On the needle

One of the most popular tattoo artists in Pskov, Dmitry Trofimov, told the Pskov agency of information about working for Snickers, fashion for stars, dependence on tattoos and how not to get lost among the rest of the ringers.

About the start and expensive self-education

I have been working professionally for 8 years, and started trying 14 years ago. I liked this profession from the very beginning, there was a special aura of mystery in it, the whole world beckoned. Well, I really wanted to get a good tattoo, but there was no money. This led me to a certain extent. And at first it was a completely non-commercial story. If now novice craftsmen work for money, then for the first 4-5 years I did not earn anything at all. He worked for a can of kvass and Snickers. This was my "dachshund", for a fan. There was no studio, and I just went from door to door.

The art of tattooing is not taught anywhere. You are actually engaged in self-education. There are courses from other masters, they are for money, so I don't really believe in them. There is internet. When I started, there was nothing, so I had to choose the path of trial and error, marking time. Plus, I went to very good masters in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Moscow, made tattoos with them and along the way studied, improved my qualifications. It turned out to be such a master class, only I also left with a tattoo. The lessons came out expensive, because I spent a lot of money on my tattoos. Now I continue in the same spirit.

From the beginning, only practiced in public. As it turned out, there are a lot of crazy people who are ready to give themselves into the hands of a non-professional. There were no problems with this. The only thing at the very beginning, I did not get tattoos for girls. It seemed to me that a bad tattoo on a man, and they, of course, were not perfect, it's still here and there. A girl with a bad tattoo is terrible. In general, at the start, only men were "spoiled".

Now I’m in a state of learning all the time: I’m peeping at someone’s techniques, trying to master an academic drawing, reading, watching. Now everything is there, everything is available. It's like in "Alice in Wonderland": to stay in place, you need to run very quickly forward. People who worked in the old fashioned way through catalogs found themselves on the sidelines of this profession, unable to withstand the competition.

I usually work six days a week, but I don’t like bondage, so I don’t write too long. In the hottest season, for example, this summer was a maximum - two or three weeks.

About drawing skills and spending

If you don’t know how to draw, there’s nothing to even meddle in here. You have to draw very well, only then will there be success. There are many tattoo artists on the market now. The profession is at the peak of popularity, in a trend, so young people are actively reaching out. But people forget that there will be no good tattoos without the ability to draw. This is where you need to improve. As a result, you can become "one of" and simply paint decals on the body, being unable to depict anything. As a rule, in this case, there is a collision with reality: you understand that there are a lot of people like you, everyone came for money, but there is no money, only those who were able to occupy a more or less unique niche receive it. The more difficult your work, the greater the return.

The minimum cost of equipment for a start is 350 thousand rubles, for a good start - around 500 thousand. I have invested much more in my studio. It all depends on the person what he wants. Someone for ridiculous money can buy a Chinese set and start working. Someone will save on safety, buy one typewriter, a pack of cartridges and three tubes of paint for 150 thousand rubles. But this is not at all serious, kindergarten.

All kinds of people go to tattoo artists: absolutely intelligent guys or guys from the yard "let me do it", everyone has a different level of development, training, different characters. It is impossible to describe one size fits all.

Together with homeworkers in Pskov, there will definitely be a hundred masters, 17-20 people in salons. But I still travel to other cities, I like tattoos in a certain style, and no one does it well here.

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