Where and how can you invest abroad? How to buy shares of foreign companies to a private trader and receive dividends from this

If you accidentally delete important information, smartphone owners try to find the trash can in the phone to recover the information. Unlike computers, the system does not initially have such functions, it is necessary to build in third-party software designed to delete unnecessary files.

Where in the smartphone is the basket built into the firmware

There is no specific subsection for Android and iOS-based remote files. The only way out is to install a third-party program with a garbage collector function. Standard storages have similar capabilities used for photos and videos; information is stored on the server for one month.

Modern Android phones have a standard option located in the Photos subsection. Pictures and videos are posted there for 30 days, then are automatically erased. Deleted items can be restored only this month. To find these functions you need:

  • go to the Gallery block;
  • find the "Basket" section and look at the content.

Important! Each file has its own retention period. You can clear the collection or restore accidentally erased data.

Special applications for installing the basket on Android

Utilities are used to erase or restore any files, including system files. Before installing the program, you need to carefully study its capabilities.

ES File Explorer

The application belongs to file managers, includes a built-in browser and an analogue of the classic garbage collector. All erased information is here.

How to find a shopping cart on your Android phone

Investments in foreign companies

Russian citizens abroad have access to the same investment objects as in Russia:

  • real estate ;
  • securities;
  • precious metals and stones;
  • bank deposits;
  • business;
  • intellectual property objects.

Investments in foreign companies attract more profitability, reliability, favorable investment climate in a number of countries, especially in the offshore zone. In some states, laws not only provide significant tax cuts for investors, but also give the right to second citizenship to those who invest in the country's economy. These include not only Cyprus, the Caribbean and other offshores, but also the most developed countries of Latin America (for example, Ecuador).

There are several ways to invest in shares, foreign companies:

  • independently: having mastered the profession of a stock broker, buying and selling shares on Russian or foreign exchanges;
  • having entered into an agreement with a domestic brokerage company to purchase foreign securities or branch abroad;
  • by investing in a Russian mutual investment fund, which buys foreign bonds (securities);
  • becoming a shareholder of a foreign mutual fund or ETF;
  • by making investments through a large foreign insurance company;
  • having drawn up an agreement with a foreign broker serving Russian citizens.

The average yield on government bonds of the USA or EU countries is 1-2% per annum after deducting inflation. Shares - up to 12-14% per annum. Speaking about investments in foreign companies, it is better to consider investments for a period of 5 years or more. In rare cases - 3 years (for example, with portfolio investments).

What is interesting about the investment market of foreign companies

For example, among the Russian stocks traded on the Moscow Exchange, only 50 of 280 can be considered liquid. Excluding the over-the-counter market, more than six thousand shares of various companies are sold in the United States. Among them, at least half of them can be safely classified as liquid. Therefore, the American market offers more variations in the compilation of a diversified investment portfolio, which can hardly be compiled on Russian stock exchanges.

American stocks are traded in the world's most popular reserve currency - US dollars. The overwhelming majority of companies regularly pay dividends on a quarterly basis, and some even monthly.

Where is the basket with deleted files on Android and is it possible to recover data - step-by-step instructions with a photo. What should I do if the phone does not have a basket built into the firmware and what applications can I use?

Favorable conditions for investments in the Sberbank deposit for individuals per year

When choosing the right program, two factors matter:

  • Withdrawal method:
    • On demand - the client can withdraw money (in whole or in parts) at any time. After a partial withdrawal, interest will continue to accrue according to the same rules. The disadvantage of such programs is a reduced percentage (compared to fixed-term deposits);
    • Fixed-term - the contract is concluded for a fixed time period. You cannot withdraw money during this period. If the depositor wants to withdraw funds ahead of schedule, they will receive them at a reduced rate.
Investments in Sberbank
  • Interest calculation method:
    • With capitalization - the bank adds interest to the initial amount, and does not transfer it to a separate one customer account. Thanks to this item, in the next period, interest is charged on the increased amount. Capitalization covers those tariffs in which the increase in interest occurs in stages;
    • Without capitalization - to find out the income, it is enough to multiply the invested amount by the annual rate and by the period measured in years. Interest is not added to the invested amount, which is why income is calculated according to the same scheme.

