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Perhaps someone will be surprised, but body drawings are by no means a tribute to modern fashion, since such a habit of decorating themselves has been inherent in people from time immemorial. At the same time, the tattoo has undergone a serious evolution, starting with the most primitive drawings, hammered under the skin with the earth, and ending with complex multi-colored compositions that are not inferior in their technique of execution to the most delicate watercolor painting. Many today would like to have a tattoo, but they are stopped by the question, what kind of tattoo is mine and will suit me in all respects. Both knowledge of your character and a simple test, which is offered below, will help to answer this question.

Which tattoo will suit me and become a real decoration

I am also glad that today the reduction of tattoos is no longer a problem, which only unties the hands of those who want to acquire such an ornament, but do not dare to take this step in any way. Another thing is that the choice of a tattoo must be treated with maximum responsibility, since it is rather unpleasant and expensive to remove unsuccessful drawings from the body, while the alternative prospect of going with them to a ripe old age is even less attractive.

Select by nature

I want tattoos, like Timati's or fill me with a cross, like Jolie's ... Despite the fact that such requests are ill-conceived and spontaneous, tattoo artists often hear something like that.

And is it worth saying that such copies rarely bring moral satisfaction to their owners in the long term?

And all because each person has his own drawing, the choice of which largely depends on gender, character, individual preferences and other characteristics. For example, young girls should take a closer look at delicate compositions with wildflowers or even luxurious roses.

Men can opt for some stylish ornament or complex pattern. The numbers, as a rule, are filled by those who want to immortalize some important date on their bodies. Recently, the names of children and loved ones have often been used.

Of particular importance for many are phrases that may be author's or be translated into Latin, Arabic or any other language by derivatives of catchphrases filled with the deepest meaning. And, of course, the most important component of such a tattoo is beautiful calligraphy, the skill of which not every artist can boast of.

In general, there are really many options, and the last thing you should be guided by when choosing your drawing is, of course, other people's tattoos. It is important to remember that body drawings are a manifestation of individuality, and that is why the author's ideas and sketches are so welcome, which it is highly desirable to rehearse on paper.

By date of birth

Did you know that the date of birth is another determining factor when choosing an individual tattoo? To do this, you just need to add up all the numbers of your birthday, getting one number, which will set the ideal theme for you for drawing on the body. The calculation is elementary.

How to know which tattoo is right for me - the best tests for character and zodiac sign

Modern users cannot imagine their life without a smartphone in their pocket, because for many it is not just a device that helps to contact the desired subscriber, but also a kind of window into the world. Active users appreciate the presence of a good amount of memory in the device; many store not only entertainment elements, but also many useful information, including documentary information, on the carrier.

Agree a little nice when downloading an important file, you will be faced with the impossibility of saving it due to lack of memory. Faced with the problem of lack of memory, many are thinking about how to replace the internal memory of the phone with a memory card. It should be noted that this problem is faced mainly by owners of Chinese phones and tablets.

Let's try to understand this problem in more detail. To replace the path for saving applications, you need a certain program on your device. Be aware of the potential risks and associated problems. If the memory is incorrectly replaced, an internal program failure may occur which will lead to a complete flashing of the phone. An external storage device - a memory card may also fail; to restore it, you will also have to use a flashing phone.

Editing the system file

So, in order to change the internal memory to external and install any applications directly to the card, you need to find in your phone or install the Root Broswser program or ES Explorer, you also need to have root rights in the system, like them quickly get read in.

Replacing memory is as follows: you need to select the Root Broswser program or Explorer and run it, after that we look for the vold. stab in the system, it lies at the device / system / etc / address, open and carefully read the file, we need to edit a couple of lines.

To read, you need to be familiar with the file structure. Upon closer examination of the file, you will easily find the corresponding lines responsible for replacing the internal memory with the external one. After finding the appropriate lines, you need to make a little manipulation and change the internal memory to external, in other words, swap the lines so that everything looks like in the image below.

In this case, the line dev_mount sdcard…. is responsible for the standard safety of files, and dev_mount sdcard2…. for external (SD card). In order for our built-in memory to exactly change to the external one we need, for this you just need to change some lines. But not all and not completely, but only additional and final inscriptions that follow dev_mount sdcard / storage / sdcard0 and dev_mount sdcard2 / storage / sdcard1. As soon as we do it, as for the image, it must be saved.

After replacing the internal memory with a memory card, restart the phone. After you restart your device, you can enjoy the presence of memory and the installation of all subsequent games will be performed on the SD card. Do not lose sight of the fact that you performed all the manipulations manually and if you missed something somewhere, you will have to send the phone for a flashing.

