How to make shelves in a barn: diagrams, drawings and photos

How to make shelves in a barn with your own hands: step by step instructions

A properly equipped storage system in the form of barn shelves helps save space and also helps to store a lot of things.

It is interesting that the manufacturing technology is quite simple, and therefore everyone can make a shelf in the barn with their own hands. there are a huge number of options for fixing shelves, and at the same time you can use a variety of materials, which means that there is always a possibility to choose the best option for yourself.

To keep the shed in order, you should definitely make racks.


Materials of manufacture

Most often, lumber with a wide variety of cross-sections is used, but welded iron structures can also be used. It is not at all necessary to use new building materials, you can even use improvised racks, used plywood, as well as uncut boards. At the same time, the following requirements are imposed on the materials:

The materials give pretty good results when combined with each other. Wooden shelves can be placed on the metal frame. And the boards on the walls are installed on metal brackets. Metal and wood are painted with protective compounds, and before installation they are treated with antiseptics, anti-corrosion agents, and also compounds against the rapid ignition of wood (fire retardants).

Wooden shelving

Oddly enough, wooden shelves are the cheapest. Wooden models are characterized by low weight, and also high strength indicators. Wood works well in compression and also resists torsional and bending forces. Shed shelves are best made from hardwoods, although they are difficult to cut or even drill through. Such types of material perfectly hold self-tapping screws, and the fastening in them will not loosen.

The advantages of wood are as follows:

  • Long operational life subject to regular processing and timely repair.
  • Ecological cleanliness.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Serviceability.
  • Fast and fairly simple assembly.
  • Low price.

How to make shelves in a barn: diagrams, drawings and photos

All over the world, for many centuries, people have adorned their bodies with symbols of protection. Whether it's jewelry design, body art, or tattoos, many cultures have visual imagery of universal protection.

The popularity of these symbols suggests that people find strength and comfort in their presence. These days, these protective charms are often used in jewelry as well as in body ink.

This article explores some of the more common protection symbols still used as modern tattoos.

Viking Symbols

Viking and Norse symbols are still very popular in modern tattoo designs. The Vikings believed that a series of symbols and runes provided protection to the wearer.

Algiz is the rune that corresponds to the letter Z in the alphabet. The correct pronunciation is “shil-g-eez”. The Vikings believed that Algiz provided magical protection.

This is a simple image that looks a bit like a tree. It is formed by one line pointing up and has two forks that diverge on either side of the top. The rune depicts the antlers of a moose, which provide some protection for the animal.

Other interpretations are that the symbol is similar to the raised hands of a person and symbolizes the human yearning for divine beings in heaven. In any interpretation, it represents a gesture of protection.

Another more complex Scandinavian drawing is Egishjalmur, also known as the Helm of Awe. It has eight branches of magic staves, forming a circular pattern. Viking warriors decorated their helmets with this pattern to protect them in battle.

Celtic characters

In this article, you will learn how to make do-it-yourself shelves in a barn. We will talk about the materials of manufacture, what tools are needed to carry out the work, examples of designs, a step-by-step manufacturing plan. Then we'll talk about how to choose a location, and at the end you will find good examples and options.

How to build a fireplace in the country with your own hands: step by step instructions

Why can't a fireplace be used as a source of additional heating? The thing is that it heats up a private house with radiant energy generated on the hot surface of the fireplace walls.

Yes, it heats up the room quickly, but the warmth is only felt when the fire is on. The fireplace is not intended for long-term preservation of heat - it will give it back only when the fuel is burned. How much coal and wood does it cost to store up to keep the fire going?

And the presence of a stoker will also not be superfluous. Although this does not tell us anything, the efficiency of the furnace is about 15%, as practical as that of a steam locomotive. In other words, just a waste of wood.

What is a country fireplace for?

From the point of view of country romance and the strengthening of family relations by tradition, the fireplace has taken a central place in the house. Crackling firewood and live fire in an open-type firebox (but ideally behind a transparent screen, which is made of refractory glass), and you can admire it all the time, fascinates, relaxes and pacifies. This is the “signature” appeal of the fireplace, which distinguishes it from a simple stove. You can choose a ready-made fireplace, which will be delivered in 3-5 days, or you can make a fireplace stove for a summer residence with your own hands. The algorithm for creating a fireplace with your own hand is not so complicated, the main thing is that all the elements that are associated with the design and initial preparation of the place are provided, as well as choose high quality building materials. Their total weight will total about 1 ton. Naturally, for such a weighty object, a separate foundation is needed, because no floor can withstand such a high load. Therefore, you should think about the fireplace and its location even when designing a house.

Where to put it

You can improve the efficiency of your design by choosing the right location. The main thing is that it is blocked from drafts, and therefore do not install it in front of doors and windows. Ideally, it is arranged near the inner wall of the room, because hypothetically, by supplying it against the outer wall, you will heat the "street". A country house must be properly insulated so that the heat is retained from the fireplace. The room where the installation is planned must be at least 20 squares, since otherwise the fire will not have enough air volume for the furnace, and it will start to "choke".

In this case, you should think about additional air supply specifically for the fireplace structure. If supply and exhaust ventilation is installed in a private house (it rarely happens in the country), then at the time of operation of the structure, it must be adjusted so that the air flow is exceeded over the outflow. Designers strongly advise to pay attention to the middle of the room to admire the flame. When decorating interiors, do not place curtains and other flammable objects near the fireplace - there is a risk that sparks can escape from the firebox out!

Recommendations from experts

Hello everyone, I'm doing a little continuation of the post, the path has begun. Two months ago, I began to actively learn to draw and tattoo. @sci. v, asked for a continuation) Well, I'm spreading it. As for drawing, I mostly study academic drawing, how to draw shadows, highlights, etc., etc. we draw geometric shapes in the classroom and so on In the meantime, here is my first job as a tattoo artist on living skin (or write correctly on a living person? Excuse me))

1. K posts 12K subscribers

Due to the increasing incidence of swearing, haters and trolls, now in the community you can easily and quickly get a BAN for ridiculing tattoos, humiliating their owners and admirers, discussing tattoo culture in the negative, insulting tattoo artists for their occupation ...

A separate request to learn to respect each other and if you do not like someone's tattoo write polite constructive criticism, perhaps even with advice, and not "tattoo * ovno, and I am D'Artagnan."

Let's put it this way. Not the worst that could be.

But the geometry has crawled away. Generally not the best sketch for the first job as for me. Despite the apparent simplicity. It's fucking complicated. None of the tattoo artists with experience of several years would not undertake such a thing. For they know that straight lines and geometry are not their strong point.

The question is this. Do you manage to draw the geometry clearly and evenly by hand, at least along the traspher? If not, why are you getting into a tattoo? Do what you can draw on paper / tablet. Do not count on the fact that "yes, this is garbage right there on the transfer to circle the translation".

Look for courses and MK Basque. Line master, etc. If you have any thoughts to do this. Somewhere there should be merged. And Babakhina in Polynesia to the heap. In fact, there is always a demand for it. And a huge one. It's just complicated bullshit and peculiar. Well, many are not stupidly interested in zadrotit it.


Good day everyone :)

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