Escapade Ilot Maitre

Peace and tranquility. Two words that perfectly sum up our New Caledonia island getaway. Waking up every morning to ocean sunrises filtering through the sheer curtains of our beachfront bungalow, snorkeling with turtles in crystal clear waters and the warm sun on our skin as we lay on beach chairs, me with a book in hand and Luca with a cocktail.

This was our first trip together and it was nothing short of amazing!

Flying with Qantas (best in flight breakfast I’ve had in a long time!) the journey from Sydney to Noumea took a total of 3 hours. Comfortable seats, pleasant flight attendants, our affordable tickets in economy seemed like luxury travel. As we began making our decent, from my window seat I could already see the crystal clear waters that we would soon be waking up to every morning.

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Landing in Noumea, that first brush of warmth on my skin was more than welcomed. I quickly changed into my beach dress and with my sunglasses in hand, I was ready to relax and enjoy the sun. From the airport we took a shuttle bus to the docks where we then boarded a boat that would take us to Escapade Ilot Maitre.

Within seconds of stepping onto the island my body immediately relaxed. Complimentary mocktails on arrival and a room upgrade, Luca and I were in heaven. Wasting no time at all, I put on my favourite Seafolly bikini and was ready to go. As we snorkeled around the island we came across vibrant coral, starfish, turtles and even an octopus. It was absolutely incredible to see these sea creatures in their natural habitat. This place was a tropical paradise (with the exception of the occasional sea snake!).

Most people tend to stay on the main island of Noumea, but we always like to find hidden gems when we travel. Escapade Ilot Maitre was that hidden gem for us and with free boat trips to and from the main island, we had the best of both worlds.

Breakfast on the island was buffet style, fresh fruits, pastries, pancakes, eggs, they had it all. Luca and I ate so much every morning that we found ourselves completely full until dinner. I had done a bit of research prior to our travels and a top tip I came across was to bring snacks to the island, as kiosk food can be limited in choice and somewhat expensive. We found this to be true, so on our day trip to the main island, we made sure to visit the local supermarket and stock up on our favourite snacks.

Every morning we’d awake to an incredible sunrise and every night we would walk along the pier to watch an even more incredible sunset. The serenity of the island made five days feel like weeks.

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12 thoughts on “Escapade Ilot Maitre

  1. I had no idea it was such a short flight from Sydney. What a magical place to escape to. I agree that Qantas does do a good inflight brekky. Which is such a relief if you’re on a crazy early flight.


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