Ultrasound cavitation, or Yak shvidko turn the shape

You can get some kylograms for a short hour, and the axis of your brain will get bogged down, you will be a non-abyss.

Cavitation is a non-invasive, hardware-based method of fat reduction. Ultrasound, acting on adipose tissue, flaps the bulbs, which step by step grow in size. In order to get rid of cell membranes, in which there is the most fat. Pidsumok of all procedures - vivedennya products in the drop (fat) by a natural way.

Demonstration for carrying out cavitations

Ultrasound cavitation of vikoristoyuyuat with superfluous fatty deposits on stegon, children, back, abdomen. This is also the method of supplemental assistance in case of weakness and sagging children, as well as additional therapy for conducting liposuction. Varto will be protected when the procedure is carried out in the lower part of the abdomen, there are some cases of reproduction. To change the folds on the sides і sound a taliyu, pull in ’yala shkіr on the hands, as well as to break an oval, revealing more clear, vikoristoyut ultrasound cavitation.

The peculiarity of the procedure is that you can go in for sports on a daily basis, you can use it only on problem areas, at the same time, because you don't want to be guilty of being overwhelmed.

Yak go ahead to the procedure

A few days before the varto procedure, I’m fat, greased, and alcoholic. For an hour, you need to drink more water. For a few years before the procedure, it is not recommended to live, you can vipiti drive. This preparation will be explained by the way, when splitting and losing fatty deposits The stove will start working, but the price will be increased on the organ, and it is not recommended to work on the additional support from the viglyadya. The course of procedures is designated individually: from six to twelve sessions per zone, at intervals of times per day. It is possible to indicate an additional therapy, for the consolidation of the result, for example, from two to several procedures every 4-5 months with an interval of once per week.

Yak undergo the procedure

Before the start of the apparatus, apply a special gel to the coat. The procedure itself is threefold from 10 to 40 chilins, in fallowness from the blasted zone. Falsely from the step of fatty deposits, it is required from 4 procedures, so that a significant effect is posed. A few more changes were made after the first procedure, so you can also see about the new birth.


During the procedure of ultrasound diagnostics of varicose diagnoses with the presence of 3 diabetes mellitus, vertebral diseases, varicose veins, chronic liver incapacitation and malignancy, incapacitating children with obesity, diseases heart disease, as well as with the presence of a cardiac pacemaker or metal implants in children.

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