Karl Starfelt, Rubin: “Kazan has a good selection of food - even better than Sweden”

25-year-old Karl Starfelt came to Rubin in 2019, and before that he played only in the Swedish championship. Alas, the defender was injured outright, and therefore did not become the main player and for a long time was the third or fourth choice in his position. With the arrival of Leonid Slutsky, Karl became a player in the main team. In an interview with BUSINESS Online, the defender spoke about whether it is worth trying a traditional Swedish dish - spoiled fish and why he wraps himself in several blankets in his room.


- Karl, first I would like to hear the story of your arrival in football. Where did this craze come from?

- I was born into a family that loves football very much, where they play football. At the age of 5 he started playing for a local team, two years later he got into the best academy in Sweden.

- "Brommapoikarna"?

- Yes. Now the Swedish national team is played by 5-7 people from this academy. In Sweden, there has been a long debate about whether it has too much competition in its children's teams. If a player does not fit, he is immediately removed. Nevertheless, the Brommapoikarna academy prepares many players for the national team. They go their own way: they choose the best players from the Stockholm region. But it is also a big club in itself. At my age, there were 28 different teams, of which 27 could be played by anyone, and only the best played in the only one.

- At the same time, the results of the club at the professional level are very modest ...

- Yes it is. There are many different factors. There are three clubs in Stockholm that have a long history and a huge following. Everyone wants to play in these teams. Brommapoikarna has a great academy but doesn't have a large fan base. Well, so much money too. When the Bormmapoikarna players grow up, they move to other Stockholm clubs. Either they sell them there, or they leave as free agents. As soon as the player shows good results, he leaves the team immediately. Over the past 10 years, Brommapoikarna has had success in reaching the top division. But then the players, having shown themselves, left, and the club went down to the second division. If the players stayed, the team would be among the best in Sweden.

- The team's stadium is also small, only 6 thousand. This is also an indicator of the level?

- Yes, of course. In Sweden, everything depends on the fans. For example, in Europe or Russia, companies or individual wealthy people finance clubs. But in Sweden there is a rule: 51% of the club's shares belong to the club members - the fans. No big company can enter a club and buy up shares. It turns out that a huge part of the income comes from the fans. There is also a lot of discussion going on because of this. On the one hand, we have great fans. There is a special relationship and a separate kind of value, it cannot be that an investor will come and rename your favorite team in honor of his enterprise. On the other hand, players leave because the club is unable to pay big money because of this rule.


- From Brommapoikarna you moved to Gothenburg, one of the largest clubs in your country. Surely it was a special moment for you ...

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