Order of the Swordsmen; and; every director

Dad is a man, next to whom a child can safely try new things - jump from sofas, climb trees, ride a bus and pay the fare himself. Dad is near, and he will reliably protect against many problems.

Dad is a man, next to whom you want to be persistent and stubborn - to fasten the zipper yourself, learn how to tie shoelaces, finish writing a task, pull up on a horizontal bar. Dad teaches us to be persistent.

Dad is a fair man. There are understandable daddy's rules that a person, growing up, compares and brings in line with their “rules of life”. Dad brings universal rules to the child's life.

Dad is often the last resort. Each child has their own "I'll tell dad!" and "Dad told me."

A boy's dad is a man who wants to be when you grow up. For a girl, dad is the husband you want to meet when you grow up.

Dad shows what it means to be a man.

When the real dad is not present in the child's life, the child gets used to the "TV dad" - the images played by actors and musicians in films and on stage. It's boring to play happy stories about real people, so the “TV dad” is usually either very aggressive or very weak.

A child begins to see dad as a vital person at the age of one and a half to two years.

From this age, in the absence of communication with dad, the child will intensively look for a replacement for dad.

To prevent this from happening and the child continued to communicate with the real dad, we use:

Skin contact is most tangible for a child

You can wash your child, you can roll it on yourself, throw (and catch), play outdoor games or finger games. Believe me, in any apartment and room you can play “jumping rope”, “bear and bear cub” or “horned goat”. Dad can safely take the child in his arms or on his neck, if the child asks. We have not met in our practice cases "my child stopped walking because he was often carried in his arms."

When to put gladioli for distillation? An efficient and easy way to sprout tubers in sawdust

Officials gathered at a round table to discuss how they will carry out the order of Alexander Lukashenko to create a "program of patriotic education of the population."

During the event, they discussed how to win over the “silent majority”, with what weapon to fight the enemy on the ideological front, and also how to “educate adults”.

Order of the Swordsmen

Director of the analytical center "Actual Concept" Alexander Shpakovsky said that in Belarus it is necessary to create a kind of "order of the sword-bearers" on the basis of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

“In secondary education institutions, the organizer teacher and the deputy director for ideological and educational work are responsible for this - and they write everyone there in a row. And as a result, I suspect, if you interview 400 thousand members of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union on the topic who is the chairman of the union, it is not a fact that many will answer correctly. Therefore, perhaps, in fact, it is not necessary to include everyone indiscriminately, it should be a kind of "order of the sword-bearers," suggested a frequent guest of BT at the roundtable, the National Legal Portal reports with reference to the newspaper of the Presidential Administration "SB".

And the chairman of the Central Control Commission of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, Yekaterina Petrashkevich, admitted that after the elections, her organization received "general applications for withdrawal."

However, she is not discouraged: “When applications for withdrawal went out all over the place, we took a complete database of records of the members of our organization. And they found out that, for example, at Grodno State University, out of 49 statements written at that time in one day, only 3 people were members of the organization. That is, the guys just hyped - and that's it. In general, the dynamics is as follows: we are becoming smaller in number, but the quality is much higher. And this is the most important thing. "

"Mom and Dad called it bullshit"

Andrey Ivanets, Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic on Education, Science, Culture and Social Development, suggested raising adult Belarusians.

“Because if today we teach a child something at school, and in the family mom and dad called it nonsense, neither grants nor anything else will help. That is, if we do not educate adults today, nothing will work out with children. And the subject of the implementation of such a program cannot be one Ministry of Education, the subject is much broader. And the entire administrative corps of the country, each director, will have to work on its implementation. We do not need to educate patriots - we need to make sure that all patriots stand on the positions of the state. Although it is more logical to call the program itself not state, but national, ”says Andrey Ivenets.

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