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Basic wiring diagrams, device connection and pinout of connectors

Complete collection of electrical and wiring diagrams for the Lada Granta (VAZ-2190) car. Including relay and fuse blocks, as well as manuals for repair and maintenance, which can be downloaded free of charge and without registration using the links at the end of the material. The information will be useful to both professional auto electricians and amateurs with some knowledge of electrical engineering, which will allow you to carry out simple repairs with your own hands. There are 6 Lada Granta models for 2021:

  • Granta sedan
  • Granta liftback
  • Granta hatchback
  • Granta station wagon
  • Granta Cross station wagon
  • Granta Drive Active sports equipment sedan

The wiring diagrams are almost the same, with some minor differences, that is, the diagrams proposed here are suitable for any modifications of the Grants.

General wiring diagram

1 - block headlight; 2 - wiper motor-reducer; 3 - generator; 4 - storage battery; 5 - starter; 6 - sound signal; 7 - fuse box in the engine compartment; 8 - power window switch for the right front door; 9 - motor-reducer of the window regulator of the right front door; 10 - connector for the right front door; 11 - connecting blocks of wires for connecting the right front speaker of the audio system; 12 - electric drive for locking the lock of the right front door; 13 - windscreen washer electric pump; 14 - connecting block of the wiring harness for connecting to the ECU; 15 - electric fan of the engine cooling system; 16 - sensor of insufficient level of brake fluid; 17 - connector for the left front door; 18 - central locking switch; 19 - interior light switch; 20 - connecting blocks of wires for connecting the left front speaker of the VAZ-2190 audio system; 21 - power window switch for the right front door (installed on the driver's door); 22 - power window switch for the left front door; 23 - motor-gear box of the right front door window regulator: 24 - airbag control unit; 25 - electrical equipment control unit; 26 - instrument panel; 27 - mounting block; 28 - right side direction indicator; 29 - brake signal switch; 30 - sensor of unfastened seat belt: 31 - ignition switch (lock); 32 - lighting control unit; 33 - paddle switches; 34 - left side direction indicator; 35 - connecting blocks of wires for connecting the left rear speaker of the audio system; 36 - electric drive for locking the left rear door lock; 37 - heater electric fan; 38 - additional heater resistor: 39 - heater switch: 40 - airbag module; 41 - alarm switch: 42 - trunk lock switch; 43 - rear window heating switch: 44 - connecting pads for connecting the right rear speaker of the audio system; 45 - electric drive for locking the lock of the right rear door; 46 - switch for reversing lights; 47 - parking brake warning lamp switch; 48 - cigarette lighter; 49 - connecting blocks of wires for connecting the head unit of the audio system: 50 - backlight lamps on the cover of the center console of the instrument panel: 51 - control unit for the electric power steering; 52 - interior lighting plafond; 53 - rear lamp; 54 - lock luggage compartment lid; 55 - license plate lights; 56 - additional brake light; 57 - rear window heating element; 58 - luggage compartment lighting

Lada Granta dashboard diagram

1-block of the wiring harness of the wiring panel to the block of the front wiring harness; 2-block of wiring harness of the panel of wiring to the block of the harness of the front; 3-block of the wiring harness of the panel of wiring to the block of the rear wiring harness; 4-block of the wiring harness of the wiring panel to the block of the rear wiring harness; 5-lighting control module; 6-ignition lock VAZ-2190; 7-switch of modes of the on-board computer; 8-switch for wipers; 9-instrument cluster; 10-light signaling switch; 11-switch of the trunk lock drive; 12-block diagnostics; 13-block of the dashboard wiring harness to the block of the wiring harness of the air intake box; 14-switch for heating the rear window; 15-switch for alarm; 16-brake signal switch; 17-block of the instrument panel wiring harness to the radio apparatus; 18-block of the instrument panel wiring harness to the radio apparatus; 19-device rotating; 20-driver airbag module; 22-mounting block; 23-electric power steering; 24 cigarette lighter; 25-backlight lamp of the heater control panel; 26-illuminator; 27-block of the instrument panel wiring harness to the block of the wiring harness of the ignition system; 28 controller; 29-clutch pedal position signal switch; 30-electronic accelerator pedal; 31-additional resistor; 32-heater electric motor; 33-heater electric motor switch; 34-control unit for the door locking system.

