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"Real" has worked out a victory over "Atalanta" in the majority. Football. y ”- about how Madrid once again successfully traveled to Italy.

Italian teams have become very convenient targets for Real Madrid. At least at home. In Italy, the "creamy" won for the sixth match in a row, and met with different clubs. Taking into account the not so confident current season of Zinedine Zidane's team, someone could have assumed that Atalanta would even give an equal fight. Probably, it would have been so, but very soon after the beginning the meeting ceased to be ordinary.

Sideways glances at the judge

A lot of stereotypes and labels have grown up around some teams over the years. Stereotypical ideas take years to get rid of, but they are fed over the years. Once upon a time, only the lazy did not say that in Barcelona not only players often simulate, but there is a whole science of simulation that benefits the club. But with the departure of Josep Guardiola, and then Neymar, conversations somehow subsided.

Or there was a stereotype that referees help Juventus and Real Madrid. Somehow everything calmed down too. But now there is a chance that such thoughts will appear more often in someone. After the work of the brigade of the German Tobias Stieler on this game. More precisely, after one of the decisions in the 17th minute, when he removed Remo Freuler with a straight red card for a foul against Ferlan Mendy. Madrid in this episode rolled out a very nice combination, and the Frenchman was running well.

Only after receiving the ball, Freuler flew into him and knocked him down. The referee counted this as a foul of the last resort and removed Remo, predetermining the further course of the game and, probably, the result. There are several aspects to consider. First, Mendy was taking the ball away from the goal because he saw Freuler and another defender moving across the right. Even though he was far away, his figure was still a distraction.

Ferlan should have never been alone after such a reception. Or do it from a very sharp angle. This is the main argument against the red card. Secondly, the judge succumbed to a purely psychological component: Freuler openly and too deliberately knocked Mendy down. He saw that Ferlan was going into the penalty area and just flew into it in front of her, not trying to hide his intentions or pretend that he was reaching for the ball. Such impudence strengthened Stieler's opinion that it was necessary to punish her with a red, and not a yellow card.

Thirdly, there is a VAR, which can consider episodes with deletions. But the video assistants, already proceeding from cooler and more bureaucratic motives, considered that Stieler's decision had the right to life. And they did not intervene. Or there was also an emotional solidarity in the shop, when, in case of doubt, video assistants interpret the episode in favor of their colleague on the field. The episode is interesting and significant in any case. He, in fact, decided everything, even though Real Madrid did a lot not to take advantage of the opportunity.

He even almost played out to equal compositions with Atalanta. It happened in the second half, when Casemiro fell into someone else's box, asking for a penalty using simulation. Perhaps, when he realized that he was shining, he began with an innocent face to tell the referee hanging over him that he simply stumbled and did not ask for a penalty, but his beautifully thrown back legs in a deliberate fall do not say that. For Casemiro, the yellow card for the simulation would be the second, and the squads could equalize. And at that moment the account had not yet been opened. In general, it was not for nothing that the directors of the broadcast towards the end of the game and after it more and more often showed Stieler, foreseeing that in many ways he made this game.

Clouded Mind

However, there will be talk not only about Stieler after the match. Atalanta head coach Gian Piero Gasperini remains an eternal source of inspiration for controversy. His willful character is regularly seen through personnel decisions. The hot tongues and fingertips of the debaters and commentators have not yet cooled down after the conflict between Gasperini and Gomez, which is why the latter left for Sevilla, and a new reason is already being born.

The judge and Mendy decided everything

There all the action takes place at the North Pole. Some scientist creates a robot girl and then she goes crazy.

Maybe someone will find out or remember something similar.

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Looking for the author and title of the song

There is a full text in Russian, but on VKontakte the track is marked as "Unknown - Untitled".

Sections uploaded to Watzatsong for playback and listening:

The full version is uploaded to vocaroo, but Pikabu writes that this is a prohibited domain. The link to vocaroo is in the discussion on Watzatsong.

Full text in this comment:

Does not find by text, cannot find by exact quotes. Shazam does not find, Audiotag does not. Google's "song search" - the one that is looking for music - gives matches no higher than 13%:

Therefore, I appeal to the power of Peekaboo. Maybe someone somewhere heard it and knows who is performing it? Sung and recorded with sufficient quality, so that someone could get caught.

An unrated post, if you bring it to Hot - I will say a big thank you, because the more Pikabushniks you see, the greater the chance that someone will recognize it.

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