Yak reaguvati on comments at svogo tila

I don’t know the woman’s zhіnka, at the address I want it wouldn’t miss once: "Well, you have typed a wag", "Shkira is dark for you. How long have a beautician got a bullet? "," And don't you want to wear something on your forehead? "," Don't wear it more beautifully with your feet. " In some phrases, shaming is manifested, so that discrimination for the inappropriateness of the accepted standards of beauty. How can you react to some comments?

Don't take the price on your own

I still love the Remark's hangings: “Everything, you need to know in me - it’s not mine, but yours. Mo - tse those, that I bach in you ”, and I start to swallow the trimati in my head. I see, how happy people are, who are in harmony with themselves and with light, do not become nimbly talking about them, how they can stir up, blurt out or form. I, if you allow your vipad at the address of your name, it can mean the most important thing: from lack of behavior to try to self-assert for humiliation of others. Smolder, the price is not tied to you in a special way. People simply cannot allow those who do not allow their own - for example, make a tattoo, get your hair in rhyme or love your own type, as you see the standard in advertisements in glossy magazines.

Hang up your mind

Listen to the fact that you see, and don't be afraid to talk about it. Hourly, people are vvazhayut, well їkhnya thought about your tilo tobіt for a bitter, ale tse virіshuvati not їm. Say it as calmly as possible, if the tone is different, or the subject is uncomfortable, you don’t want to move it in the whole key, or to turn it all the way into the future.

Beginning Between

I don't know what is permissible, people can prodovzhuvati komentuvati tvіy zvnіshnіy viglyad, kharchovі zvichki or style ogyagu. It is important to say to that about those who are unacceptable to you - і to your partner, і wheels, and і distant relatives from Khmelnitsky. The formula is simple: name the dyu іnshogo + your feeling + your prohannya. For example, if the person in charge of letting go of the heat, or for the respect for the drive of your vagi, calmly and in a friendly way say to him: “If you are constantly joking about my vagi, I see that it’s not good enough for you, but it’s not good for you. Stop, be weasel, comment my vagu. "

Keep your progress

If inappropriate comments are repeated or sound like other people, you will be able to readily respond to what is appropriate and feel good. Don't be reminded of your own and someone else's negativity, remember your achievement and focus on them. As soon as you teach yourself a friend, you can add it to your friends: "Why am I a kid?" - And write down your little successes, decisions, actions. Qia practice can change your life on the beautiful, allowing you to think and live anew to accept the emoticon.

Don't get hung up

Yak reaguvati on comments at svogo tila

All over the world, for many centuries, people have adorned their bodies with symbols of protection. Whether it's jewelry design, body art, or tattoos, many cultures have visual imagery of universal protection.

The popularity of these symbols suggests that people find strength and comfort in their presence. These days, these protective charms are often used in jewelry as well as in body ink.

This article explores some of the more common protection symbols still used as modern tattoos.

Viking Symbols

Viking and Norse symbols are still very popular in modern tattoo designs. The Vikings believed that a series of symbols and runes provided protection to the wearer.

Algiz is the rune that corresponds to the letter Z in the alphabet. The correct pronunciation is “shil-g-eez”. The Vikings believed that Algiz provided magical protection.

This is a simple image that looks a bit like a tree. It is formed by one line pointing up and has two forks that diverge on either side of the top. The rune depicts the antlers of a moose, which provide some protection for the animal.

Other interpretations are that the symbol is similar to the raised hands of a person and symbolizes the human yearning for divine beings in heaven. In any interpretation, it represents a gesture of protection.

Another more complex Scandinavian drawing is Egishjalmur, also known as the Helm of Awe. It has eight branches of magic staves, forming a circular pattern. Viking warriors decorated their helmets with this pattern to protect them in battle.

Celtic characters

The Celtic Shield Knot symbolizes universal protection and, like all other Celtic knots, represents infinity without beginning or end of the pattern. It is a quadrangular pattern, sometimes square and sometimes outlined.

