What you can do out of paper with your own hands easily, quickly and beautifully

Everyone knows how to work with cardboard. In kindergarten, beautiful paper crafts teach how to create the smallest children. Later, the skills are consolidated in elementary school, and older children learn from each other and make cool figurines, delicate flowers and valentines, postcards and cardboard panels with their own hands. Among the techniques for working with paper are applique, and quilling, and origami, which allows you to create volumetric 3D crafts, and design.

Everyone knows how to work with cardboard. In kindergarten, beautiful paper crafts teach how to create the smallest children

How to prepare for work?

Craftsmen do not need sophisticated tools for paperwork. The most basic things can be found in any home, and what is not there can be easily bought at the nearest stationery store. So, you will need:

  • paper of various grades and types (white, colored, corrugated, etc.);
  • cardboard (thin, for child labor, toilet paper rolls, postcards etc.);
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • stationery knife;
  • pencil simple;
  • paper glue (silicate, PVA, starch or other).

You can decorate paper crafts with your own hands with beautiful ribbons, beads or rhinestones, and sparkles. Paints with a brush can also come in handy. As colored paper, you can use pages of glossy magazines or napkins of different shades. If you need to cut a lot of the same parts, it is best to prepare a template from thin cardboard in advance.

We do paper crafts ourselves (video)

Paper flowers

They can be useful for decorating postcards, creating bouquets and compositions, for decorating other crafts. Flowers are the most irreplaceable element of any holiday and a special category in paper-making. They can be made from almost any type of selected material.

For those who like to work with their own hands, a master class on what roses can be created from double-sided colored paper will be very interesting. You will need circles of different diameters: the larger the blank, the more magnificent and larger the rose will come out. You should not try to cut a perfectly correct figure. An uneven edge will give the flower petals a natural look.

Cut the finished circle in a spiral, moving from edge to center, leave a small circle in the middle. The resulting strip now needs to be rolled into a roll, also starting from the edge. Make the first few turns tight, and then wind the rest of the strip around this core, aligning the bottom edges of the paper. In the process, you can lightly fasten the turns with glue, especially if the material is dense and rigid. After finishing twisting, glue the bottom edge of the roll to the circle remaining in the center.

Such roses can be used to make a panel with flowers. If you stick flowers on a cardboard heart, you get a beautiful "Valentine" or postcard. By attaching roses to natural branches, you can arrange a composition in the style of ikebana.

Origami leaves and flowers

We create beautiful DIY paper crafts

Paper and what you can make of it

I love working with paper! Paper is one of the most inexpensive and readily available creative materials. Paper is sold in all stationery stores, supermarkets, stalls ... Every time I am surprised at the huge variety of types of paper:

  • Plain white paper;
  • Watercolor or sketching paper;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Colored paper: plain, double-sided, metallized and other;
  • Quilling paper;
  • Origami paper;
  • Scrapbooking paper.

And there are many, many different varieties and types, such as crepe paper, which do-it-yourself crafts from which will not only create a great mood for the holiday, but also help to make the usual interior of the room more stylish.

This splendor of choice makes you want to buy everything and start making paper magic as soon as possible. After all, you can create an incredible variety of crafts. Flat crafts:

  • Origami ;
  • Openwork cutting;
  • Postcards;
  • Applique;
  • Drawing.

Voluminous crafts:

  • Paper plastic ;
  • Volumetric and modular origami: boxes, flowers, kusudams;
  • Crafts for carnival costumes, how to make claws out of paper , masks, hats-caps even a child knows;
  • Kirigami;
  • Weaving from newspaper tubes;
  • Volumetric (pop-up) postcards;
  • Paper -mache ;
  • Quilling ;
  • Paper flowers.

And this is far from a complete list.

How to make a craft out of colored paper

Millions of products can be made from colored paper - from the simplest applique for children to complex objects using the modular origami technique. Bulky pop-up cards are also made using colored paper.

Everyone knows how to work with cardboard. In kindergarten, beautiful paper crafts teach how to create the smallest children. Later, the skills are consolidated in elementary school, and older children learn from each other and make cool figurines, delicate flowers and valentines, postcards and cardboard panels with their own hands.

Origami is a surefire way to keep your child at home or on the road for a few hours. DIY bright multi-colored paper figures delight kids. It is also a useful exercise for fine motor skills, quick wits, and perseverance. We've put together a selection of 10 simple origami patterns for kids for you. Let's tell!

