How to get a temporary tattoo

How to get a temporary tattoo at home? - an interesting question that worries many young people who follow the latest trends in the fashion industry. This is a great solution for those who do not like pain and often change their style. The picture stays on the skin for a maximum of 1 month and does not cause any trouble to the owner when removed.

The main ways to apply a temporary tattoo on the body

It's easy to sketch on the body yourself using the available materials. You just need to choose a technique and follow the instructions in the instructions. Depending on the type of dye, the image lasts from 2-3 days to 1 month. This period is enough to try on the role of a rebel or a romantic nature.

An unstable tattoo done at home will help you decide on a permanent tattoo and its style.

The main methods of underwear painting:

NameDescriptionLifetimeAerographyThis style got its name from the main tool used in the work. The drawing is created using an airbrush. Outwardly, it resembles a pistol fueled with a water-based dye. It is impossible to create such a temporary tattoo at home, since you must have the skills to use the device. With proper care, it will wash off after a week. The ornament is transferred to the skin using a simple and understandable technology: paper with a pattern is applied to the body and abundantly moistened. disappears in 3-4 days. iotatuDrawn with paints and along the contour is decorated with rhinestones, stones. will be able to hold out on the body for up to 7 days. henna is used for sketching. The paste can be spread using a brush or pattern. becomes in its original form for 1 month. For body painting, familiar stationery is used: pens, markers, tracing paper, etc. rock life no more than 3-4 days.

How to get a short-lived tattoo on your body? You can contact a beauty salon for the services of a professional artist or create a masterpiece with your own hands. The main difference between the two methods of patterning is durability. The wizard will make you a bright and resistant to external influences picture. For your own analogue, you will need to spend time, since only henna has the desired qualities.

Temporary tattoo at home using a pencil and other devices

Decals are best for self-sketching. All consumables for them are inexpensive and are sold in the nearest store, and the technique does not require special training. Let's start with the simplest techniques on how to make a short-lived ornament.

Method Apply the image to the skin with a black cosmetic eyeliner

Such an unstable self-made tattoo will last you 1-2 days. Its durability depends on the following factors:

  • contact with water;
  • rubbing against clothing;
  • sweating.

This is a good option for a party, concert, birthday. The experiment is sure to please the guests and will not scare the parents.

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A tattoo is a way to express yourself, emphasize individuality and demonstrate the creative side of your nature. For young people, a tattoo is a sign of emancipation and even rebelliousness, but adults fill a tattoo with a specific purpose - for example, to perpetuate the name of a loved one on their bodies.

Anyway, a tattoo is a crucial step, because it stays with a person for life. And for those who do not dare to get a permanent tattoo, there is a great alternative: a temporary tattoo. With the help of a temporary tattoo, you can take a closer look at the pattern and decide for yourself if you are ready to wear a tattoo for life.

What is temporary tattoo?

A temporary tattoo, unlike a permanent one, is done by painting strictly on the surface of the skin, not under it. Therefore, after a certain number of washes and contacts with detergents, the pattern is completely erased from the skin surface. Almost all tattoo parlors offer temporary tattoos.

In addition, it is possible to choose the durability of the dye materials: from one week to several months. You can also make a temporary tattoo yourself by purchasing the necessary materials. There are several types of temporary tattoos - they differ from each other in materials and durability.

Transfer Tattoo

The pattern is transferred to the skin using special paper. The principle of such a tattoo is reminiscent of children's skin stickers. Of course, such a tattoo will not last long, but sometimes even a few days is enough to understand how appropriate a real tattoo on your body will be.

Transfer tattoo is the best way to get used to the pattern

How to get a transfer tattoo?

Moisten the area of ​​your skin with plenty of water. Gently peel off the protective film from the transfer tattoo and stick it tightly to the skin, pattern side down. Remember that the pattern will be mirrored on the skin, so unfold the pattern to the correct side beforehand. Leave the pattern on the skin for 15 seconds, then slowly peel it away from the skin.

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If you want to stand out from the gray mass and decorate your body, you can get a tattoo. But, given the changeability of our society and ourselves, it is better to get a temporary tattoo. Such a drawing will come off in a few days (weeks), and you will not have any regrets if you suddenly do not like the drawing.

A temporary tattoo with your own hands can be done at home, it is not necessary to visit expensive tattoo parlors. It is enough to prepare the necessary materials, as well as use the instructions.

One of the main advantages of temporary tattoos will be the ability to frequently change patterns, as well as the safety of application.

Instructions on how to make a temporary tattoo using a printer and perfume

There are several types of temporary tattoos that can be done at home. They all differ in the method of application, the amount of materials required and the lifespan of the drawing.

One of the common methods of applying temporary tattoos at home is a perfume and water tattoo. A few days before applying the pattern, the skin must be cleaned with a scrub and hair removed. This will help in the end to get a high-quality and even drawing that will last longer.

