How to keep shopping to a minimum and learn to avoid unnecessary ones: 11 effective strategies

Belarusians will not forget and will not shut up

The authorities do not even think to investigate the torture of Belarusians by the security forces, but human rights activists do it - they collect all the facts and give them a legal assessment so that one day the perpetrators will be punished. The International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus has released the third report on the mass torture of Belarusians - it is dedicated to the torture of women from August 2020 to January 2021. 143 Belarusians spoke about physical and psychological torture, as well as sexual violence, which the security forces practiced not only on August 9-12, but also now. In the report, human rights defenders cite women's stories and their conclusions. The Village Belarus publishes this important document in an abridged form.

Where did human rights defenders get the data for their report

The report is based on in-depth interviews with 143 women victims of torture and other actions of security officials (OMON, Ministry of Internal Affairs, employees of penitentiary institutions, etc.), which were conducted by the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus. In addition to interviews, human rights defenders used:

  • information from open sources,
  • data received from partners, witnesses of human rights violations, as well as during the monitoring of peaceful assemblies,
  • data on the detention of women, staying in places of detention (regional departments of internal affairs of Minsk and other cities, police strongholds) and delivery to places of detention and detention (center for isolation of offenders, temporary detention centers, pre-trial detention centers).

What happened to the detained women in August

How women were detained

The main escalation of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment took place on August 9-13, 2020 throughout Belarus. As a general trend, it can be seen that torture against women had less coverage than against men, however, the percentage of women detained at the protests on August 9-13 is significantly lower.

The first arrests took place in the afternoon of August 9 at polling stations - women - independent observers were detained, human rights activists note. By the evening of August 9, the detentions became more severe.

For any requests to find out about the legality of actions on the part of the security forces, there were the following phrases: “Noh ... it was a walk”, “I'm not your defender. Fuck you ... "(obscene)," Well, what have you gone? Are you having a bad life, or what? " etc.

The women who were near the stele just at the time when the security forces began to massively use stun grenades, told how they were gassed in response to shouts of “killed a man” when a paddy wagon hit a man. The women, who found themselves in another epicenter, on Kalvariyskaya Street near the Korona shopping center, said that they were hiding from the security forces in the bushes at the intersection of Timiryazeva and Kalvariyskaya streets and tried to get home, while the security forces indiscriminately fired rubber bullets at the bushes. After that, a sweeping operation began, everyone ran across the bridge, and the security forces fired at them in the back.

The brutal detentions took place not only in Minsk. For example, one woman, detained in Brest at the intersection of Gogol Street and Sovetskaya Street, said that at first she was sprayed with gas in her face, she fell, and she was beaten by two riot police officers, who were wearing balaclavas. The blow to the head was so strong that she was subsequently diagnosed with a closed head injury. And requests for medical assistance were ignored.

On August 10-13, no fewer women were detained. Some women were simply detained on the street after 11 pm, while noting that they were “particularly dangerous” or “protest coordinators”. So, on August 11, at about 11 pm, a woman stood at a traffic light and talked on the phone. A traffic police car and a minibus with security officials drove up, they got out and grabbed the phone. As soon as they saw the photographs of the events of August 9, they were immediately detained and told that she was especially dangerous.

Belarusians will not forget and will not shut up - the Village Belarus

A simple daily trip to the store often tempts us into unnecessary and impulsive purchases. All it takes to learn to contain your own buying impulses is to take a few simple steps.

Always make a list

When shopping, always make a list of what you will eventually need, but not urgently need now, so you can avoid impulsive purchases. After all, you will not have the need for unplanned trips to the store. For example, you can list cleaning products that are very few, or products that will run out in a few days. This way, when you run out of milk that you add to your coffee every day, you will not be forced to rush to the supermarket, where you probably run the risk of buying something you do not need.

Create a menu for the day

Try to make a meal plan for the week, and based on it, form a list of groceries for the next trip to the store. Anyone on the path to avoiding impulsive purchases should be prepared for the fact that at first it will not always be possible to calculate all meals, but do not worry about this right away, because it is only a matter of time and habit.

In order to better calculate the necessary products for your weekly food menu, and a trip to the store to be productive, you can follow the following points:

  • search for recipes that will taste good to you,
  • write a detailed menu, taking into account snacks and several meals,
  • make a list based on dishes that you would like to cook in the near future,
  • analyze in advance where it will be more profitable to buy fresh vegetables, dairy products and so on,
  • go shopping, strictly following the list.

Ask for help

Quite often we need very little of an ingredient for a particular dish. For example, you decided to make baked goods for a recipe for which you will need 100 grams of honey, but would it be advisable to buy a whole jar in the store if it will then stand idle until the expiration date expires? Of course not, and in this case, you will probably be prone to quite impulsive buying at the moment.

A similar situation can befall you during the repair, when you need a different model of screwdriver to complete the finishing touches of a small repair, but buying a new thing for solving a specific small task is also not advisable. It is in such moments that our neighbors, friends, or parents from whom we can borrow a necessary thing, or an ingredient that is not in our kitchen, can help us, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Advertising is getting more and more every day, sometimes it is impossible to hide from it. Pop-ups and other distracting content sooner or later make you want to get rid of this mess forever. While AdBlock isn't the only solution to the problem, it has become a symbol of freedom from intrusive suggestions. Even competitors mention it to describe their products. If your browser still does not know anything about the adblock - what it is and what it is eaten with - we will tell you about it in the article.

