COVID and new technologies: robots pour beer in Seville

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic in Seville, Spain, bars where robots serve customers are becoming increasingly popular. The mechanical "dog" Spot delivers the ordered drinks, the hydraulic arm pours the beer at the "right" angle. The robot is also able to check the guest's documents using a special touch screen: is he 18 years old? You can also pay by credit card.

Visitors appreciate the lack of social contact, which means that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is reduced. The head of the Spanish company Macco Robotics Victor Martin is optimistic about the innovation: "Ultimately, we improve the quality of the restaurants, because the professionals of the culinary industry can devote themselves to creating added value, to do more interesting work than catering." This means that incomes will grow in the future, he is sure. Quarantine and a sharp decline in the number of tourists have become a serious blow to Spanish restaurateurs. Bar beer sales in the first half of 2020 fell 40%, according to the Cerveceros de España.

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I went to the prosecutor's office as a public catering worker

When I turned to the prosecutor's office with an application for illegal dismissal of myself from the legendary restaurant holding ShitProject location ni-Suli-ni-Guli (no-Soul-no-Heart, not quite an accurate translation of the name from Georgian, but so the essence is much better reflected), then after studying it within the prescribed 30 days, the prosecutor's office decided that this was not her business and forwarded the application to the labor inspectorate of the city of C *, and sent me a letter about the work done. Since I also wrote an application for illegal dismissal and reinstatement of myself at work to the labor inspectorate, the labor inspectorate was in no hurry to work only before receiving a letter from the prosecutor's office. If you ever complain about the employer, try to write collective letters about violations of your labor rights - as it turned out much later, the labor inspectorate, the prosecutor's office and the tax inspectorate treat them much more responsibly, consider them more quickly and the rights of workers are easy enough and in most cases restore. At the time of writing the statements, I did not know all this. The application itself to the labor inspectorate can be found here As a public catering worker went to the prosecutor’s office 2, and with the beginning of the story here As a public catering worker went to the prosecutor’s office

It was suggested to fill in the following additions to the application, perhaps so that the inspectors better understand what exactly the employer is violating, this is what I did:

As one dear colleague in the field of labor law pointed out, in the workplace, in a restaurant, almost everything that can be violated is violated. To this we add a black cash register, gray salaries, fines, unpaid monthly general cleaning, inventories, tastings and master classes, which, by the way, often take a whole weekend, unpaid vacations and sick leaves, numerous violations of sanitary standards and fire safety - everything as it should be for the leaders of the restaurant business of the glorious city C * !!

How does a typical standard check of some checking authority go in restaurants? To begin with, it is known about it in advance, there are rumors that some employees of the inspection bodies themselves and leaked information about inspections of their offices, I hope, not for free. Then the manager at the morning meeting begins to tell how to work correctly, when the inspectors still come, for example, to wash everything, punch all the fiscal receipts, hide the hookahs, disassemble the fire exit, put on gloves, and if suddenly the inspectors ask you about your working time in the institution to answer that "I am an intern, the first day I work" (despite the fact that it is three years), etc. Here the workers wash everything around the perimeter, they hide the hookahs in the box, and the box is also hidden, the devices are laid out according to the stations separately on special mats, they rehearse the correct speeches with managers and do other garbage, before the arrival of dear guests from the competent inspection bodies, which they never again do not work.

Here comes an exciting moment, inspectors come, most often, these are polite aunts in number from one to four. They are immediately met by the manager herself and led to the table, on which there are so many treats that they no longer fit in there and the kitchen can be prepared with as many more. At the same time, there are such inspectors that in terms of their volumes they already do not climb into chairs, you see, they fed them to death during all these checks, they sit down and eat as if they were not themselves, as if their bottoms were bulging out and they were still taking home with them. There are, however, cultural inspectors, maybe they are working recently or their metabolism is fast - they will eat a piece of something and everyone is interested: "When will we go to check?" everything is perfect and corresponds to everything (you can't even imagine how much!) "Or another option, that the inspector simply says:" If it's not difficult, make me tea and bring the documents! " - and in general he sits at a different table, and not at the one on which the meadow is set for her, but I have seen such a miracle only once in my life. The food is delicious, the husbands are allowed to take the children with them, the documents at first glance correspond, if you do not look closely and do not count the workers, again, if you look from the table, it is clean around - the inspectors stamp their papers that "everything is fine" and " corresponds to "leave, the management exhales and telegraphs upstairs that" the check was carried out normally, no violations were found! "

After I wrote a statement to the labor inspectorate about numerous violations of my labor rights, illegal dismissal and other violations, an extraordinary inspection by this very labor inspectorate had to be carried out on it. Gulnara Deadborn (our local manager, the workers call her that among themselves) decided to take measures to prevent the dishonor of the ideals of the restaurant business and the business achievements of the outstanding holding. Other employees did not really support her in this impulse, so it turned out even more exclusive than she thought:

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