Why increased parental anxiety interferes with the development of children: a mom's story

Recently I realized that I am a mom from the series "We must spoil the pleasure."

- Mom, look, they treated me to a chocolate bar, - my daughter rejoices.

- Don't eat now, your stomach can get sick, - I answer.

- We ran like that, played like that, I'm all wet! - tells the child about playing with friends.

- You can be cold. Or fall. Run slower, I tell her.

Then I sit and think that I have “poisoned” a person with joy again. Just a couple of words - and the delight is gone. My children share the good, and I immediately rehearse the worst script. Okay, that's at least the little things. But when the child coughs, I need to tense up and drive away the thought of an antibiotic. Every time I want to dress the children outside warmer and every time I remind myself of the temperature outside the window. I have a vile fear for my daughters constantly living in me. Because I am an anxious mother.

Where does fear for children begin

In my case - from how I was raised myself, and from the lack of normal knowledge about motherhood. My parents, Soviet-trained medical workers, did not just “persecute joy”, but with weighty arguments.

- Don't eat ice cream, your throat will hurt, - they told me. - And then there will be problems with ...

Next - a bunch of medical terms. But at the same time, I adore my parents and have always believed that they raised me well. Therefore, many attitudes are reflected in my motherhood.

I myself am the only child in the family. The first baby I saw up close was my own. I looked for answers to all my questions on the Internet and received very conflicting information. Like many of my friends.

After childbirth and up to about a year, maternal anxiety is normal for everyone. The kid seems so fragile, he is so scared to harm. But then he grows, gets smarter, becomes more independent. In theory, the mother should let go of this feeling of fear. But it so happens that it does not go anywhere. As happened to me. The children have grown up, it is time for them to go to school in a couple of years, but the level of anxiety did not automatically decrease.

Why increased parental anxiety interferes with the development of children: a mom's story


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✨️ Recently I realized that I am a mom from the series

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Computer wizard Part What tech bloggers are not talking about Errors in assemblies of computers from youtube!

Greetings, my subscribers and casual readers.

The next topic came to hand by itself.

My regular client writes to me with a request to assemble an inexpensive gaming computer for his son, and he throws me a screen from the youtube review of what his son wants.

By the dog on the screen, it is easy to guess the author of the channel, it's muddy))) but a charismatic character who has gained subscribers, talking about computer masters and salesmen in computer stores. But let's leave the identity of the author alone and discuss what exactly he offers, and why this is not the best option.

The first thing you need to know about tech bloggers is that their main goal is to create a sensation, to show some amazing option, maximum FPS for minimum money, and how all this will work then, to put it mildly, they do not care.

But let's go over the common misconceptions that videos like these are sowing.


The case is not important (note, it is not listed at all in the assembly), quoting this tech blogger, the case can be bought for 300 rubles on Avito.

And here's no XYYA - we will quote the blogger again)))

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