A pack of wolves tore a dog in the Kama region

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What rules can there be, besides the rules established by the pikabu itself :)

CIA declassified + UFO documents

John Greenwald runs the Black Vault site, where he publishes declassified data.

He recently posted over 700 CIA documents, all of which are linked to UFOs.

Greenwald sent an official request to US intelligence and was given a disk with files.

The man relied on the freedom of information law in force in the United States, but it seems that the CIA were not very happy to part with the info - John had hundreds of images in tif-format, whose quality left much to be desired ... The American translated the files into pdf so that text search would work in them.

The likelihood of finding some real information about aliens or the theory of alien contact there is near-zero, but you can rummage through the stash of the US government and feel like a spy. Or Agent Mulder from The X-Files.

But in general, intelligence agencies are required to publicly report to the US Congress at the end of this year. And they will tell everything that they know. So we are waiting.

Two interesting pieces of information: a strange incident near Ryazan in Sasovo.

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The camera captured the last minutes of the watchdog's life.

6 wolves killed a dog in Krasnovishersk. A shocking video was posted on the network by a resident of Krasnovishersk. A video surveillance camera, which is located at the sawmill waste disposal site at the entrance to the city, filmed like a shepherd dog on a chain wolves creep up. First one, slowly approaches, then the second and the two of them grab onto the dog. Immediately 4 more wolves appear in the frame. The poor animal had no chance. They bit the dog. Interestingly, there was another dog on a chain on the territory, but they did not touch it.

The author of the video said that the watchman fell asleep when this happened. The deceased German Shepherd named Alex served the owner for 10 years.

- This is not the first time wolves come to us, - says Maxim Zayko. - The first case was on January 4 and the second last night. - A whole family of wolves came: two pregnant females, an adult wolf and two young ones. They dragged Alex closer to the forest. The base guard heard that the second dog was barking, went out and frightened off the pack. So they threw the shepherd dog and did not eat it. We will close the second dog in an aviary for the night.

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Perm Territory reported that the regional hunting inspector went to the scene. He will attract a local game user to carry out an event to regulate the number of wolves.

The wolves are completely loose. Dogs are eaten every hour

And people are so crazy about it, to tie a new dog in the same place within an hour.

10-15 more posts are needed, and then suddenly not everyone has looked

Wolves love to do everything in a pack!

Beat a pedestrian and got a sentence

The Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow sentenced the son of United Russia State Duma deputy Murad Gadzhiev Abdulgamid to a real term for beating a man.

As reported by TASS (), young people aged 19 to 21 beat a man because of a conflict on the road in the summer of 2020 - they stopped at a pedestrian crossing. The beating was stopped by eyewitnesses. The defendants were arrested. One of them, in addition to being beaten in a group, was also charged with a traffic violation by a person punished under the Administrative Code.

A man who was attacked by a bear was rescued in the Primorsky Territory

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