What is AdBlock

Adblock is a browser extension that blocks ad and shock content. It can be installed on Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, all iOs and Android devices.

Separate algorithms operate on Twich, Youtube and Facebook. The main targets of the ad blocker are pop-ups, banners and background ads.

What is it for

For a long time, the authorities of different states did not regulate in any way the chaotic emergence and distribution of Internet advertising. Many companies have succeeded in capturing the attention of users through the development of the network, but at the same time all possible types of fraud have flourished.

Advertising units, in addition to being annoying, often offered low-quality goods. Accidental clicks on certain banners threatened users with a breeding ground for Trojans on their PCs, identity theft, blocking wallets, and extortion.

AdBlock has become practically the only method of protection, while antivirus programs could not cope with this function. Despite the introduction of legal regulation and increased security in the online space, ordinary people have not been able to get rid of the persecution of advertisers.

The blocker helps to restrict content, to view only those offers that may be of interest to you.

Program Features and Benefits

Adblock in the PC browser and on the phone allows you to view resources on the Internet without being distracted by unnecessary information.

In addition, the extension performs a number of important tasks:

  • Optimizes traffic consumption, since the limit is no longer spent on spam content;
  • Reduces the risk of malware infection due to accidental clicks;
  • Blocks tracking of your online activity;
  • Choice: this is the main mission of the company.

Link to Hydra site mirror - hydra2web. m

Link to Hydra via Tor: hydrarulqno4hoio. nion

There is not a single person on Earth who would not know what the Internet is, would not use modern gadgets for their intended purpose: searching for information on the network, communicating on Skype or using any other program, storing photos, etc. ...

Everyone knows that the Internet is a huge space that unites billions of various sites. And more than once, walking through the endless expanses of the Internet, there were sites that, for reasons not yet known, stopped opening and could not be accessed. What is the reason? Either the site does not really exist (deleted by the user, closed by the administration, etc.), or it is located "on the other side" of the public network.

Yes, the Internet is not a simple thing, as it seems at first glance, and like any other phenomenon in life has two sides of the coin: “dark” and “light”. "Light" is that part of the Internet network, or as it is also called - clearnet, which we are used to using on a daily basis, sending messages by e-mail, finding this or that information in a wide variety of browsers, watching videos and all kinds of other familiar actions. And there is also the so-called "dark" part of the endless Internet space. And it is called the Deep Web, the subnet of which is the Darknet.

This is exactly the "Dark Internet", which covers all non-indexed sites that do not open in our usual clearnet, and is famous for the largest and most wide-scale hypermarket, Hydra onion, where you cannot get to, being in the open spaces " open "Internet.

How to enter Hydra onion? How to access

these dark corners of the internet?

Simpler than meets the eye. There are two simple ways.

The first is through the "mirrors" of the site. Hydra onion is a trading platform for the sale of mostly prohibited products, therefore, from time to time, this three-headed beast is chopped off - access to the mirrors of the main site is blocked, but Hydra is not an easy beast: new heads are constantly growing - new "mirrors" are created. You can find out the list of current mirrors

The optimal period for planting gooseberry bushes is September-October. You can also plant in early spring, because the shrub belongs to plants with a shortened dormant period. Thornless gooseberries "wake up" at temperatures of 0 ° C and above, flowering begins in early May.

Choose healthy planting material when planting. The seedling should have a well-developed fibrous root system and several young branches.

For gooseberries, areas where potatoes or beets used to grow, as well as legumes, are suitable. The landing site should be lit or slightly shaded. It is advisable to bypass waterlogged soil - excess moisture helps the development of the fungus. There should be no raspberry or currant bushes nearby, since all berry plants have the same diseases and are affected by the same parasites.

To increase yields, several types of gooseberries with different ripening periods should be planted nearby.

The planting hole must be prepared in advance: when planting a bush in autumn, in about 14-20 days, and in spring - in seven days. The depth, width and length of the pit should be at least 0.5 m in size. Put rotted manure, superphosphate (100 g), potassium sulfate (50 g), wood ash (300 g) into the recess. If the soil is clayey, it is advisable to add coarse-grained river sand to the bucket. Mix all ingredients. Pre-lime the acidic soil. The ideal distance between shrubs is 1-1.5 m; with a thickened planting, it will be necessary to increase the dose of fertilizer and the amount of watering, although in the early years the shrub gives a higher yield of berries.

Before planting, old shoots are cut off from a young seedling, and the roots should be soaked in a diluted growth stimulant for a day.

Plant the shrub vertically, while straightening the roots and deepening the aerial part of the stem by about 5 cm. Compact the ground well so that an air void does not form. Then water the plant and cut it off, leaving about 5-6 buds on each branch. Mulch the soil around the bush to keep it from drying out.

Caring for Thornless Gooseberries

This plant is easy to care for. It requires timely watering, feeding, weeding in the near-stem circle, pruning the crown and protection against fungal diseases and parasites.

Watering and feeding thornless gooseberry varieties

The plant does not require constant watering. You just need to monitor the soil moisture. In the heat, a young crop should be watered in the amount of one bucket, and a fruiting one - 30-40 liters. After watering, it is recommended to loosen the soil and weed out the weeds.

Stop watering the shrub before harvesting, otherwise the berries will taste sour.

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