There is an equally effective way to replace memory without using the Root Broswser program. To do this, you need to make just a few manipulations with your phone using your computer in just three clicks. First of all, you need to launch the HTC Driver Installer file and install it on your computer so that all the necessary utilities for further work appear.

The second manipulation will be to install the driver on the system media C: \\ android-sdk-windows, then you should run the SDK Manager program to check the files and their readiness for installation. After that, you should connect the phone to the computer and confirm the command: transfer everything to the SD card, read on how to do it.

How to know which tattoo is right for me by date of birth. Online test for girls - answer questions and see the result. The best male option. We determine tattoos by the sign of the zodiac for Leo, Caperon, Aries, etc.

Entering the tatami

Judo and Sambo Federation. Chairman Igor Skvortsov.

Judo appeared in Norilsk in 1976. At that time, sambo (self-defense without weapons) was actively developing in the city, but no one really knew the rules of judo. Moreover, it was difficult to get sportswear. The first kimono was brought to Norilsk in December 1976 by a sambo team that went to the regional judo competition (coach Sergei Orlov). By the way, then our athletes performed very successfully, winning prizes and champion places. Upon their return, they persuaded the leadership of the trade unions to open a judo section at the Arktika Sports Palace. In parallel, the same groups appeared in Kayerkan and Talnakh. Sambo wrestlers have become universal wrestlers. This continues now: almost all judokas are trained in SAMBO.

The first master of sports in judo in Norilsk was Alexander Solovyov, who won the USSR Spartakiad among youth. In 2003, Sergei Karpovich, as part of the Russian national team, won the European Champions Cup in Brussels. Then he won bronze at the Russian Championship among adults and became the champion of Russia among youth. In women's judo, successes are also very impressive: Natalya Fedotova became the champion of the Armed Forces of the USSR, and Elena Yakonova - the medalist of the Soviet Union championship among women. For 30 years, about 30 masters of sports in judo and sambo have been trained in Norilsk.

By the way, girls are still engaged in these sports today: more than 20 people gather for competitions, but compared to boys, this is a drop in the bucket - traditionally, judo tournaments gather up to 120 participants.

The Combat Sambo Federation is also working in Norilsk. It differs from sports in a set of techniques and features of refereeing. According to Denis Khalitov, chairman of the Federation, only wrestlers over 18 years old can participate in tournaments in this sport, since special training is required here. It is interesting that he himself achieved, perhaps, the most significant results: he was the medalist of the Russian Championship and the Russian Cup. In 2017, Denis completely switched to coaching.

This year, for the first time, a sambo department appeared at the martial arts school, but judo has been cultivated for many years in the city's sports schools. Sambo and judo classes are held on the basis of the "Arktika" Sports Palace, and recently began training at the "Zapolyarnik". If before the difference between these types was relatively insignificant (in some rules and clothing), now the arsenal of techniques is very different.

- The influx of applicants is consistently large, we do not conduct selection: today there are many options for hobbies for children, therefore we do not want to be "scattered" by athletes, - says Igor Skvortsov. - There is a natural selection: the load increases with age, and if 15 children come to the group of initial sports training, only three or four graduates.

The path to judo today begins at the age of seven, an eight-year-old child can be taken to SAMBO. Competitions start after six months of classes. City competitions and tournaments within sports schools are held regularly. Of course, athletes go on trips much less often: the full cycle of the training process involves taking several athletes of each age category to the next starts, but this is difficult to do financially.

It is interesting that adults who have never been involved in this sport often come to sambo and judo. This is also facilitated by the fact that judo and sambo cannot be called traumatic sports. However, it is, of course, also impossible to completely avoid injury. They happen most often due to an insufficiently serious attitude to classes: this is especially true for children. According to the coaches, it is possible to reduce the level of injuries only by devoting a lot of time to the formulation of the correct technique of wrestling. Do not neglect general and special physical training: strong, elastic ligaments, joints, muscles are less exposed to mechanical damage.

Today there are several judo and sambo wrestling halls in Norilsk. There is also a coaching reserve. And of course, there are notable achievements, although they, Igor Skvortsov admits, mostly refer to past years. These are victories at the championships and championships of the region and the Siberian Federal District. Among the latest results is the success of the Kayerkan sportswoman Oksana Paskarelova, who became the champion of the region and the prize-winner in the Siberian Federal District. There are victories in all-Russian competitions, and in 2000 there was also an exit to the championship and the championship of Russia.

- Success is more often achieved by athletes who enter the university and continue to wrestle there. For example, Arsen Dzhanarslanov, European medalist among the hearing impaired; Artyom Zolotukhin, Anton Prikhodko, Alexander Nikonov and our other graduates. Some of our former pupils train wrestlers in other cities or return to Norilsk, which we are also happy about, ”concluded Igor Skvortsov.

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