As the name suggests, the Celtic shield knot has traditionally been used on the shields of Celtic warriors. In everyday life, people used it as a symbol of protection from evil spirits. The Celtic shield probably evolved from a Scandinavian symbol known as Odin's cross.

Odin's Cross is based on one of the most ancient symbols in the world - the sun cross. The sun cross is formed by a cross with girded arms of equal length. The arms of the cross are extended to touch the edge of the circle. The sun cross is believed to represent the movement of the sun during the day, morning, afternoon, evening and night, as well as the four seasons.

Yak reaguvati on comments at the address of his own house? »EVA Blog. Professіynі please about the beauty that look after yourself.


When it comes to sustained turnovers, it's always interesting where they came from. Our case is no exception. According to the official version, the case was in the distant 17th century. The Poles captured Moscow. Then a feast took place. The inhabitants of the city and the Poles were having fun on it. True, the invaders still did not trust the losers and brought cobblestones with them, hiding them under their clothes. Apparently, to attack friends-enemies when the banquet turns into a fight according to good Russian tradition. History is silent whether our enemy needed stones in his bosom or not.

In general, this is a fairly common phenomenon when a direct historical action over time is filled with a figurative, conventional meaning. So it happened with the meaning of the phraseological unit "to hold a stone in the bosom." By the way, the Russians and the Poles really did not trust each other at that time.

On the origin of the expression “hold a stone in your bosom”

In a television game for polymaths, the question sent by the viewer sounded like this: "What did the Poles put in their bosoms when they went to visit the Russians during the capture of Moscow in 1610?" One of the experts immediately raised his hand: “The answer is ready! The Poles put a stone in their bosoms. "

Both the viewer and the well-read expert knew S.V.'s book

His article on the stone in the bosom

, small, I will quote it in full: “A stone in my bosom - remained in circulation since the time when, during the stay of the Poles in Moscow, in 1610, the latter, although feasting with Muscovites, but observing caution and hiding the enmity, they literally kept the cobblestones in their bosom, just in case. This is evidenced by an eyewitness, the Polish chronicler Matseevich. be friends with a Muscovite, and hold a stone in your bosom — from the example of the Poles, the Little Russians began to talk as one of their sayings in their practical everyday leadership and in the assessment of the Great Russians.

Written with a pen, as you know, cannot be knocked out with an ax, especially if it is written by some recognized authority. And now the correct answer: when going to feast with Muscovites, the Poles did not put anything in their bosoms, and if they kept anything under their clothes, just in case

, then non-cobble stones.

Hello everyone, I'm doing a little continuation of the post, the path has begun. Two months ago, I began to actively learn to draw and tattoo. @sci. v, asked for a continuation) Well, I'm spreading it. As for drawing, I mostly study academic drawing, how to draw shadows, highlights, etc., etc. we draw geometric shapes in the classroom and so on In the meantime, here is my first job as a tattoo artist on living skin (or write correctly on a living person? Excuse me))

1. K posts 12K subscribers

Due to the increasing incidence of swearing, haters and trolls, now in the community you can easily and quickly get a BAN for ridiculing tattoos, humiliating their owners and admirers, discussing tattoo culture in the negative, insulting tattoo artists for their occupation ...

A separate request to learn to respect each other and if you do not like someone's tattoo write polite constructive criticism, perhaps even with advice, and not "tattoo * ovno, and I am D'Artagnan."

Let's put it this way. Not the worst that could be.

But the geometry has crawled away. Generally not the best sketch for the first job as for me. Despite the apparent simplicity. It's fucking complicated.

Let's just say that many tattoo artists with experience of several years would not undertake this. For they know that straight lines and geometry are not their strong point.


Good day everyone :)

I haven't posted my works on Pikabu for a long time.

There are some fresh tattoos here :)

This tattoo is made in honor of mom

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