codes will be indicated that will allow [...]

Between the box office and die-hard fans, the sequels to the comics are under a lot of pressure to deliver. Spider-Man 2 has set the gold standard.

Making any superhero movie is always a challenge. Comic book fans are very critical of the heroic movie genre. And film companies, in spite of the oversaturated market, are trying to shoot a quality product so that it will "enter" the viewer. Even more challenging is creating a sequel to a superhero movie that fans loved (or worse, one that fans hated), as the movie itself has to rise a notch above its original.

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Spider-Man 2, directed by Sema Raimi, is a prime example of the ultimate superhero sequel, and for many fans it remains the benchmark for the most popular TOP superhero movie ratings. It's good that there are many other examples of superhero sequels that are so perfect that they just need to be revisited in the wake of the first installments.

Spider-Man ()

Well, I'll repeat myself a bit and start my TOP with this movie.

After Tobey Maguire impersonated Peter Parker and got his superpowers in the first Spider-Man movie, Sam Raimi decided to pick them up in the second movie. This idea played a major role in the continuation of the franchise. The conflict in Peter's mind makes him doubt if he is truly a hero.

The main villain of the film, Dr. Otto Octavius ​​(Doctor Octopus), added his appearance to the picture.

Blade II ()

Director Guillermo del Toro's ghost direction has elevated the action horror film to the status of a cult classic. After the first Blade movie gave Wesley Snipes his star-studded vampire slayer, Del Toro allowed the second Blade to qualify for yet another sequel to the franchise. Well, after that they decided to shoot the series. True, the viewer did not like this movie sauce.

Snipes' sparkling improvisation on set reached its peak just in the second film. And he was helped in this by the permanent actor of Del Toro projects Ron Perlman in tandem with the future star of the TV series "The Walking Dead" Norman Reedius.

Captain America: Another War ()

The Russo brothers weren't particularly interested in the Captain America character when they were hired to shoot the second solo movie about the first Avenger. Therefore, the directors had to go through additional training and immersion in the universe of Marvel comics in order to make him a hero, whom the viewer would go to the cinema. The result was so successful that the company ended up keeping Russo in the director's chair to continue Cap's on-screen journey through the end of Endgame.

"Life gets worse before it gets better," said Batman in The Dark Knight. We all know a popular superhero, mysterious, strong and brave ...

Our Batman is just a cat with black fur and a little sad eyes. It is clear, in general, why he was named that way, but it is unlikely that he has much in common with the mighty superhero.

Batman was found at the entrance. He was walled up in a box ... It is impossible to imagine why this five-year-old cat did not please the former "owners" so much. What do you need to do to deserve such torture?

At the sight of Batman, even seasoned volunteers broke their hearts. The cat was in shock, disoriented. It immediately became obvious that Batman had something wrong with the coordination - in the adoption center "Murkosh" it was decided to immediately take the cat to the veterinary clinic.

Diagnosis? Stroke. Yes, cats have them too ... We do not know how it happened to poor Batman, such a young, once domestic cat. As a result of the stroke, the vestibular apparatus and the spine were severely damaged - the cat could hardly walk, fell to one side.

Alas, miracles do not happen every day: it was no longer possible to restore Batman's health to one hundred percent, despite all the efforts of the Murkoshi employees and veterinarians. He will need to maintain muscle tone and coordination training for life.

Miracles don't happen every day, but sometimes they do, right? So Batman, though not immediately, found his "Gotham" - his own home, a place where he is always needed. And now Batman is a homely superhero.

Perhaps our Batman does not save the city, and indeed he rarely fights against villains. But he still has something in common with the famous hero - he also believes that life gets worse before getting better.

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They wanted to put Marcel to sleep, but volunteers from the Murkosh shelter rescued him and found him a new home.

Will there be a Joker crossover?

Being taken over by characters like Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, there are several superhero characters as iconic as Batman.

After disappointing reactions to Zach Snyder's Batman v Superman and Justice League films, Warner Bros. decided they needed to change direction. Although Affleck wrote the script and was supposed to star in 2022 Batman, he then left the project entirely.

Now, after a long wait and several delays due to the coronavirus, clearer details are starting to emerge on what we can expect from the next chapter of the Gotham resident hero.

Here's what we know so far.

Who plays Batman?

In May 2020, it was confirmed that Robert Pattinson will take on the role of the Cape Crusader - a great move we think - and one that continues the Pattinson Arch back into the mainstream (hello Tenet) after a series of arthouse hits like Claire Denis. High life and Lighthouse 2020.

Describing the reaction to his casting as "less caustic than I expected," Pattinson himself seemed genuinely surprised to get the role when Esquire asked him about it. “This is crazy,” Pattinson told us. “I was so far from ever thinking that this is a real prospect. I literally don't understand how I did it. "

So what will he do with Bruce Wayne? We got a little more information from Pattinson in October 2019. “He has a complex character,” he told the New York Times. “I don't think I'll ever be able to play a real hero - there must always be something wrong. I think it's because one of my eyes is smaller than the other. "

Pattinson added that Batman is a “cool” character: “His morale is a little behind. He is not a golden boy, unlike almost all other comic book characters. His worldview is simple, but it is strange where he is. which allows you to have more options for the character. "

Former Batman Christian Bale gave casting two thumbs up. " A good choice! He's interesting, ”Bale told Variety magazine in September. "I'm sure he'll come up with something really interesting."

Who is directing and writing?

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