K1-relay of the electric fan of the engine cooling system; K2-relay for enabling door lock; K3-additional starter relay; K4-additional relay Lada Granta; K5-relay-interrupter for direction indicators and alarm; K6-wiper relay; K7-relay for turning on the high beam headlights; K8 - horn relay; K9-relay for turning on the dipped headlights; K10-relay for turning on the rear window heating; K11-main relay VAZ-2190; K12-fuel pump relay.

Detailed node and block diagrams

1 - right headlight; 2 - washer motor; 3 - left headlight; 4 - starter VAZ-2190; 5 - rechargeable battery; 6 - main fuse box; 7 - generator; 8 - sound signal; 9, 10, 11 - pads of the front wiring harness to the pads of the dashboard wiring harness; 12 - switch of a lamp of light of a backing; 13 - electric fan of the engine cooling system.

2 Schemes

We will do our best to ensure that Georgia has access to a vaccine against coronavirus in the near future, - President of the European Council Charles Michel said after meeting with Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili.

According to him, Europe will continue to show strong solidarity with Georgia in the context of COVID-19.

“In the context of COVID-19, Europe has shown and will show strong solidarity with Georgia. We have mobilized about 400 million euros to overcome this crisis. Vaccination is now the main challenge. The European Union is the main donor of the COVAX program, thanks to which I hope that vaccines will be distributed in this country as well. We, together with the World Health Organization, will do our best so that Georgia has access to vaccine doses in the near future, ”he said.

Charles Michel says EU aid goes beyond the fight against coronavirus.

“In general, about 800 million euros were mobilized in the agricultural sector. This is an important part of the EU's assistance from the European Investment Bank, whose head accompanies me during his visit so that we can better discuss how assistance can be provided. Since 2007, about $ 1.8 billion has been invested in this area, ”said Charles Michel.

According to the Public Broadcaster, President of the European Council Charles Michel, who is on a visit to Georgia, is holding official meetings today.

Within the framework of the visit, Charles Michel held his first meeting with the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili at the Orbeliani Palace. Meetings with the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, Chairman of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze and leaders of political parties are also planned.

The President of the European Council will visit the dividing line on the de facto border with the breakaway Republic of South Ossetia near the village of Khurvaleti, where he will attend the opening ceremony of the new EU Delegation Office in Georgia and inspect the Brussels-funded project. Charles Michel will leave Georgia on March 2.

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The 78th Golden Globe Awards for Film and Television Awards took place in the United States. Due to the pandemic, the event was held via video link. At the same time, its hosts - actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - were in different studios in New York and Los Angeles. But their images were edited to create the illusion of being on stage at the same time.

Diagram of electrical equipment, relays and fuses for the VAZ-2190 Lada Granta. There are books on auto repair and maintenance, download for free in PDF

Many fans of decorating their bodies with drawings are interested in what a crescent tattoo means. Usually a tattoo with this image symbolizes mystical forces, mystery, secrecy, quiet character, strong will, family values, romanticism, nocturnal or secluded lifestyle.

Crescent moon tattoo: meaning

For men and women, a crescent moon tattoo means completely different things. For "free" people and those in prison, the meanings will also be opposite. The image of the month is often attributed to the Muslim faith - it is one of the most recognizable symbols of Islam. The crescent moon, along with the star symbol, is also found on medieval emblems in the Western world: here it is a symbol of paradise and the universe.

