Types of massage chairs

Massage is a pleasant and useful procedure that speeds up metabolism, allows you to get rid of painful sensations in the muscles and promotes quick recovery after significant physical or mental stress.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to contact a professional massage therapist on a regular basis. In this case, modern devices - massage chairs - can be of great help.

There are different types of massage chairs today, and each one has its own advantages. In general, we can say that such devices are multifunctional, durable and can really become an alternative to a relaxing procedure in a specialist's office.

What types of massage chairs are there?

Massage chairs can be divided into types, depending on functionality:

  • Standard. Such massage devices are made of high quality, but cheaper materials. For the upholstery, synthetic leather substitutes are used, and the colors and designs do not differ in variety. The device is capable of performing at least 5 types of massage. The complete set includes the most necessary things: air cushions, time counters and individual indicators, devices for working out the feet and calves.
  • Premium. Such devices are made of expensive and high quality materials, and their functions allow you to change the position of the body and reduce the load on the body. Highly intelligent devices for the massage procedure can be controlled using an application on a smartphone, they have many types of massage, infrared heating and other functions.

There are also different types of massage chairs, depending on the area of ​​use. For home, you can choose massage chairs with extended functionality. For the office - a more compact option, which allows you to eliminate heaviness and pain in the muscles in a short period of time, relieve the load on the spine and increase efficiency. There are also vending massage chairs with a bill validator that can be installed in public places.

How to choose the right Casada massage chair?

Modern massage chairs Casada can perform roller, point, vibration, air compression and other types of massage. The manufacturer pays special attention to ensuring that the equipment allows you to get as close as possible to the result that can be achieved after visiting a professional massage therapist.

Due to the presence of special programs, the device determines the individual features of the user's body structure and, thus, works out every part of the back of the neck, hips, legs. Already after 10-15 minutes of hardware massage, a person feels vigorous.

When choosing a massage chair, you need to pay attention to its technical characteristics, functions, purpose and features of operation. By choosing the option that suits you, you can really enjoy the massage procedure at home or in the office.

Types of massage chairs

Two generations of people now live in Russia: those who managed to live in the Soviet Union, and those who only saw its echoes. But both are familiar with some of the interior items that were at that time in every home. Now the situation in the apartment is different for everyone, but then for the most part, on the contrary, it was the same or very similar (remember the famous "New Year" film - "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath"). And even now, after so many years after the collapse of this state, such things still emanate from "Soviet times" ... We have compiled a selection - 9 items from the USSR, which were in every home.

Folding pedestal table

Oh, this table, about which there was even a meme on the Internet in 2019-2020, was in every home. It was ideal for the group feasts at home, which were very common in Soviet families. Most of the holidays were celebrated at home, and all relatives and friends were invited to important events in life. And in order to seat everyone comfortably, they used such a table. In the unfolded state, it made it possible to obtain a sufficiently large countertop area.

But there is simply nowhere to store a large table in small Soviet rooms and apartments. And therefore, after the feast, the table easily turned ... into a curbstone. I stood quietly in the corner, covered with my grandmother's knitted napkin and literally played the role of a bedside table. Sometimes only one part of the tabletop was lifted and used.

Such a table is one of the very first variants of transforming furniture in the USSR. And it was not only convenient, but also versatile. A dining table, a table for lessons, a table for cutting and sewing, a table for feasts, "goats" during the renovation ... As soon as it was not used!

Note! pedestal tables were made in the USSR from the 60s of the twentieth century until the collapse of the Union.

By the way, tables of this kind are still used today. They are so comfortable and durable that even the modern generation does not dare to part with them for good.

Contemporary wardrobes

Wall cabinet

This is exactly what no Soviet living room could do without, it is without wardrobes. It was a truly colossal storage system with multiple cabinets in a row. The cabinets had shelves, drawers, a pay compartment, shelves behind glass doors for dishes, mezzanines ... In a word, they had a place for every thing in the house, from mother's fur coat to grandmother's crystal set. And for dad there was a special shelf where you could put a TV.

Walls were especially popular in the 70s and 80s. They were made from chipboard. The design, of course, left much to be desired: the cabinets were roomy, but bulky and far from elegant. However, at the end of the 80s, furniture began to be decorated with decorative handles and plastic "carved" overlays.

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