How to build a bath with your own hands Come and find out

Features of the Russian bath

The Russian bath, which was built by our ancestors, includes two sections: a dressing room and a steam room. The largest size of this room is 2.3x4 m, the smallest is 5x6 m. Baths with such dimensions are popular again.

1 - dressing room; 2 - steam room and washing room; 3 - shelves; 4 - oven

The device of a primordial Russian bath implies:

  • creation of an unburied columnar foundation based on boulders, devoid of a base;
  • assembly of a frame from selected wild logs, that is, material that has not been subjected to any processing other than removal bark and drying;
  • construction without the use of nails;
  • plugging cracks with moss and tow;
  • installation of a flat ceiling;
  • insulation of floors and ceiling coverings with moss and peat;
  • waterproofing the structure with resin and boot pitch;
  • making a turf or shingle roof;
  • making a furnace out of bricks.
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Preparation for construction: drawings and dimensions

When drafting a bathhouse, do not forget that several people will use the steam room and the washing room at once. Therefore, the area and dimensions of the bath should be determined without making serious mistakes.

The second version of the bath differs in the arrangement of the shower

For each user to be comfortable in the bath room, he needs to allocate at least 1.8 m² in the dressing room and 1.5 m² in the steam room. The average total usable area for a family bath is 10 m². At the same time, most of the space should be in the dressing room, and less in the steam room and washing department.

In order for people of any height to wash in Russian, the ceiling should be built at a height of 2.4 meters.

When determining the height of the ceiling, take into account that soon the building will shrink

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Proverbs about sowing

Spring is always was the most anticipated time of the year for people, as the beginning of new field work, the end of hungry days and hopes for a future harvest were associated with it: "A green outfit pleases any look."

"Fertilize the more the land - the more will be the harvest", - said wise people and be sure to feed the land on the day of Mitrofan Naboznik. “Without dung, father, do not expect bread from the land, mother,” - this is how the cultivators have rightly been led from ancient times. They adhered to nature's clues about when it is best to sow grain, plant vegetables in the garden, and knew exactly when what would be better for ugly.

Much later, already in the 20th century, agricultural science appeared, which explained how to grow crops using the latest technologies. But summer residents still plant vegetables in open ground, relying on signs.

This doctor by the road heals wounds and burns

Riddles about medicinal plants with answers

Thin stem near the path. At the end of it there are earrings. Heals wounds and burns. This doctor is on the road. (Plantain)

This doctor is famous. Heals the throat ... (Eucalyptus)

"Cat grass" - Amendment for the sick: A root in the medicine cabinet, To help the heart. (Valerian)

It grows as a green wall, She is bypassed, A prickly and evil diva. And what is the name of the grass. (Nettle)

Inconspicuous among the herbs, She has a calm disposition. Who is proud of usefulness? Fragrant ... (Oregano)

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