Wow, the world skiing championship will be held at 15 degrees! We figured out with the pros how to prepare inventory in this heat so that Bolshunov does not get stuck

Before buying a sewing machine for a home or private studio, it is important to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the operation of this device. Often, a beginner master cannot determine where to choose. Thanks to the recommendations of experts, you can figure out which sewing machine is the ideal solution in a particular case. Today, there are many new products on sale, but it is not clear whether all modern technologies are so necessary, or is it just an overpayment for unnecessary functions.


Machines are divided into two groups depending on the management:

  • electromechanical ;
  • electronic (computerized).

The first type is the simplest. Even a novice needlewoman can understand the principle of work. You just need to select the mode, adjust the stitch and press the pedal - the harder, the higher the sewing speed.

The computer version has a button or touch control panel. Settings can be selected via the monitor. It displays hints and additional information. An electronic machine sews dozens of loops, makes beautiful inscriptions. The speed of work is regulated through the display of the device. The model is ideal for professionals.

Modern sewing machines are equipped with a backlight for the convenience of craftsmen, a platform for small items, a reset button. The higher the price of the device, the more options it has:

  • automatic needle threader;
  • precise needle position;
  • automatic slot processing;
  • adjustable pressure presser foot;
  • automatic thread trimming or securing;
  • sewing speed adjustment.

Choice for Beginners

A sewing machine for domestic purposes must be reliable. It is desirable that among the functions there is an elastic or overlock seam, and any type of fabric can be hemmed.

How to choose a sewing machine

The 2021 World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf (Germany) will be held in extreme conditions: in the first week, they promise heat up to +15 degrees.

First medal races - February 25; while athletes go to training half-naked, the International Federation (FIS) postpones the starts in the morning, when it is cooler.

A sharply freezing temperature is also a special snow, which means that the most difficult tasks for the service crews and the ski factor increasing to the limit. If in a light minus it is unlikely to fly with them (everyone travels about the same), then in the heat the difference can be gigantic.

Sports. u contacted the main servicer of our biathletes, Alexander Pechersky - the team had no questions about his work during the season. Pechersky told what difficulties skiers will face during the World Cup.

Oberstdorf promises up to +, is this a problem for the service?

- Yes, it is much more difficult to prepare skis in this weather. Typically, in places like Oberstdorf, a cushion of artificial snow with the addition of, for example, saltpeter, is already used at this time. This keeps the snow from getting too deep and sticky, but the reagents dull the ski glide. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to smear in such weather. Probably, this is the aerobatics of service specialists, in order to manage to find ski lubricant in these conditions.

In addition to lubrication, structures play an important role. This is a drawing on a ski, it can be compared with a drawing on a car tire: there are summer ones, there are winter ones, there is an all-season.

When applying the structure, the inventory turns out to be narrow-profile: in cold weather - with a barely noticeable, very small pattern, closer to warmth, the pattern becomes deeper, into the water - the deepest with large grooves so that the water flew down through them.

You need to select a structure for a specific type of snow, and then apply the appropriate paraffin - this complex will allow you to find the right slip option.

Glide also depends on the quality of the ski itself - we are talking about the last, the stiffness of the toe and heel. It is very important to choose the correct ski pattern for a particular athlete. The plastic on the ski is designed for either heat or cold. The snow can be soft, then the ski socks should be soft - this is also very important.

First, a ski is selected, then a structure for the type of snow. The selection is either factory or manual, which the service produces at the stages of the World Cup and World Championships.

Puzzle in biathlon: due to ecology, fluoride will be banned on skis soon Now speeds will drop, but Russia still found a loophole

And the last stage is the selection of lubricants that only complement the previous complex, while lubrication is a very important part. Indeed, after 3-5-10 km it can stop sliding, so any service team, before sending an athlete to the track, “torments” these lubricants, rolling each option for 5-10 km. Due to this, it is necessary to understand whether this option will withstand the entire distance or will rise in 5 km. It happens that the first 5 km an athlete rides happily, and the last one cries.

Where to start choosing a home sewing machine for beginners and professionals? Varieties of sewing machines.

I ask the community to rate my new html game. Well, such an "old song about the main thing" in a new wrapper. You can scold and quite strongly. Thanks to all.

The third bell rang, but don't rush to grump your popcorns. The fact is that the projectionist Projector Petrovich encrypted the entire repertoire of the cinema with emoticons and emoticons from social networks, and until the audience unravels his crazy puzzles, the cinematography session will not begin. Let's prove that we understand Russian cinema as well as an evil projectionist.

On the screen of our virtual cinema, the names of films from the Golden National Film Fund, encrypted with emoticons and emoticons, are displayed. From the pictures and icons, you need to guess the name of the film by clicking on the capital letters. You do not need to type the entire name.

For each guessed kinorebus, you get +100 points, for the wrongly pressed letter -10 penalty.

- puzzles-questions of varying degrees of difficulty;

- a system of statuses for especially distinguished experts;

- nice gameplay and interface;

- small size and fast loading;

3. K posts 17. K subscribers

-Respect other people's work and use constructive criticism

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