For girls

The usual meaning for girls of a crescent tattoo is a symbol of the goddess Artemis, harmony and invisible strength, femininity and softness, fertility and intuition. It is also a symbol of the moon and water, the variability of life forms and natural phenomena. The moon patronizes feminine energy, creating a romantic image. In ancient times, the Moon was worshiped, no less than the Sun, but the latter was a masculine symbol, and the Moon was a feminine one.

For girls, a tattoo with a month is complemented by oriental patterns, intricate ligature or smooth and graceful floral designs. Sometimes a black cat or bird is depicted next to it.

For men

Men rarely fill a month for themselves, usually "embedding" it in a sketch. The symbol of men's tattoos with a crescent moon is mystery, strength and brutality. It is believed that this sign attracts good luck in business and love affairs to its owner.

Such a tattoo helps travelers, researchers and magicians.

The male crescent is often performed light on a dark background. A wolf, a tiger, and various mythical animals are depicted next to him.

Mankind has a special relationship with whales. At different times, they were not only hunted, but also feared and admired. Therefore, the meaning of a whale tattoo may vary. The interpretation of a rare and beautiful tattoo may depend on the profession, place of residence and the meaning that these beautiful creatures acquired for a person during their life.

What does a whale tattoo mean?

A mesmerizing whale tattoo on the body of a sailor is a protective symbol. If on land the lion is the king of beasts, then the whale is considered the lord of the seas. The amulet is stuffed on their bodies by many representatives of professions associated with the seas and oceans.

High ambitions, power, fundamentality and solidity are at the heart of such a tattoo for those who like to philosophize about life.

Peace, love and striving forward are another meaning of the symbol on the body. Peacefulness is at the heart of many mammalian tattoos. Unfortunately, not all interpretations of this sign are so rosy.

The meaning of rebirth points to the biblical parable of Jonah, who escaped death in the womb of the mighty ruler of the seas.

Notorious communities pushing people to commit suicide have tainted the meaning of a beautiful tattoo. Now the blue whale is also stuffed by those who constantly think about death. The suicide emblem is, most often, a sperm whale on a blue background.

The picture of a whale in a triangle has no separate meaning. It is associated with struggle or victory, like all other stylizations of the symbol.

Minimalization of the image attracts fans of this trend with its simplicity and accessibility.

A whale in the sky - what does it mean?

A huge whale is a symbol of freedom, life without borders and the wisdom of the ages. But this mammal in the sky or even with a starry sky on its skin means romance, rich imagination, love of discovery and adventure.

Pair tattoos are a great way for lovers to show their feelings to each other. The choice of a suitable sketch must be done taking into account the wishes of both partners. In this case, the drawing will turn out to be unique and symbolic.

Interesting variants of pictures with meaning

Before getting a tattoo, you need to decide on a sketch. There are several popular ideas that lovers should pay attention to.


Most often, couples fill their bodies with images of animals that are considered symbols of loyalty.

  • Swans. These birds are the personification of eternal love and devotion. After all, one swan cannot survive the loss of another. Most often, partners fill realistic images of birds. But images of origami figures look no less beautiful.

  • Deer. Deer tattoos are also popular. As a rule, men are stuffed with an image of a male, and women - a female without horns. These tattoos look great both together and separately.

  • Swallow. These birds symbolize loyalty and readiness for long-term family relationships. Previously, images of swallows were stuffed by sailors. This meant a desire to always return home. Now images of swallows are popular among both girls and guys. Birds can hold flowers, branches with small leaves or colored threads in their beaks. Most often, figures of swallows are placed on the collarbones, arms or thighs.

  • Parrots. Images of cute lovebird parrots are stuffed by people who cannot imagine their lives without each other. These birds look most beautiful in color. This option is great for bright and extraordinary personalities. Stuffing lovebirds is most convenient on the wrists.

  • Lion and lioness. Most people associate these noble animals with greatness and self-confidence. In addition, the pair tattoo depicting these animals symbolizes strong relationships between people with the same values ​​and outlook on life. Often, images of a lion and a lioness are complemented with crowns. This means that two people put each other first.

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