Most of the programs in Sberbank are urgent. The contract with the client is concluded for a period from one day to several months.

Choose a profitable savings deposit for storing savings, the client takes into account a number of conditions:

  • Rules for calculating interest (on what day and on which account);
  • Procedure for replenishing and early closing an account;
  • Interest rate and its possible fluctuations;
  • Compensation system for unforeseen circumstances;
  • The duration of the program.

Features of the investment deposit

The implementation of this type of deposit takes place in the form of life insurance. That is, it combines the functions of a deposit and an insurance contract operating in parallel with an investment investment agreement.

All investment funds of citizens are protected by Sberbank. Even if the launched program does not justify itself, the citizen will receive his money back in full. The refund occurs regardless of the losses of the bank itself.

Having decided to make an investment, an investor should be aware of what an investment deposit in Sberbank is and how it works.

How to register an investment deposit in Sberbank

What you need to know about investing in gold

Gold is a precious metal that is extracted from mining ore. Gold deposits are rare all over the world. Most of them are already being developed, and the rest are located in hard-to-reach places. Gold mining is a very labor-intensive and slow process, which provides this metal with the status of a rare metal. Gold also has unique physical and chemical parameters: anti-corrosion, ductility, and the ability to withstand the effects of chemicals. In addition to durability, it is characterized by excellent electrical conductivity - gold is actively used in the space and aviation industries, when creating computer components, etc.

Investing in gold

Buying gold as an investment is a stable option that saves money from inflation, devaluation and loss of purchasing power. The extraction of this metal is becoming more expensive every year, which directly affects the growth of its value. The historical chart of gold quotes in Russia and the world clearly shows the upward trend:

In the late 1970s. world powers decided to abandon the gold standard and switch to the exchange rate, which was regulated only by supply and demand in the market. This allowed to eliminate many problems of the post-war period, but at the same time it became the reason for the emergence of new problems. World economies are regularly shaken by crises. That is why the standard gold investing strategy is based on the assumption that the gold standard will return - in the same or modified form. In this case, gold as a currency standard will significantly strengthen its position in the market in the coming decades.

Experts call the main factors behind the rise in the value of gold:

  • the Fed's possible cut in interest rates in% - up to 2-3 episodes on federal funds in 2020;
  • high risk of a global recession due to trade conflicts between the United States and China;
  • upcoming US presidential elections;
  • prolonged economic recovery in the US after the 2008 crisis.

In addition to all of the above, one should note the global trend towards de-dollarization of settlements and the propensity of central banks of various powers to increase the share of gold metal in gold and foreign exchange reserves. An obstacle to an increase in the value of gold may be an increase in interest rates by the FRS, a successful conclusion of an agreement on mutual trade between China and the United States, stimulation of the economies of developed countries with an effective fiscal policy. However, experts consider all these events unlikely.

Benefits of investing in gold

Throughout human history, the dynamics of gold prices has been only positive. However, this rule is valid only for a long time period. Let's list some of the main advantages of the yellow metal as an investment instrument:

  • This precious metal is in demand at all times and in all countries due to its high liquidity.
  • Gold is not tied to a specific state, like a currency, and the demand for it is the same all over the world.
  • The yellow metal has been accumulated by people for millennia, passing from one generation to another, and also historically being the best means of accumulating and saving wealth.
  • Gold is not subject to corrosion, it can lie in water and earth for centuries, without changing shape and color, without reacting with chemically active substances, without spoiling, without disappearing and without losing its value.

It is for these qualities that people around the world appreciate and love gold. And in order to keep the savings and make money on them, every investor should turn to this precious metal.

The price dynamics of the gold market in recent years has experienced both ups and downs. Today it is no longer subject to such significant fluctuations and is stable. A major collapse in value was observed after the entry into force of the Frank Act, which prohibited the trading of gold in banks and exchanges. An even greater price decline took place after the Soros fund began selling its securities.

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