Cat face

The smallest will surely enjoy a funny cat's face, which can then be painted. Fold a square sheet of paper diagonally into a triangle and fold its edges from the base to the middle at a slight angle - these will be the ears. Fold the top down to form the head, turn the workpiece over to the other side and draw or glue the eyes, nose, mustache and mouth.

Origami dog

It only seems that a small cute dog is difficult to fold - in fact, even a little one can handle it. Mark the diagonals of the square and fold all four vertices towards the center to make a smaller square. Turn one corner back and fold the inverted "house" in half.

Expand the left side diagonally into an asymmetrical rhombus - this will be the head. Tuck the tops slightly to create the ears and nose. Tuck the bottom corners of the base inward for stability, turn the figure over, draw the eyes and paint the nose.


Mark both diagonals at the square of paper and turn the corner downwards, and then turn the bottom top up, not reaching the center of 1-2 cm. Put the tip back - it will be the penguin's beak. Flip the origami over and fold the sides of the pentagon so that they completely overlap. Use a ladder to bend the edges back to form the wings, turn the detail over again and draw the eyes.


Mark both midpoints of the square and fold the sides exactly to the center to form an elongated narrow rectangle. Fold out the top first and then the bottom in a trapezoid. Lift the corners of the lower base of the upper trapezoid up, and then do the same with the corners of the upper base of the lower one. Unfold the ends in a straight line and tuck the top to the same straight line - and flip the part.

Hello dear friends! Today you will learn what you can do out of paper with your own hands. This material is cheap and affordable. When we were kids, we folded paper airplanes and launched them into the air. This is where the acquaintance with needlework begins.

Often, a souvenir made by yourself can surprise you more than an expensive gift. And also the effect produced depends on the gift wrapping. An intriguing shiny box will stir up interest in a surprise.

With the help of master classes it will be possible to create an original souvenir that can be presented to relatives and friends for any occasion. It is recommended to spend time with children for this exciting activity. They will definitely learn how to create a variety of crafts and will be able to present them to their grandmothers, mothers and friends.

Origami and papercraft are popular directions of this type of creativity. Consider the process of creating simple crafts, anyone who wants to cope with them.

You will need colorful paper, scissors, glue, a little imagination and free time. Start the process of creating masterpieces in an optimistic mood!

What can be done from paper easily, quickly, beautifully

List of ideas that can be implemented:

  • snowflakes and window frames;
  • blinds;
  • gift boxes;
  • flower bouquets;
  • photo album and photo frames;
  • lampshades;
  • panels;
  • holiday decorations;
  • postcards and appliques;
  • origami figurines and products.

What to do without glue

How to make paper snowflakes with your own hands for the New Year

Snowflakes decorate the apartment for the New Year holidays. They create a fabulous winter mood. Connect preschool children to an exciting activity, you will have fun with your free time as a family. You can make fancy snowflakes.

It is quick and easy to create openwork patterns out of white paper. This will require scissors, paper, pencil, pattern schemes and imagination.

  • Take a piece of paper and give it a square shape.
  • Then fold it in half diagonally into a triangle.
  • Fold the resulting triangle in half again.
  • Then we take both corners of the triangle and overlap them in the middle to make a "rocket".
  • Cut off the tail of the "rocket" and start cutting out various patterns at random.

Fans of creativity and those who want to spend time interestingly jointly making crafts with children should pay attention to such a convenient material for work as paper. Despite its simplicity and affordability, there are many varieties of paper. You can make something unique and beautiful from each species. The craft will be a wonderful gift for a loved one, an interior decoration, an exciting toy for a child or a useful and practical thing. To choose the right idea, you need to know what you can do out of paper with your own hands.

What can be made from plain paper

They begin to teach children to work and develop their creativity in kindergarten. The first and main material that little kids work with is paper. You can draw on it, cut it, make various crafts from it. First, let's figure out what can be made from A4 paper.


Many schoolchildren know how to make a regular airplane, but not everyone knows the sequence of making a model with a flight range of up to 100 meters. The work is carried out using the origami technique. For manufacturing, you will need a regular A4 sheet of paper.


Now let's figure out what can be done easily out of paper. The easiest way to make a flower. For work, you need a regular sheet of white, red or pink. The size depends on the desired craft format. Glue and scissors are also useful.

A paper flower is made in this order:

  • Draw a spiral from the center to the edge on a square sheet of paper. The spiral line does not need to be perfectly straight. On the contrary, it is made wavy so that it accurately imitates the uneven edges of the petals.
  • Along the resulting contour, the sheet is cut with scissors.
  • A strip of paper is rolled up from the center.
  • For the strength of the craft, the base of the flower is fixed with glue.
  • The curled petals are glued to a wire or paper leg.

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