What attachment to choose for an engraver: TOP-13 of the most popular models of attachments for an engraver in 2021

The best sports gadgets promote quality workouts. They will measure health indicators during class and make the process more fun. In our selection of TOP-5 modern devices for a healthy lifestyle with which, even out of the fire and into the fire, you will still come out handsome.

Apple Watch Nike Series GPS Smartwatch

Stylish. They look equally good on the hand of an athlete and a business person. They know how to track the pulse and even do an EKG - which will help prevent malfunctions in the body. Those who buy this device receive 3 months of free Apple Fitness subscription from Apple.

AirPods with Charging Case (MVNRU / A)

Exercise is more fun when you hear your favorite song in your ears. But careless movements can damage the wire or inadvertently pull the phone out of your pocket. Wireless headphones like AirPods give you freedom of action. You can put your phone a few meters away and go about your business.

The features of these "ears" include:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active mm

A beautiful watch that, in addition to its appearance, delights the user with the presence of a heart rate monitor, one of the most accurate pedometers with an accelerometer and barometer. The system understands when the user rises and puts this in the calculation of the calories spent. Fans of wireless charging will also be happy with the new product - just put the watch on a docking station or mobile phone with reversible charging for 30-40 minutes and the watch will last a couple of days again. And the NFC chip gives you the possibility of cashless payments in stores.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm has its own Tizen operating system. It provides the watch with five possibilities.

1. There are 2 display modes: In the first case, the screen will always be on. You can also configure that the screen will turn on only when the user turns the dial towards him to see the time.

The Magnificent Five: The Best And Useful Gadgets For Sports And Health In This Selection

Working on a project for a long time is the dream of almost any SMM specialist. See for yourself. You find one or more customers. You are comfortable working with them. They pay their salaries steadily and there is no need to look for new projects every month. In this case, you do not need to go to the office. And to live in Bali, lazily sip cocktails and playfully write content under a palm tree. Well, beauty! "What mistakes can there be in this scheme of an ideal world?" - you ask. I'll tell you about everything in order. So, attention: these are 5 mistakes when working with projects for a long time: personal experience of an SMM specialist.

Reading time - 05:49.

When my personal SMM happened, which, by the way, began as a pure coincidence, such work "on free bread" was for me something like a pipe dream, but such an alluring dream.

In 2015, a friend of mine worked in the then popular quests in reality. Everything was going well, but suddenly there was a disagreement with the PR specialist and he quit. It was decided not to hire a new person for this position yet. And as often happens, distribute his tasks to other employees. But that's bad luck! For some reason, there was no one to convey to a small group on VKontakte, in which he consistently posted photos of players and wrote posts about promotions and events. Then they began to search for friends who could "pee in a group" for 3000 ₽ / month. at the same time I quit my office job. Therefore, I was glad to try myself in a new direction. In 2015, the concept of an SMM specialist was not yet widespread. My family did not understand what I was doing and why. And I could not imagine that this work would soon become really the profession of my life.

The group was going well. I tried hard. I took additional tasks. She was attentive to the customer. And she tried in every possible way to delve into the profession, absorbing new knowledge. The award was not long in coming. The salary grew in proportion to the number of new tasks. Soon I was even offered to manage the social networks of the main office in Moscow. And then the quests in Surgut for the franchise.

My contacts were transmitted by word of mouth. There were more and more projects. Earnings grew. At a certain point, the load became so high that I simply could no longer take new orders. Everything seemed to be going well. Bali loomed ahead with palm trees. But I have already made a number of major mistakes, which then led to emotional burnout and "stagnation" in the profession.

Error - no work on personal brand

I was deeply convinced that I did not need my own group. And you don't even need to write on my personal page about what I do. Why waste precious time on this if there are already customers? And others do not need to know what I am doing.

Of course, I did not comment on the posts of colleagues, did not share my professional opinion and experience. Mostly because she found fault with herself too much and in vain thought her experience was not too outstanding. Let the personal remain personal, I thought, and continued to quietly lead the same customers, without drawing up cases. Which immediately resulted in the second error.

Error - not submitting cases

This is a bug on any projects. Even if there are few clients, only content is written and the project seems small, you always need to formalize your achievements into cases. If at the start of my work this insight had been put into my head, then a few years later I would not have to ask old customers to write a review, and to the question of what are my main achievements in SMM, rummage through the halls of memory in search of cool implemented ideas. Trust me, if for you some achievement does not seem super-outstanding, there will always be someone for whom your experience will be invaluable!

An engraver is a tool for applying drawings and relief inscriptions on various surfaces, as well as milling, grinding and drilling. Simply put, this is a drill with replaceable bits. Depending on the complexity and nature of the work performed, different types of attachments are used, the common feature of which is their design. This is the shank for fixing the tool in the chuck and the working area itself.

Engraver Attachment Manufacturers

Universal tips will be useful for beginners, and professionals will give preference to special tips for a certain type of material. Moreover, most engravers choose products from a specific manufacturer. Below we list the most popular ones.

The products of Dremel and Dexter are professional equipment and are designed to perform a variety of manipulations with various materials: wood, glass, metal, ceramics, plastic. It has high technical characteristics, therefore it will delight users with reliability and durability despite the high cost.

The mid-range category is occupied by Stayer products, designed mainly for metal processing.

Budget companies Kolner and Zubr, which offer high-quality universal sets of nozzles for an engraver at a low cost, are no less popular. The kits include all kinds of attachments for different types of work.

By purchasing and installing various attachments for the engraver, you can carry out grinding, milling or engraving, as well as drilling

TOP-models of attachments for the engraver

This article will help you understand the variety of attachments. Below is a ranking of the 13 most popular engraver attachment models.

Which set of attachments for the engraver would you choose or recommend?


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