Baby development at 5 months

Child development at 5 months - the baby in the fifth month continues to develop rapidly and master new methods of communication with the outside world, using humming, smile and laughter, which become more pronounced and meaningful every day, which was not noted in the first three months after birth.

Children at this age become more active, and their movements acquire confidence and mobility. They already know how to roll over and gradually learn to sit down starting from the simplest poses. The fifth month of the baby's development is the period when the skills already acquired are consolidated and improved and the transition is made to a new stage of life, when the child already begins to sit independently.


Physical indicators of the child in months

With the onset of the fifth month, the baby's weight and height indicators do not increase as noticeably as before. But on the other hand, his mental development is becoming more perfect every day. The kid is learning new skills and is already trying to sit down, which cannot but please the parents.

Almost all unconditioned reflexes in the baby fade away, and the Moro reflex remains until the end of the fifth month and only then begins to decline. There are noticeable changes in physical development.

Weight and Height

To get the approximate weight of a five-month-old baby, you need to multiply by two by its indicators determined at birth.

At the end of the fifth month, the baby's weight should be from 6.5 to 7.5 kilograms with an increase of 63 to 65 centimeters. In a month, the child will gain about 700 grams and add about two centimeters in height.

What a 5 month old baby should be able to do

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The first "round" date in the development of a child is 6 months. Starting from six months, the baby gradually turns into a full-fledged personality, becoming more and more like an adult. Every day, the toddler will surprise parents with the emergence of new skills in development and communication, and will also begin to show its character and individuality.

Starting from six months, pediatricians note significant changes in the psychological and physical development of the child, especially with regard to his behavior, sleep patterns, wakefulness and nutrition.


Physiology of one month old baby

To assess the physical parameters of the baby's development, pediatricians use a centile table, which lists the standards by month. For female and male toddlers, they will be slightly different.

In addition to weight and body length, the table shows the circumference of the head and chest, which are also taken into account when assessing the physical parameters of the child's development. At six months, the baby weighs from 6.8 to 8.4 kilograms, and its height is from 64 to 67 centimeters.

Child's skills and abilities in months

At six months, many children begin to erupt the lower central incisor. In order not to miss possible dental problems, at this age you need to visit the dentist for the first time, who will check the structure of the jaw, bite and frenulum under the lower and upper lip.

Psycho-emotional development of the child in months

At this age, the child begins to improve speech, although so far it is represented by babbling. The screams and crying of the crumbs, which he used as a means of communication, slowly recede into the background, manifesting themselves in case of dissatisfaction, pain or discomfort. In the child's speech, a fusion of consonants and vowels begins to occur in various variations. At first, the parents begin to think that the child clearly pronounces the words, but in fact these are just sounds that the baby imitates well. His speech will acquire a semantic load closer to one and a half years. By the seventh month, the baby has already learned to pronounce up to forty different sounds.

At this stage, the child will no longer be easy to maintain a dialogue with parents or try to repeat the words they said, but will try to understand what their meaning is. The kid is able to find with a glance those objects that parents tell him about.

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When the city noise and bustle get bored, summer cottages are bought and small summer houses are erected. Someone builds solid cottages, where even in winter you can go to rest, while someone uses the site for a vegetable garden or garden. In any situation, the question arises of which fences to choose for a summer residence. Photos, materials, creative ideas and tips for arrangement - all of this will be fully presented below. Fencing of the territory is often due to the rules of the cooperative or the need to make a barrier from the roadway. Based on the goals of erecting the fence, the type, material and height of the structure are selected. We will talk about all this in more detail.

Types of fences for summer cottages with photo examples

Choosing a fence for a summer residence from a photo, it is difficult to assess its practical side. Therefore, first you should decide on the types of fences, and then look through all kinds of catalogs with photo examples of finished works.

There are a lot of types of fences, here are the main subgroups:

  • Plastic structures. Modern models that make it possible to make a fence in the country inexpensively will last a long time: plastic does not lend itself to corrosion and is resistant to temperature extremes. There are options that completely cover the area or are made with gaps from curly elements.

Neat wooden fence

  • Concrete options. The reliability and strength of concrete fences can be seen from afar, but in many dacha cooperatives it is forbidden to use fences that tightly block the site. It will take more money to erect the structure, but it will also last a very long time, recouping the costs.

Traditional brickwork

  • Polycarbonate - cheap and cheerful. This artificial material can be used not only in greenhouses and greenhouses. It is not exposed to moisture or corrosion, and it is not afraid of severe frosts. The price is affordable, and the sheets can be fixed on a metal frame.

When choosing a fence for a summer cottage, you should first of all rely on the requirements of the cooperative, otherwise a reliable structure with impenetrable walls will have to be dismantled.

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How to choose fences for a summer residence: photos of interesting options

Based on the variety of options, the question arises, which fence to choose for a summer residence. Cooperatives have their own rules on summer cottages:

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