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Chimney from asbestos-cement pipe: advantages and disadvantages

When building heating systems, fireplaces, stoves, the question arises: what to make a chimney from? Probably everyone has seen when an asbestos-cement pipe is used for the chimney. You can understand the logic of such owners. Asbestos is non-flammable, which means it is ideal for a chimney. Let's figure out how good a chimney from an asbestos-cement pipe is and whether it can be installed by hand.

Purpose of asbestos-cement pipes

The widespread use of asbestos-cement pipes began during land reclamation. Their main advantage was their low price.

New times have come, land reclamation, as well as agriculture, have sunk into oblivion. Asbestos-cement pipes remained. During the period of mass construction of individual housing, many developers began to use asbestos-cement pipes for the chimney, which were not originally intended for this.

Application of asbestos cement pipes

As mentioned above, the asbestos chimney was not designed, so it is not suitable for use at high temperatures. The maximum allowable temperature should not exceed 300 degrees. Many may disagree with this. Indeed, as a rule, asbestos pipes for the chimney are not installed immediately after the boiler, where the heating is very high, but after a certain interval, where the temperature is much lower than 300 degrees. Why are chimneys from asbestos-cement pipes dangerous? Let's agree with this statement and consider what happens in the pipe. When any fuel is burned, soot is necessarily formed. The less the internal smoothness of the chimney, the more soot is generated. Asbestos-cement pipes are not smooth, so a large amount of soot settles on the walls, which can ignite at any time.

Consequences of a fire due to ignition of an asbestos pipe

In addition, if you plan to use an asbestos pipe to assemble a chimney with your own hands, you must:

  • exclude fastening of the pipe with the boiler nozzle, that is, be sure to install the adapter;
  • insulate the pipe.

Can asbestos-cement pipes be used as a chimney

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Functional zip and laces

Ara sneakers are made of genuine leather.

The main idea of ​​the innovative High Soft technology is to make the shoe very comfortable and comfortable. The combination of super-soft leather, flexible sole and incredibly pleasant-feeling insole will delight every woman. High Soft provides an excellent walking feel and lasting comfort.

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Ara sneakers are made of genuine leather.

The main idea of ​​the innovative High Soft technology is to make the shoe very comfortable and comfortable. The combination of super-soft leather, flexible sole and incredibly pleasant-feeling insole will delight every woman. High Soft provides an excellent walking feel and lasting comfort.

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Polish shoes for Russian winter Stylish and warm!

Winter boots from the Polish brand Simen are made of genuine leather and lined with natural wool. Choose European quality from Simen!


Simen shoes are designed and manufactured in Poland. It is maximally adapted to both the Russian foot and the Russian climate. Winter models are insulated with woolen fur inside, which is characterized by maximum air permeability: in such shoes the foot will “breathe” without losing heat. Wool fibers perfectly absorb moisture and have antibacterial properties.

Inside summer and demi-season models - genuine leather and insulated textiles. For the entire assortment, Simen uses only natural materials and only the highest quality - 90% of the leather is purchased from Italian suppliers. Polish-made pads (width, instep, comfort and height of the heel or wedge heel) also perfectly meet Russian standards and provide optimal comfort. These are not only comfortable, but also very stylish and beautiful shoes. Simen designers follow new trends in shoe fashion and draw inspiration from Italian haute couture shows.

I don’t know of a single woman who at least once didn’t say: “You’ve gotten better,” “Your skin is dull. How long have you had a beautician? "," Do you want to get a tattoo on your forehead? "," It's better not to wear a mini with your legs. " In such phrases, shaming is manifested, that is, discrimination for non-compliance with some accepted beauty standards. How do you respond to comments like this?

Don't take it personally

I really love Remarque's saying: “Everything that you see in me is not mine, but yours. Mine is what I see in you, ”and I always try to keep it in my head. I believe that happy people who are in harmony with themselves and the world will not intentionally tell others something that can upset, anger or offend. And, if someone allowed himself an attack on your appearance, this can mean anything: from bad manners to attempts to assert oneself at the expense of humiliating others. The main thing is that it has nothing to do with you personally. People simply cannot afford to others what they do not allow themselves - for example, get a tattoo, dye their hair pink, or genuinely love their body if it differs from the advertising standards in glossy magazines.

Express your feelings

Listen to what you feel and don't be afraid to talk about it. Sometimes other people think that their opinion about your body will be useful to you or inspire you to do something, but it is not for them to decide. Say as calmly as possible that this tone or subject of the conversation is unpleasant to you, you do not want to continue the conversation in this vein or return to it in the future.

Set boundaries

If you do not set boundaries, people can continue to comment on your appearance, eating habits or clothing style. Therefore, it is important to declare what is unacceptable for you - to your partner, colleague, and distant relative from Khmelnytsky. The formula is simple: name the action of the other + your feelings + your request. For example, if your husband makes jokes or comments about your weight, calmly and amiably tell him, “When you constantly joke about my weight, I feel that I’m not good enough for you and that you are making fun of me. Please stop commenting on my weight. "

See your progress

When annoying comments are repeated or come from different people, it can be difficult to focus on something pleasant and feel good. In order not to be filled with your own and others' negativity, notice your achievements and focus on them. If you keep a diary of gratitude, you can supplement it with the question: "For what am I grateful to myself?" - and write down your even the smallest successes, decisions, actions. This practice can change your life for the better by allowing you to notice and relive pleasant emotions.

Don't get stuck

Society for so long and persistently imposed certain stereotypes about how women should look, how much to weigh and how to behave, which sometimes seems: while I weigh ... kg or while my skin is not perfect, I am not worthy of love ... This is a dangerous delusion that gets in the way of life. You should not expect that the figure, the number of kilograms or the absence of acne will do your job, because it is not the appearance that interferes with being happy, but fears and low self-esteem. The latter, by the way, are most often imposed by people who themselves are not very at ease with themselves and their appearance.

Actress Tina Fey shared a good test question. Whenever someone criticizes your appearance, ask yourself, "Is this person standing between me and my goals?" If not, ignore his words and keep moving. Thus, you will save energy to achieve your plans and will not waste it on empty remarks.