15 ways to transform old Soviet furniture into stylish interior items

How to get rid of allergies forever, is it possible? Unfortunately, in most cases it is impossible to cure allergies, the disease sticks to a person forever. However, even with a chronic illness, you can live your life to the fullest.

In addition to medical drugs, there are also folk remedies for allergies, with which you can not only relieve the symptoms of the disease at home, but also make your life much easier.

What is allergy

To know how to get rid of allergies, you need to have information about what kind of disease it is, how it occurs. Allergic reactions in the human body occur when the immune system misjudges a foreign substance such as grass and tree pollen, bee venom, microscopic dead skin cells of animals, or food. It produces special substances, or antibodies, that recognize this substance as harmful, when in fact it is not. When a person comes into contact with an allergen, the reaction of their immune system can cause redness and itching of the skin, fill up the sinuses with mucus, cause swelling of the airways, or negatively affect the digestive system.

Allergies can be mild (minor irritation upon contact with an allergen) and severe, up to Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock - a life-threatening condition. Most often, people in whose family have already experienced cases of allergies are susceptible to its development. Children also often suffer from allergic reactions.

Allergy symptoms

Allergic symptoms depend on the specific irritant and can affect the airways, sinuses, skin and digestive system.

Respiratory allergies (hay fever, allergic rhinitis) can cause sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose, conjunctivitis (increased tearing, inflammation of the outer lining of the eye). Allergens in this case are pollen, animal skin cells, mold.

Food allergies are responsible for swelling of the lips, tongue, face, throat, pruritus, hives, and anaphylactic shock. Most often it is caused by nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts), cereals (wheat, soy), seafood, eggs, dairy products.

An allergy to insect bites (for example, bees or wasps) causes edema at the site of the bite, itching all over the body, rash, coughing, shortness of breath, anaphylactic shock.

Allergy to drugs can cause skin manifestations (urticaria, itching, rashes), barking cough, anaphylactic shock. Most often, an allergic reaction is caused by penicillin or drugs based on it.

How to get rid of allergies with folk remedies at home

An epidemic of chronic self-dissatisfaction is raging in the world. According to surveys and studies, even children aged 7-8 have complaints about their appearance and shape!

What can we say about women who are constantly attacked by gloss and aggressive advertising of beauty products. More than 85% of the interviewed adult women (according to the results of surveys in the USA and European countries) are dissatisfied with their appearance in one or more parameters.

Psychologists and doctors even have a term for such a condition - "normative dissatisfaction with oneself." Very often, this frustration causes chronic stress and depression. We turned to psychologist and cosmetologist Anna Kryuchkova with a request to tell what a woman faced with a similar problem of self-perception can do for herself in the midst of a crisis, when does advice to turn to expensive specialized specialists sound almost derisive?

You can learn to take care of yourself on your own, using not only cosmetology, but also psychological techniques and principles. My experience of working with women shows that through contact with your body and a conscious, competent approach to self-care, you can achieve significant changes in the psychological "quirks" of relations with your physical "I".

psychological principles of personal care

Positive motivation

When we were little, the main way of education was unbridled criticism. For some reason, it was believed that the child already knows what is good in him, but the bad must be constantly pointed out. So the habit of scolding ourselves for any mistake and ignoring the good is so ingrained in us that it even becomes scary.

The first step on the path to beauty is the opportunity to see this beauty with your own eyes. This is not an easy way, you have to get to know yourself again. To begin with, it is important to learn how to generally notice your advantages.

When you concentrate on your merits, it is easier for you to start caring for yourself with love, and not because you need to "destroy these folds, defeat cellulite and lime wrinkles." Taking care of oneself as "fighting" will not give anything: fighting with your body is useless and, as a rule, leads to defeat.

What if we become allies with the body? Try to go to the mirror and imagine why you would fall in love with this woman. For her cheerful look, dimple on the cheek, mole, sensual curl of lips, beautiful eyebrows ... Start telling yourself sincere compliments! And on the contrary, stop scolding.

Speech, by the way, is not about feeding self-esteem with affirmations in the spirit of "I am a goddess", "I am the most charming and attractive." No, not the most. Normal, but there is something to see.

Try to assess yourself objectively, but at the same time kindly.

A clear understanding of your needs

How to get rid of allergies with folk remedies at home How to get rid of allergies forever, is it possible? Unfortunately, in most cases it is impossible to cure allergies, illness

Nowadays, many people in their dacha, in the village with their grandmother, on the balcony or even in their rooms, can find old Soviet furniture.

No need to rush to get rid of it, because furniture can be transformed beyond recognition.

In this article, we have collected 15 examples of how to transform old wardrobes and chairs into stylish interior items.

New chairs

Nothing complicated is required, you just need to repaint the chair in the desired color and drag it with any fabric.

Cabinet with shelves and drawers

A little imagination and everything will work out.

Get rid of the old paint on the cabinet, repaint and paste in patterned glass.

Chest of drawers

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that this is not a new dresser.

To restore the dresser, you will need to apply paint. You can make this piece of furniture not monochromatic, but of two colors. Allow the paint to dry, and, for example, to give a zest to the chest of drawers, apply a pattern to the doors.

Folding table

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