Anna Castellanos; cause of death

The cause of death of ex-LITTLE BIG soloist Anna Castellanos has become known. The cause of death is not criminal in nature.

Anna Castellanos - cause of death

Anna Castellanos was found dead on February 28 in a St. Petersburg apartment by a girl who helped her.

Former Little Big member Anna Castellanos was found dead in her apartment in St. Petersburg.

The woman's body was found by volunteers who came to visit her. Lately, she has suffered from severe back pain and almost never got out of bed.

She was 38 pic. witter. om / VqrPqHTzxe

- Feed. y (@lentaruofficial) March 1, 2021

Before her death, the woman was seriously ill and needed the help of volunteers.

The death of the former vocalist of the popular St. Petersburg group Little Big Anna Castellanos was not violent, forensic experts said.

As the artist's neighbor said, law enforcement officers have already examined the Castellanos apartment on Rybatsky Prospekt and previously established that there is no crime in this case.

The cause of death of the former lead singer of the Little Big group Anna Castellanos was cardiomyopathy - heart failure. This was announced by a law enforcement source.

The news of Anna's death caused a shock among her acquaintances: apparently, none of them was aware that she was starting to have very serious health problems.

“Anya was taken to the morgue, and in the evening her sister called me and said that alcohol was superimposed there on some kind of head injury,” the neighbor named the preliminary causes of death.

Anna Castellanos; cause of death

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