The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of those postcard picturesque destinations. Located off the coast of Queensland, it’s the largest coral reef in the world and when I set my eyes on its breathtaking beauty, I was in absolute awe. To see nature like that, completely untouched by development was truly amazing.

There are a number of islands that make up the Whitsundays, all offering something slightly different to the other, so doing your research on each is key to picking the right one/ones for your trip. I spent one week in this tropical paradise and I chose to stay at both Daydream and Hamilton Island.

My first impression of Daydream island was that is was predominantly a family focused island, with lots of activities scheduled throughout the day for children to participate in. Archery, mini golf, various water sports, an arcade room, you name it and they had it! A child at heart, I did get a bit excited over some of the activities and I even tried my hand at archery. I was feeling pretty confident at first, I mean how hard could it be? Well my confidence quickly depleted when Ia ten year old boy beside me showed perfect aim, and my attempt at hitting the bulls eye was a complete fail. After that I decided to stick to activities that required less accuracy, like laying by the pool.

The beach on the island was beautiful, however not the most ideal spot for sun baking due to the number of rocks. So I followed suit and pulled up a lounge chair, joining the other guests reading and drinking cocktails by the pool.

My favourite part about Daydream was the open air cinema in the evenings. Popcorn, blankets, mini beach chairs, the perfect way to spend my nights.

After three days poolside it was off to Hamilton Island for me. This island was the complete opposite to Daydream and my favourite out of the two. A mixture of beaches, boutique shopping, waterfront restaurants and vibrant nightlife. There’s definitely something for everyone here. And the view from my balcony was just incredible!

The fun thing about Hamilton Island is that nobody owns a car. You either take a bus to get around or you do what the locals do and hire a golf cart to drive around the island. I opted for the bus, but next time I will definitely choose the golf cart, it looked like so much fun!

The highlight of my trip was definitely taking a helicopter ride over heart reef. I have done a lot of adventure and scenic activities during my travels and this still tops the list. Seeing the different coral formations and the incredible colours, took my breath away. I was lucky enough to have the experience as my birthday present and it was also my first time flying in a helicopter, so I was extremely excited. The flight duration was really quick, lasting approximately ten minutes but every minute of it was incredible.


Spending a day relaxing on Whitehaven Beach is a must for everyone visiting the Whitsundays. My toes sinking into the soft white sands (and yes, it really is white!) as I walked along the shoreline, I felt like I was in paradise. Seven kilometers in length, I felt like I had the beach to myself.  As other beach goers found their spots, they simply  became tiny dots in the distance to me. This place for me was definitely nature at its best.

I would love visit the Whitsundays again and do a bit more island hopping. Luca has never been so we’ve added it to our list of ‘must see’ destinations. The list that just keeps getting longer and longer!

*All opinions are my own*

18 thoughts on “The Great Barrier Reef

  1. Your photos are fantastic—helicopter tours are the best! Your idea of island-hopping would be fun to do! I’ve now added even more to my growing bucket list…


  2. The view from above looks great!! The Great Barrier reef is one of my bucketlist – and I would love to dive there one day. Was the helicopter ride expensive though? Just a little curious 🙂


    1. I went snorkeling which was amazing, diving would be so much fun. The helicopter ride was $250 per person (fits four people) and it lasted about 15 minutes. So yeah in my opinion it was expensive, but i loved every minute of it.


  3. WOW! These photos are so incredible! In all the times I’ve been to Australia I’ve yet to actually go to the Whitsundays and see the Great Barrier Reef. It’s definitely on my list though! I definitely would love to take a helicopter ride over it! Can I ask how much it cost? I feel like it would be crazy expensive, but maybe it isn’t!


    1. Next time you visit Australia definitely try and go to the Whitsundays, so many places to see and activities to do. The helicopter ride was $250 per person and that was a pretty standard price for all tours companies.


  4. These photos are incredible!! I would absolutely love to go to Australia, especially to see the reef. I was so saddened when I heard the latest news of it decaying away… 😥


  5. Lovely photos! I would absolutely love to do the helicopter ride over the love heart reef and I’ve always wanted to visit Whitehaven Beach. Nice post ❤


  6. Wow – it is spectacular to see it from above. What a great birthday present – I love experiences over things!


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