And Lesha will come out; and 9 more will accept their beloved Soviet childhood

From the author: Each new generation, looking at children, says: “They are completely different! Nowadays ... ". Looking at the kids buried in smartphones, I also catch myself thinking: they are completely different! And I remember my childhood, in which we did not correspond in messengers, but drove together on bikes and hit the ball in the yards; it was not always possible to even call a friend to take him out into the street - not all apartments had telephones.

The easiest and most effective way is to run up the stairs, ring the doorbell, and when a woman in an apron appears in the doorway, ask: "Will Lyosha come out?" Behind his mother, Lyosha was already looming at a low start, and as soon as his mother asked sternly: "Have you done all your homework?" - Lyosha was blown into the gap between the jamb and the parent's thigh at will, and with the last echo of the draft came: "I'll finish it later, mom!" "To be at home at ten!" - shouted the mother into the emptiness of the staircase, but no one heard her.

I wanted to remember these and other wonderful moments of our golden childhood together with you. I will begin and you will complete. Go?

In the warmer months, we were like grasshoppers wrapped around horizontal bars

Even those who could not boast of the grace of a cat and had the grace of a potato (like me) happily "hung" upside down on the horizontal bars. Despite the trembling veins, I managed to master several somersaults, and I did risky somersaults-mortale from the top bar to the bottom. Several times I "stuck" my nose in the sand, but I was proud - like an astronaut who first entered orbit.

Another favorite pastime of the kids was running around the garages, which was more practiced in winter, since it was easier to climb onto the garage roof and it was safer to jump off it through the snowdrifts. Abandoned briefcases lay under the garages, parents were at work, and we, ruddy, contented, selflessly galloped like saigas on rumbling iron boxes, showing off our dexterity to each other.

Program "Visiting a Fairy Tale"

Every Saturday we stuck to the TV screens. A screensaver appeared, sounded like a light chime of bells, unforgettable music, and from the screen smiled such a cozy, almost dear Valentina Mikhailovna Leontyeva - Aunt Valya, who in a low velvety voice uttered a greeting that is memorable for every child: - Hello, dear guys and dear fellow adults!

The show began with reading naive and touching children's letters, showing the pictures and handicrafts sent by: goblin, fairy princesses and Snow Maidens in sparkling outfits skillfully sewn and decorated with sequins and beads; Baba Yaga, made of driftwood, with a strikingly lively characteristic face, sitting in a mortar and bristling with a broom. I still remember how beautiful and unusual these crafts were - real works of art! I looked at them with admiration and wanted to have almost every one, I especially dreamed of princesses in amazing chiffon, silk and velvet headdresses.

And then the Fairy Tale began…. How many there were - wonderful children's films, shot by talented directors Alexander Rowe and Alexander Ptushko! "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "Frost", "Three Fat Men", "Cinderella", "Sadko", "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", Czech "Goldilocks" and "Three Nuts for Cinderella" ...

I could watch them endlessly, and even now, sit me in front of the screen, turn on any recording "Visiting a Fairy Tale" - I will watch, without moving, from the first to the last second - as then, in childhood ...

Unforgettable taste of bread for a penny and cakes