About sports after tattooing

Tattoos have become an integral part of the modern stylish image. They are stuffed on their bodies by both men and women. Tattoo parlors strongly recommend not to play sports immediately after a tattoo session.

But what if you can't imagine your life without sports or exercising in the fitness room, and the desire to go to the gym overpowers all the prohibitions? In the article we will tell you about what to do if you need to train: what you can and cannot do, and how to return to training after a new tattoo.

Is it okay or not to play sports and why?

In the first days after tattooing, the skin in this area is very vulnerable, and therefore you definitely cannot go in for sports for two days. This is not just a ban for the sake of a ban, it concerns health, and this recommendation of specialists should be taken very seriously. External influences (muscle tension, sweating, touching and other factors) can provoke complications, healing will come much later. If a person has got a tattoo, it is possible to start training only after the final stage of healing (not earlier than in 5-7 days).

Peeling and crust falling off can serve as a guideline for this - as you will see these signs, you can safely start physical activity. But the indicated period is conditional, for some, healing may last longer, it depends on the characteristics of the organism. It is not by chance that it is recommended to refrain from exertion in the first week after tattooing: during this time, a crust forms on the surface of the pattern and should not be destroyed. The flow of blood to the area where the tattoo is applied can negatively affect healing.

In addition to abstaining from strength exercises, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • for 15 days after tattooing, you must not go to the sauna;
  • bathing in a pool or other sources in which the water is salty or chlorinated is contraindicated;
  • a hot bath is contraindicated (so you definitely don't need to relax your muscles).

As long as the crust remains on the affected area, it is allowed to shower with cool water, but without aggressive detergents for body care.

What factors influence the timing of returning to training?

There must be a certain period of time before you get to the gym again. Some will not have to wait very long for this event, others need to be patient. The number of days of ban depends on a number of factors.

  • Healing process and exfoliation. A new tattoo is vulnerable to damage and you need to give the body time (at least a week) to recover. It is important that the exfoliation of the skin occurs naturally. And if you decide to go to the gym, there is a high probability of catching the wound and pulling out the scabs.
  • The location chosen for the tattoo. For example, playing football with a new tattoo on your leg is strictly forbidden - power load, blood flow will cause complications. But if the drawing is applied to the forearm, and the hands are covered with a long sleeve, it is possible that negative consequences can be avoided. But you can't play basketball with a fresh wound on your hand.
  • Training type and exercise intensity. Vigorous exercise will result in severe stress on the entire body, and wherever the tattoo is, it can be damaged. It has been proven that the rush of blood to the tattooed wound negatively affects healing.
  • Excessive sweating. If the body is characterized by strong perspiration, then even a slight load can provoke a violation of the pigment under the skin, injured as a result of tattoos. Sweat will wash away the paint from the top layers of the skin, and all the efforts of the tattoo artist will be in vain. And if it is still possible to preserve the pattern, then the quality of healing may suffer or the recovery process will shift.
  • Clothing for sports. This point should also be given special attention. Things should not chafe the healing site, so as not to cause irritation, so do not wear anything tight. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that too loose clothing is also bad for a new tattoo - there is free access for microbes, dirt to the injured area of ​​the skin, and this can at least provoke an infection.
  • Feeling of pain. Keep in mind that the larger the tattoo on the body, the more painful the new tattoo is. Therefore, any contact, accidental touching or rubbing in the tattooed area will cause discomfort. Tattoos around any joint are especially painful.

Premature exercise after tattooing often provokes the development of infection in the injured area of ​​the body. We must try to protect this place in every possible way, because, in fact, it is an open wound. Don't think that the infection will only get in the gym as a result of exercising on sweaty rugs or dirty benches. Taking part in a football match, playing rugby, baseball, streetball and other dirty sports, you easily "expose" the injured zone to blow.

The factor of decreased activity should also be taken into account. After a long tattoo session, you may feel excessive exhaustion, discomfort will be added to the pain, which may affect your activity and attention.

About sports after tattooing

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