Ultrasonic cavitation, or How to quickly regain shape

Extra pounds can be gained in a fairly short period of time, but in order to get rid of them, you will have to sweat a lot Ultrasonic cavitation is in a hurry to get rid of fat deposits

Cavitation is a non-invasive hardware method for getting rid of fatty deposits. Ultrasound, acting on adipose tissue, creates bubbles that gradually increase in size. This is followed by rupture of cell membranes, which contain the most fat. The result of the whole procedure is the removal of decay products (fat) in a natural way.

Indications for cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is used for excess body fat in the thighs, buttocks, back, and abdomen. Also, this technique helps with sagging and sagging skin as a supportive therapy after liposuction. You should be careful when carrying out the procedure in the lower abdomen, since the reproductive organs are located there. Ultrasonic cavitation is used to reduce folds on the sides and narrow the waist, tighten the flabby skin on the arms, as well as make the oval of the face clearer.

The peculiarity of the procedure lies in the fact that, unlike diets and sports, here it is possible to act exclusively on problem areas, while those places where the volumes should be preserved remain intact.

How to prepare for the procedure

A few days before the procedure, you should exclude fatty, fried, spicy foods and alcohol. During this time, you need to drink more water. It is not recommended to eat a few hours before the procedure, you can drink water. This preparation is explained by the fact that the liver is involved in the breakdown and excretion of fatty deposits, and this increases the load on this organ, which is why it is not recommended to do an additional load in the form of food. The course of procedures is assigned individually: from six to twelve sessions per zone, with an interval of once a week. Further, supportive therapy is prescribed to consolidate the result, for example, from two to four procedures every 4-5 months with an interval of once a week.

How is the procedure going

Before using the device, the doctor applies a special gel to the skin. The procedure itself lasts from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. Depending on the degree of body fat, you need from 4 procedures to see a significant effect. But the changes are visible after the first procedure, which may also indicate the removal of excess fluid.


Ultrasonic cavitation, or How to quickly regain shape

My last post about childhood memories, specifically about horror films seen by a child in the early 90s, was watched by only 8 people. Apparently the post came under moderation because of the scary shots from these films, although I deliberately chose the most herbivorous and light ones.

It is noteworthy that the essence of the post is precisely that before children were shown everything indiscriminately and this is not good. However, the moderation took place indiscriminately, in the best traditions of banal censorship, and in fact, the post was blocked due to unsightly pictures from films not prohibited from showing. I think this is a clear overkill.

I'm telling you for sure, censorship in the era of New Ethics will surpass the most fierce totalitarian state censorship. All this is alarming and the situation is clearly turning off somewhere on a slippery slope. But now is not about that.

Read my post and remember your childhood, I removed from there all the pictures that frightened the Pikabu moderators, but if you watched these films, you will surely remember every creepy frame with pleasure. And if you haven't, be sure to look, the films are the best in their genre, and the special effects of the 80s are much more realistic than the cartoon monsters that are drawn in films now.

Fridge magnets

Good afternoon! Thanks to everyone who liked the last post. I didn't think it would be so interesting. So I decided to show my other magnets as well. ro stickers on the TV series Robocop and Thunder in Paradise, you didn’t seem to remember, but as a child I really liked them:

There is also a complete set of Arnold Schwarzenegger stickers:

Now we are planning to make magnets for Terminator (there are already some, but not all). this is how one side of the refrigerator looks now:

P. ... I left my contact information in my profile.

Timur, cosmonaut's nephew

It's no secret that astronautics, aviation and everything heroic was very worried about the youth of the Soviet period. My peers, fortunately, were no exception, and any mention of the heroes of that time attracted those who wanted to hear about them. But, it is one thing to listen, and another to touch, even if indirectly.

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