Baby development at 9 months

Child development at 9 months - by the beginning of the ninth month, there are dramatic changes in the behavior and development of the child. There is no trace of his plump legs, handles and sluggishness. He no longer looks like the kid that the toddler was before. Now he is distinguished by curiosity, mobility and the desire to learn a new and interesting world around him. The little one spends a lot of time crawling and playing. It becomes easier for mom, since she does not need to constantly carry the baby in her arms, now she just needs to put the baby in the playpen or on the developing mat and keep him in sight, going about her business and communicating with him along the way.

The development of a nine-month-old baby is more focused on strengthening the muscular and skeletal systems. They continue to improve vigorously in order to prepare the body of the toddler for upright posture. An active psychological development is also observed, preparing the baby for pronouncing the first words that parents so expect from him.


Physical development of the child in months

As the baby becomes very active at nine months of age, he begins to gain less weight than before, when physical activity was minimal.

In the ninth month, the child will gain weight from 300 to 500 grams and grow from 1 to 2 centimeters. By the end of the month, the child's parameters will be as follows. Weight will be from 8.5 to 9.5 kilograms, and height from 69.5 to 72.5 centimeters.

Skills and abilities of a child in months

A nine month old baby sits independently and can sit for up to 10 minutes. In a seated position, he can reach for toys and play with them.

The kid can stand up and hold on to the support for a while. He walks well in a walker and can walk while holding onto a chair, slowly moving it forward. While the child can walk for a short time, but in a few months he will be able to walk without support, increasing the walking time to half an hour. The child likes to bounce and squat while in the crib or playpen. The baby crawls well. True, he does this so far on his bellies, since it is still difficult for him to crawl on all fours. If your baby is not good at crawling, don't worry. It is enough to do special exercises with it, which will not only help develop the crawling skill, but also allow you to consolidate it in practice.

A nine-month-old child uses the pinch grasping technique, that is, he takes objects of interest first with two or three fingers, and only then with his whole palm. At this stage, the child's fine motor skills are improving, he tries to touch everything and stick his fingers wherever possible, since he has a genuine interest in literally everything that he sees. The child can already tear paper into pieces and confidently hold toys or other objects in his hands. This can be food, a cup, a spoon, and so on. The baby can squeeze his fingers without difficulty, but with the release he is still experiencing problems. For this reason, if the little one grabs an object, then it will be very difficult to take it away from him. When parents try to take the held object away from their child, parents will face denial, repulsion and crying.

At the age of nine months, the baby's teeth continue to cut, and some babies are just beginning. This process is accompanied by moodiness, nervousness, increased temperature and salivation. Don't worry if your teeth haven't started to cut yet. They may appear a little later and cut out in pairs at the top or bottom.

Psycho-emotional development of a child in months

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