Repair / replacement of the generator and its components on Lifan Solano

All consumers of the car are designed to work with power supply in a strictly defined voltage range, of the order of 13.9-14.7 V. Since the source of this voltage is the generator, and it, in turn, is directly connected to the crankshaft, its output voltage depends on the current value of the engine speed, and it is known to be not a constant value. Therefore, the generator includes a voltage regulator that stabilizes the output characteristics, a diode bridge that converts alternating current into direct current.

But the generator is considered an electromechanical device - it also contains moving parts, therefore, the malfunctions of this unit are divided into two categories, mechanical and electrical. The former include wear on bearings and brushes, breakage of pressure plates, loosening or breakage of the drive belt. Electrical breakdowns and malfunctions are a burnout of a diode bridge, failure of a relay-regulator, breaks in the rotor / stator windings and their turn-to-turn short circuits.

Today we will learn how to deal with these issues on Lifan Solano.

How to find out if a generator drive belt is loose

There is a light on the dashboard that lights up when the ignition is turned on and goes out after starting the engine. If it does not go out or lights up while the car is moving, this is a clear indication that the battery is not charging while the engine is running. You need to immediately start looking for the reasons, otherwise the battery runs the risk of being discharged to a state in which it becomes impossible to start the power unit.

A blinking battery charging lamp will also indicate a problem in the generating set. Indirect sign of failure the voltage in the on-board network is the light of the front optics is too dim, in the daytime you can find out about this by the intermittent, rattling and quiet signal of the horn.

Insufficient generator output voltage can be caused by various reasons, the most common of which is a loose drive belt. In this case, it begins to slip, especially with a sharp increase in the number of revolutions, which is diagnosed by the appearance of a squeak, howl or squeal from the side of the engine compartment.

Therefore, you should accustom yourself to periodically checking the tension of the alternator belt, as well as to its external examination for cracks, abrasions, breaks, bare cords and other defects.

How to tighten the Solano alternator drive belt yourself

The crankshaft can be a source of kinetic motion (rotation) not only for the generator - usually the power steering pump and the air conditioner pump from it, if they are included in the package of a particular car model.

All three drives can use one drive belt. On most modern cars, this is done, but Lifan Solano has three belts, so you should check the tension in relation to each of them. True, the methodology will be the same: we are looking for a point in the middle of the belt between the pulleys, we press it with a force of 10 N. The normal indicator is the belt deflection at a distance not exceeding 11 mm, but not less than 5 mm. If you get it bigger, the belt is stretched and needs to be tightened.

This is done quite simply:

  • looking for the generator mounting bolt, loosen it a little;
  • using the adjusting bolt we tighten to the required level;
  • tighten the generator mounting bolt .