How to care for a tattoo

The tattoo artist has finished his job and now you are the lucky owner of an excellent (or not so lucky) tattoo. The master heals the "wound" on your body, puts on a protective bandage and lets you go.

From now on, how the tattoo will look after healing will depend only on you! Failure to follow the rules for caring for a tattoo in the next two weeks can turn your tattoo into a shapeless "purse", and it can also be dangerous to your health.

How to care for a tattoo immediately after application

When can I remove the bandage?

In the salon, the master "packs" your tattoo in plastic wrap, or in an absorbent baby diaper (the latter is preferable). The recommended wearing time for a protective film bandage is up to 4 hours. The absorbent diaper compares favorably with ordinary cling film in that it absorbs blood, ichor, plasma and pigments, and can also be worn for up to 12 hours. In any case, you need to check the wearing time with the master.

There are also special professional healing films that are glued directly onto the tattoo and worn until complete healing. But, this is quite an expensive pleasure.

How do I wash my tattoo?

After removing the bandages, the tattoo should be washed with boiled soapy water, or, if it cannot be used / prepared, use drinking water with soap and "CHLORHEXIDINE". Contrary to misconceptions, a freshly applied tattoo should not be washed with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide! When washing, do not rub the tattoo, with neat and smooth movements remove everything that stands out from the "wound" and let it dry. Do not wipe the tattoo with towels, napkins and cotton pads, the villi can cause irritation and inflammation!

How to lubricate the tattoo?

How to care for a tattoo

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How to care for a tattoo? When to remove the film from the tattoo? What is a diaper for and how to use it? What will happen if you do not take care of the tattoo?

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