For a temporary tattoo using a printer and perfume, you will need the following materials:

  • sponge, or you can replace it with a piece of cloth;
  • laser printer;
  • glue paper;
  • a container of water;
  • hairspray;
  • perfume containing alcohol (can be replaced with cologne).

So, to make a temporary tattoo at home using perfume, you need to follow these steps:

  • prepare a laser printer and glue paper;
  • print a picture you like on a printer so that the picture turns out to be a sticker;
  • a skin area on where the temporary tattoo will be placed, wipe well with perfume;
  • attach the sticker to the place where the tattoo will be placed, with the side on which the drawing is applied;
  • wet the sticker with a wet sponge or rag; <
  • wet the sticker for a few minutes, gently holding it with your hand so that it does not budge;
  • remove the paper from the place of application - the tattoo is ready.

The tattoo must be fixed. To do this, we use hairspray, spraying it on the tattoo site. To make the drawing last longer, it is better to apply the varnish in several layers.

Such a tattoo, done at home, will last about a week on average, depending on how often the skin is in contact with water.

This type of temporary tattoo is most preferable for applying at home, since there is no need for additional powders and paints.

Before you get a permanent tattoo, you should try walking with a temporary one. It will eliminate doubts and help you determine the nuances of the picture. after all, there may be a desire to refine it or rethink the idea as a whole. It will not last long, especially if it was made at home. Depending on the materials used, it will last until the first shower or stay for a few days. So it can even be a good complement to the image for some kind of holiday.

Of course, you can get a tattoo without a sketch. This is called the freehand technique. The master simply applies contours and individual details with a marker and draws directly on the skin. But only experienced people can afford this, and the cost of an error can be too high - alteration of a tattoo or its complete removal.

Create and work with a sketch on paper

A tattoo begins with a sketch, a sketch. It helps to understand what the idea of ​​the desired tattoo will look like, and to control the process as a whole.

You can take a ready-made layout, you can draw from scratch - yourself or ask the master. In any case, it all starts with work on paper. When the sketch is printed, you can evaluate how much you like the drawing, whether it will look on the selected area of ​​the body and at this size. If edits are needed, then the sketch is scanned and electronically undergoes changes - the size, detail, shades change. Then he can go to print on transfer paper.

Hand Transfer Paper

A sketch correctly transferred to the body is the key to success in creating a smooth and beautiful image in the end. For this, transfer paper is used, which consists of several layers: tracing paper, protective sheet and base. There are two types of it:

  • Film based - for printers;
  • Paper based - for manual work.

A picture translated with a film transfer paper can be easily erased from the skin, but with a transfer on a paper basis, you can firmly fix the picture on the skin.

The printed drawing is attached to the transfer and outlined with a special transfer pencil. And then the paper is applied to the skin, pressed for 20 seconds and the resulting impression is fixed with petroleum jelly. This is the salon way. But there are also options for creating an impression at home:

  • Using carbon paper and rubbing alcohol. The selected sketch is placed on the ink side of the carbon paper, and all details and contours are outlined with a sharp pencil.
  • With tracing paper, soap and a gel pen. Put tracing paper on top of the sketch, trace the contours and paint over with gel colored pens inside the contours (optional). And the transfer already received should be applied to the skin abundantly lubricated with soap, secured (you can use a plaster) and again outline the contours with a sharp object.

If you want to emphasize your individuality and stand out from the gray mass, you can get yourself a temporary tattoo. This is an unusual way of self-expression that will allow you to decorate the body with any image. Such tattoos are applied quickly and without special training. And if necessary, the drawing can be easily washed off.

Are you safe?

People choose temporary tattoos because they don't want to wear the same tattoo all their lives. They remain on the skin for about a week on average.

There is a common stereotype that such tattoos are completely safe, but this is not entirely true.

In some cases, redness, itching or blisters remain even after the tattoo itself has disappeared. This problem is difficult to cope with even for experienced dermatologists. In more serious cases, skin pigmentation may be disturbed, and sensitivity to solar ultraviolet radiation may increase. The skin area remains affected for a long time (up to one year).

Next, you can watch a video about possible allergies when applying a tattoo:

How long does it last?

How long such a tattoo will last depends on the type of drawing:

  • Transferable. Such a tattoo is the easiest to make, but it also lasts no more than three days. After that, it begins to fade gradually.
  • Airbrushed tattoo. Disappears after about a week. But at home it will not work.
  • Mehendi. Henna is used for application. These images stay on the skin for up to one month. But synthetic blends based on henna begin to wear off after five days.
  • Tattoos made using special seals. It is applied very simply and lasts up to eight days.
  • Flash tattoo. The application takes place according to the principle of translation. Lasts about a week.

In order for a temporary tattoo to remain on the skin as long as possible, you need to adhere to several recommendations:

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